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  1. Ron G.

    Hellmann’s Introduces New Meat-On-The-Bottom

    That would be in the "Miracle Whip" version... ;-P
  2. Ron G.

    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Thanks for all of the well-wishes. Scrappy is adjusting to being the "only-dog" (at least, for NOW...). Actually, I think that the skinny little stinker is LIKING it - because he gets ALL of the attention now. The pain of loss with beloved pets "is PART of the package" that comes with being a...
  3. Ron G.

    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    No, Rusty - that was my "best bud" Sebastian: He was a 70-pound puppy for ALL of his life - not only did he not have a MEAN bone in his body; he didn't even have a "GROUCHY" bone. We adopted him when he was about 3 years old, and he came from a home with a young single woman who loved the heck...
  4. Ron G.

    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Yeah - gotta' agree. After about a year (or a few months), we'll probably fall in love with some new little fuzzball who needs a home, and the cycle will repeat. Like I said before - they cram A LOT of living into their relatively short life span. (Makes us REALLY feel for the folks who are...
  5. Ron G.

    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Had to put-down TWO of our beloved hounds within about 8 hours this weekend - GLORIA - was about 12 years old (we only had her for about the past two, but she was a mellow little sweetie), survivor of a scraped-eye (lost sight in that one). Her teeth were BAD and gums got infected, but that...
  6. Ron G.

    Did This Ever Happen To You?

    Ya know - this thread could start approaching an "R" Rating with all the talk about "butt rubs" and injecting... I stopped doing it after I found that it was mainly to get some salt into the "inner meat". What I NOW do instead is to sprinkle a little left-over rub into the finished product and...
  7. Ron G.

    First cook with the 18 WSM

    Sorta' sounds like you used time / technique normally for SPARES with BBs = over-cooked? I did pretty much exactly like you did with some spares and they turned-out DEE-Lish! For LONG cooks, I would STILL use the water pan until you get a few cooks under yer' belt - the WSM was "Enginerded" to...
  8. Ron G.

    Mods for Jon Boat?

    I personally have not messed with a Jon-boat. However - my Uncle, who is a retired Tool & Die guy (VERY handy / mechanically apt) modded his small 14' Alumacraft and made it MUCH nicer by incorporating the following mods: (you could probably do similar to your boat) MOVE GAS TANK TO FRONT...
  9. Ron G.

    Red Snapper Tacos

    Yup - Looks Dee-Lish! I find that with good, FRESH fish - the trick is to keep things s-i-m-p-l-e (anything too "fancy", and you just wreck it) Sounds like the perfect follow-up / 2nd course to Chris's burgers above - i'd have just enough room left for 2 or 3 of these....
  10. Ron G.

    Big Burger for a Big Game

    Ooh - that looks GOOOooooooddddd.... And cooked just like I like 'em too! Gimme one of those and an ice-cold Schlitz, then stick a fork in ME (done!)
  11. Ron G.

    You guys may not believe this!

    Nice Find! One of my first gassers was a cheaper version with the porcelain-coated steel grates and the H-Burner. ("Upgraded" it with Ceramic Briquettes instead of the Lava Rock, which worked MUCH better - got that one on a close-out at a hardware store and got about 5 years out of it.) You...
  12. Ron G.

    Yet another remote thermometer

    Wow! A NEW product from Maverick. If it works as touted - it will be a pretty darned nice unit. I have the Thermoworks Smoke, and really like the build quality - particularly the probes. My old single-channel Maverick still works, but it is now gathering dust.
  13. Ron G.

    Grease fire -- what did I do ?

    Yep - Gotta' slide-out the permanent drip tray and scrape the crud off from it once in a while. Little burnt bits fall onto it and attract grease / fat drippings and keep it from running into the disposable pan after a while. (found that out a few years back when I ended-up with some...
  14. Ron G.

    Summer time and the livin is easy........

    Fish are jumpin' and (oh, I don't know anything about the cotton...) Yeah - but on a "whirlibird", try some of the Penzey's Greek Seasoning (inside and out) IMHO, that stuff is DA BOMB (and I don't use that term loosely...) ;-P
  15. Ron G.

    How old is your WSM?

    Mine is from 2007 and sits outdoors, with the original fitted cover (which is starting to get a bit crackly / brittle) in Wisconsin - where we probably have some of the largest extreme temperature swings of anywhere on the globe. The GRATES were starting to rust and had crud-buildup that was...
  16. Ron G.

    Slicing Brisket

    Paul - If you're new to this, maybe take a step or two back and check the following: I'm still working on my Brisket technique - it's not as forgiving as other cuts. But keep after it, and you'll figure it out eventually... Where are you buying your meat from? If you are working with a butcher...
  17. Ron G.

    Pork Cheeks

    I had my first exposure to Hog Jowls (Bacon style) at Lambert's in Foley, AL a few years ago. I found it quite tasty! I suppose that they removed any of the semi-nasty parts in the prep. If you find yourself in that area - check it out, it's not just good eats, it's an EXPERIENCE (of the fun...
  18. Ron G.

    I know why you folks grill in freezing weather

    Actually - the reason is usually quite simple: Withdrawal symptoms from a lack of grilling / smoking while impatiently waiting for Spring to get here.... At some point, some of us go CRAZY and simply go into "Admiral Farragut mode" and decide to simply tough it out, as in: "I don't care...
  19. Ron G.

    Mt. Diablo - North Side

    This the Mount Diablo where things have been shaking (series of medium tremors) on the SW Side? (I was in 'Frisco / Oakland Sun-Weds, and checked one of the sites that shows seismic activity.)
  20. Ron G.

    What do you shave with?

    My preferred tools and supplies have changed over the years. (Before reading this post - please note that I am a fairly normal "oldish" guy. I'm just sayin' what works for me, but do not claim to be one of those stylish metro-seksuals...) My beard lays down - so I found that Electrics didn't...