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  1. NeilMacfarlane

    Smoking in Jersey Channel Islands

    Celebrated WSM day over the whole weekend. Cooked Persian kofte, pork tenderloin, pork leg and a small beef joint. Used my 18 for searing, grilling, roasting, smoking with and without the water pan. Such a versatile cooker and so easy to control. My big lesson over the last couple of years is...
  2. NeilMacfarlane

    Happy anniversary?

    I understand the WSM was released in it feels like an anniversary party is in order...... Would be a shame not to mark it. Apologies if I’ve missed other threads with the same idea. Perhaps tie in the anniversary with WSM smoke day in May? Or other Ideas....? For me it’s such an...
  3. NeilMacfarlane

    Best yet..

    Hands down the best turkey I’ve smoked yet. Used the virtual bullet Apple brine recipe as I do every year. However this year I paid much more attention to the producers instructions😂 Converting to US measures this was a 17/18 pound turkey (a Kelly bronze) cooked on my wsm18 to an internal temp...
  4. NeilMacfarlane

    celebrating WSM day 16 in Jersey Channel Islands 👍

    Cooking up the meatloaf recipe from the virtual bullet. Using my last botttle of Austin’s Own from a trip to Texas... happy smoking, everyone 😀
  5. NeilMacfarlane

    Happy smoke day everyone from Jersey Channel Islands :)

    Well, I pinned us up on the map and although there may not be many of us this side of the US, just wanted to say we are getting into the spirit of things with WSM smoke day T shirts and some great dinner due up in a couple of hours. Going to do the brown sugar salmon recipe (as featured on the...
  6. NeilMacfarlane

    Debut Turkey report

    Took a deep breath and went for broke yesterday by using the apple brine recipe on this forum. Wow.... My first cook on the smoky mountain and I need not have worried. The recipe was very simple with very clear instructions and the smoky mountain ran very smoothly right out of the box. Temps...
  7. NeilMacfarlane

    Greetings from Old Jersey

    that would be Jersey Channel Islands....South of the Uk mainland and very close to the French coast...a very small island. Hope you guys Google it! I use a weber kettle and have just taken on my first smoky mountain.....great site and looking forward to some real low and slow... Cheers