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    Sauce for brisket?

    I don’t use sauce for beef but my in-laws do. I’ll be smoking a brisket while they’re here. Any recommendations for commercial sauces would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
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    Brisket Flat Injections

    I’d appreciate any recommendations.
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    Need a good Injector

    I want to try injecting pork butts and briskets. Recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
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    Summit E6 Questions

    I have been using a WSM 18 for years and bought a 22 for larger cooks. I am not really a fan of the 22 and looking into the E6 and have some questions. Is it fairly easy to set a cooking temperature with the E6? Is the E6 good for long cooks? Approximately, how much charcoal is needed for a...
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    Rogue River Blue

    Available once a year. On sale now.
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    Cajun Bandit 10% off until 9-12

    I used the discount and didn’t have to pay taxes or shipping. I don’t know how taxes and shipping apply to other states.
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    FS: WSM 18 in Charlotte- local pickup

    I had this WSM 18 ready to load into my son’s vehicle this morning. They decided they couldn’t fit it in. Anyway, all 3 sections have never been used. The top grate is an unused KillaGrilla. The charcoal ring is a Cajun Bandit Extended Charcoal Ring I’ve only used 3 times. The charcoal grate has...
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    Foiling an 8 lb butt @ 165’

    I’ve never foiled a butt before but I’m considering it on Sunday. It’s an 8 lb butt and I’m thinking of foiling at 165’ or when the stall starts. What’s the approximate time I can save and are there any negatives besides a loss of bark? Thanks, Jeff
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    WSM 22 Cajun Bandit Door?

    Does it arrive as a tight fit or does it need to be bent to fit? I bought one for my 18 and couldn’t bend it to be serviceable. I only used it once as the Weber door was better. Thanks.
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    Chris Allingham - Grommet Video

    I put a grommet on my newer WSM 18 a couple years ago. I remember it was a real Pain! I was assembling my WSM 22 in my 95’ garage and was sweating and frustrated after 20 long minutes. I watched your YT video and installed it in 15 seconds. Anyway, thanks and you might want to make that video...
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    WSM 22 or Kamado E6

    I gave a WSM 18 to my Son and still have a WSM 18. I’m looking for a larger smoker to cook 3 to 4 butts or 5 racks of ribs without any hassles. Would I do best with a WSM 22 or a Kamado E6? Thanks. Jeff
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    SPG Recipe?

    I do a 4 part kosher salt, 2 part granulated garlic, 1 part coarse black pepper rub. I use a hot East Carolina sauce. I’m considering adding paprika for color. Does anyone have a recommendation for the paprika?
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    Bump in the road

    I was thawing three butts in the fridge for Monday. When I turned them fat side up a small amount of myoglobin leaked out from the cryovac seal. I cleaned it up and it happened again. The butt is probably fine but I’m not taking any chances. I just got back from buying a replacement.
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    Water in the pan and spritzing

    Curious. Is there any reason to spritz if there is water in the water pan?
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    Arborfab Minion Starter Basket

    Has anyone used one of these and does it work as advertised? Thanks, Jeff
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    Cleaning cooking grates is like

    cleaning a firearm. I never look forward to it but I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing it.
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    No longer for sale-keeping it

    I have an assembled WSM 18 in Charlotte, NC. Everything is new except the top grate and the charcoal ring. The charcoal ring is the Cajun Bandit extended riing and has only been used 3 times. The price is $250. I do have a Killa Grilla grate but that adds $50.00. I’m not shipping. Pickup with...
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    Blues Hog Charcoal Briquettes?

    I noticed this is available at my local Ace Hardware. Has anyone tried it yet? If so, I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Jeff