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  1. NeilMacfarlane

    Greetings from Liverpool, England

    And you laughed. They are comedy gold, to be fair.
  2. NeilMacfarlane

    Greetings from Liverpool, England

    Uk Red in peace....Welcome.this is a great non partisan site united only by bbq.
  3. NeilMacfarlane

    Hello from Reading, UK

    Hi Aaron. Good to see another UK member. This is the best forum for the WSM and is everything you need to know about it. There are great UK sites available for rubs and sauces. I see you’ve got the large WSM- you’ll feed a lot of happy people with that!
  4. NeilMacfarlane

    Smoking in Jersey Channel Islands

    Yes, Rick that is correct. Not part of the UK but part of the British Isles. Quite a chequered history too.....
  5. NeilMacfarlane

    Smoking in Jersey Channel Islands

    Thanks Tom. Just across the water (we are only 12 miles or so from France) we are within easy driving distance of the Normandy landing beaches and the cemeteries from ww2. It’s a journey I’ve made a few times now and the area is really worth a visit. A very humbling experience..... ...
  6. NeilMacfarlane

    Hi from Devon, England.

    Welcome Scott. Good to see another UK member on here- I often wonder how many we’ve got. As Tony says, this is the forum for all your WSM questions. Loads of excellent UK suppliers now for authentic US rubs and sauces, so let the smoke roll.....👍🍺
  7. NeilMacfarlane

    Smoking in Jersey Channel Islands

    Hello Lynn thanks for reply. Yes, quite right. The Channel Islands were occupied by the Germans in WW2- the only part of the British Isles that were. We celebrate Liberation Day each May 9th. Jersey is the largest island but only 45 square miles- geographically much close to France than England...
  8. NeilMacfarlane

    Smoking in Jersey Channel Islands

    Celebrated WSM day over the whole weekend. Cooked Persian kofte, pork tenderloin, pork leg and a small beef joint. Used my 18 for searing, grilling, roasting, smoking with and without the water pan. Such a versatile cooker and so easy to control. My big lesson over the last couple of years is...
  9. NeilMacfarlane

    WSM Smoke Day 17 T-Shirts Now Available

    Ordered👍 Fingers crossed for the delivery times....
  10. NeilMacfarlane

    Charcoal ring/diffuser plate on Weber Performer

    I’m always astonished at stuff like this being available in Uk/ Europe before USA? I’ve never understood that. And, whilst I’m a huge Weber fan, £150 for this stuff is just ludicrously expensive. Absolute madness. Weber, I think you’ve got this badly wrong. I couldn’t justify even half that...
  11. NeilMacfarlane

    Happy anniversary?

    I understand the WSM was released in it feels like an anniversary party is in order...... Would be a shame not to mark it. Apologies if I’ve missed other threads with the same idea. Perhaps tie in the anniversary with WSM smoke day in May? Or other Ideas....? For me it’s such an...
  12. NeilMacfarlane

    Best yet..

    Hands down the best turkey I’ve smoked yet. Used the virtual bullet Apple brine recipe as I do every year. However this year I paid much more attention to the producers instructions😂 Converting to US measures this was a 17/18 pound turkey (a Kelly bronze) cooked on my wsm18 to an internal temp...
  13. NeilMacfarlane

    Hi from the UK

    That’s a great debut👍Especially in such squally weather the A and O rubs are excellent aren’t they..? Turkey on Christmas Day is nailed on!
  14. NeilMacfarlane

    Hi from the UK

    Get a few trial cooks in, use a double probe and try out the apple brine recipe 👍 I think that was my first wsm cook and nobody died🤣 I’m sure you’ll find after just a few cooks you’ll be hitting your target temps. You’ll never walk alone on this forum - had to end on a footballing note!
  15. NeilMacfarlane

    Hi from the UK

    Hi Nick Always good to read about another Uk member. Must be getting a bit parky up there 🤣 This is a brilliant site as you will have gathered. I hope you’ll cook your Christmas turkey and stuffing etc on your summit! Look forward to hearing about your summit experiences Cheers Neil
  16. NeilMacfarlane

    Weber Charcoal Discontinued

    Thanks Chris. Fair to say I think we can’t get a lot of the US brands locally that I see mentioned on the forum by many American members. But there are good localised options for briquettes and a lot of specialised lumpwood options for those that choose them. Personally I really like the Weber...
  17. NeilMacfarlane

    Weber Charcoal Discontinued

    I live in the UK (Channel Islands) and use Weber briquettes for my WSM nd kettles. I have asked Weber whether they intend to keep supplying the UK and European markets- they confirmed that they will continue to do so. Here it is c£12 for an 8 kilo bag but I’ve heard reports of it being far more...
  18. NeilMacfarlane

    Hey there from Jersey

    For one moment there I thought another local had joined. Turns out I’m from old Jersey....😂
  19. NeilMacfarlane

    Greetings from Ireland

    Hi Aidan. Check out Angus and Oink.....excellent quality rubs and sauces, and also importing many great products from the US. Can’t recommend highly enough. Let me know what you think? Cheers 👍🍺
  20. NeilMacfarlane

    celebrating WSM day 16 in Jersey Channel Islands 👍

    Thanks Bob. How did yours turn out? Great to see posts from all over the US and here in Europe. Have to say - brilliant T shirt design this year too 😍