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  1. Barb D

    Meatloaf and smoked cream cheese.

    Great looking dinner.
  2. Barb D


    Mahi mahi is so good and you did a great job.
  3. Barb D

    Smash Burgers

    Those smash burger look awesome, great job.
  4. Barb D

    Brisket from the WSM 18

    That is going to make some great meals for sure.
  5. Barb D

    National Cheese Burger Day (aka Go Giants Burgers)

    Great looking burger.
  6. Barb D

    First spin with my new CB Rotisserie.

    Great looking bird. Your going to have lots of fun with that rotisserie for sure.
  7. Barb D

    Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) / Singapore Noodle

    That looks sooooo good Brian. I'd take a plate for sure.
  8. Barb D

    Chicken, Pig and Cow

    WOW, That looks delicious James, great job,
  9. Barb D

    400ºF Baby Back Ribs

    That looks good Jim and Happy Easter to you and the Mrs. Barb D
  10. Barb D

    Steak soft tacos

    Those are to die for Dwain, yummy.
  11. Barb D

    Korean Rice Bowls with Strip Steak

    That looks awesome from start to finish. Yes, Jamie has some fantastic recipes and we have 13 of his books. Its hard to pick something out to make because they are all look and sound delicious. Again Jim outstanding job.
  12. Barb D

    Had to dig the grill out.

    Vortex thighs are the best. Awesome job.
  13. Barb D

    Jim's Hot and Fast Grilled BBs using Chef's Select

    Bob, you can pass a plate of that this way any time. Yummy for sure.
  14. Barb D

    COYG Wings

    Awesome looking wings Michael.
  15. Barb D

    Smoked Queso Dip

    Brian, that is awesome, chips yes but spoon is better:giggle:. Great job and good idea for Super Bowl.
  16. Barb D

    Snack sticks - test run

    That looks awesome and mighty taste. Great job.
  17. Barb D

    Cold Smoked taco salad

    Great idea on the bowls Case, will give that a try and the finish picture tells the story Yum.
  18. Barb D

    Life Changes....

    That is one awesome plate of food Mike. Hope all will work out for you, just remember one step at a time. Looking forward to your next pictures and cook.
  19. Barb D

    Mushroom burgers

    Great idea Brad, it looks delicious and love step 6. The only way to enjoy a burger.(y)
  20. Barb D

    Santa Maria Roast Beef

    The girls were sure trying hard. They did get a little sample, wouldn't be able to live with them other wise.:giggle: