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    So I took a tamale pot and...

    Made what is probably the first heatermeter sous vide cooker. Just not sure how to stir the water yet, but so far it doesn't seem to matter.
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    Easy smoke source for hot or cold

    Used A-MAZ-N tray for the smoke. Works pretty well.
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    Smoke X output

    Has anyone tried to figure out the control output on the Smoke X? I need to figure out what makes it go into controller mode and what/where the output is. I'd like to build an interface for controlling a resistive load. I'm sure I could just order the Billows and grab the signal to the fan, but...
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    Setpoint tracking

    Any way to do this? I'd like the setpoint to rise with the meat temp. For instance the setpoint would always be 25 degrees above the meat temp. I know this is probably asking a lot because it would have to know which probe to follow.
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    Has anyone tried to condition the fan voltage to drive an SCR? I'm trying to find a way to use the Heatermeter to control an electric element. I think it will work if I can condition the voltage to a 4-20mA, 0-10v etc. signal. To be honest I haven't dug too deep into this or done the search yet...
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    22.5 e-wsm

    I don't want to hijack David's thread, so I'll continue my journey here. I started down this path before I realized David had already done most of it. I design, modify and service laboratory furnaces as part of my job as an instrument tech. I am also a long time WSM user and outdoor cook, so...
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    WiFi not showing up under devices

    Sorry for another WiFi thread. I'm no longer able to connect via WiFi. I've edited the config file, tried the scan and connect, recreated my DDNS in the router etc. I confirmed that I'm in client mode. During all of this I've somehow lost the ability to see the WWAN when I scan for devices. The...
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    Need advice for high temp in 22 WSM

    My target temp is 325. I'm using either style of Hunsaker Vortex for the coals. I can't reach the target temp when using the HM, but I can when I remove it and just use the draft dampers. I've tried adjusting the max fan speed from 15 to 100% Lower temp cooks work great. The HM allows me to hit...
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    Problem with longer Cat5 cables

    Whenever I use a 40ft or longer cable to the RD3 the servo goes nuts. It works great with shorter cables. What I found is that the voltage is dropping due to the cable length. A 12ohm resistor in series with the blower solves the problem, so I added a switch to the RD3 to select the resistor...
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    WiFi woes with new SD card

    I'm not a network guru. My initial build and card work perfectly. I can access the HM via WiFi and also remotely. The problem is that I can't get the WiFi to work when I change SD cards. I've edited the Config file, replaced the config file from the working card, downloaded a configured...
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    I let the smoke out of the display

    I just finished assembling the v4.3. During testing with the assembly out of the case the back of the display contacted the rPi3 usb ports. The display still works, but there is a burnt smd on the display board. There needs to be electrical tape or an insulator on the usb ports to prevent shorts...
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    From East TN

    I'm a long time WSM user. Bought my first one around 15 years ago. Its an 18in and still going strong. I now mostly use a highly modified 22in. I'm an instrument tech at a National Lab, so of course I'm in to automatic temp control and any other mods I can think of. My daily use grill is a...
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    Multiple dampers with one HM

    Is there any reason that 3 dampers cannot be wired in parallel to one HM? These would all be on the same smoker moving the same amount. What I'm considering is a damper only control of a WSM. If current is an issue I can let the HM control a solid state relay and source the power to the dampers...
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    Pit temp based on meat temp

    I've searched but haven't found out if this is possible. I like the idea of changing the pit temp when the meat hits a certain value. I can use a second controller to take over the fan via a relay if the option doesn't exist. Thanks.
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    PID with so many variables?

    I work extensively with PID temperature controllers regulating laboratory and metallurgical furnaces. Until now I never considered PID for a smoker due to all of the variables. Wind, meat load, humidity, ambient temperature, fuel load etc. will all have an effect on the way the smoker performs...