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    Kobe Beef: Facts and Myths

    I have read so much conflicting information about Kobe Beef -- that it is difficult to find real Kobe beef here in the States, and that it is often mislabeled. A conversation about Kobe beef would be interesting. Rita
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    Wokmon Update

    For those who have pre-ordered the Wokmon, Glenn has run into some unexpected snags, which he explains on his WOKMON WEBSITE.
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    Help with 3-Year-Old Genesis Drip Pan - The Foil Lining

    I'm supposedly logged in but can't post this message. I will try again. Been having problems with this. I logged in twice and got a Thank You for logging in, but still can't seem to post my question. Will try again, pressing "Submit New Thread," which I did before...
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    HELP! Lighting 2 or 3 year old Geneses on a very Damp evening

    A very humid (after late afternoon showers) evening. I cannot light my 3-year-old Genesis. I've tried the hand-held lighter in several spots near the burners and also in the small hole on the left side of the underpart of the grill. I cannot get it lit. Can anyone please advise? Rita
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    Wokmon Update (May 8, 2016) - Moving right along....

    It's been a long dry spell between news updates but things seem to be rolling again for Glen Lee. Check his May 8, 2016 post on his website. Rita
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    Personal Cookbook Library Organizer - Eat Your Books

    I have a pretty extensive cookbook library and have found this site quite useful. They index books by main ingredients, titles, authors, type of recipe, etc. You can add the books you own to your personal library and search them all for a particular recipe or ingredient. There are many...
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    MasterCook Recipe Management Program Vastly Improved + Multi-Platform Functionality

    In case you missed it, the new owners of MasterCook have been hard at work in the last year or two - I just received this memo: *MasterCook On the Cloud* To Soon Have the Bestselling Software Program’s Full Functionality · Two-phase plan set for completion by end of 2016 ·...
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    Occupancy motion detector lights for rooms - need information please

    I've been thinking of installing "Occupancy motion detector lights" in several rooms in our house. I don't know what to expect from them or how they work. I really must get our power bill down. I'm assuming that they are installed into the wall switches that control the lights in the room...
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    Wokmon Update

    For those of us who are interested in the Wokmon, here is the latest information. I wonder how long this next step (product testing) will take before he is able to start mass production. Rita ------------------- WokMon Update Hi everyone. The WokMon factory samples just came in! Now product...
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    Lost BBQ Sauce Recipe: Kansas City-Style Sauce with Dried Chiles and Pineapple Juice

    I've been trying to search for the original of my favorite BBQ sauce, a Kansas City-Style Sauce with Dried Chiles and Pineapple Juice by Kevin Kruger. It apparently did not make it to the new website. The old URL is: I...
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    Sweet and Sticky Sriracha Drumsticks

    I posted this link in the Sauces section but in case you missed it... SWEET AND STICKY SRIRACHA DRUMSTICKS - who is going to be the first to try this one? Just in time for the holiday weekend. Rita
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    Sweet & Sticky Sriracha Drumstics

    SWEET AND STICKY SRIRACHA DRUMSTICKS - who is going to be the first to try this one? Rita
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    Accidentally entered drawing twice

    Brain overload! I forgot if I already entered the TVWB drawing and did it again. What happens if I entered twice? Or thrice?
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    Bird Photography - Cooper's Hawklets

    This wasn't appropriate for Jose's Food Photography thread, but I thought the camera buffs here would enjoy these amazing shots (over several months) of the Cooper's Hawk parents and babies. He mentions lighting and exposures a few times. The mouse-overs are great. We are almost nose-to-nose...
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    Weber's Big Book of Burgers - Kindle edition - $1.99

    The Kindle edition of Jamie Purviance's "WEBER'S BIG BOOK OF BURGERS" is $1.99 today on Amazon. Also, The Kindle edition of Jamie Purviance's "NEW REAL GRILLING" is $2.99 (Kindle). This might be the only day for these prices, but the last time one of Jamie's books was offered, the sale...
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    Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box -Sale, End-of-Season

    Costco is/was only selling the Bakerstone pizza oven boxes in their stores on the West Coast. Here in Atlanta and elsewhere, Bed, Bath, & Beyond was selling them for $149. They now have them on a season-end clearance for $119 and you can use a 20%-off coupon on that in addition, so you can get...
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    Has Anyone Done Pizza on the GrillGrates?

    I've checked a lot of videos and all seem to use a premade crust; not as "artisan" as I would like. Intuitively, I'm thinking that the GrillGrates are not up high enough in the grill box (I have a Genesis) for an assembled pizza with a homemade crust to cook evenly on top and bottom. I know...
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    GrillGrates Questions

    I have a Genesis 320 and have been reading up on the GrillGrates. They are certainly getting high praise. I have a few questions for those of you who use them regularly: 1) Is there any advantage to covering only half of the grill with the GrillGrates? I would need 5 panels for complete...
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    Smoked Ice Cream !

    Who is going to be first to make smoked ice cream? Yes, ice cream! Rita
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    An article about smoking on the VWGG?

    Chris, I’m tired of making foil pouches and am about to order a Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box for my Genesis grill. I find it interesting that the box is placed on the cooking grate, not on the flavorizer bars. Other than losing a bit of grilling real estate, I like that idea...