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  1. Dustin Flavell

    Free SS performer cart NorCal

    Folks I have a SS performer cart that has been taking up space. I dropped an 18” WSM in this cart which worked great for years, but I gifted the WSM to my BIL and he didn’t want the cart. Would work great for that application or perhaps as a parts rig. Not pictured but I still have the wire rack...
  2. Dustin Flavell

    Apricot wood suggestions

    Hello all. Was fortunate enough to score a bunch of smoke woods from an old orchard we have on the ranch a few years ago. Peach, Apple, pecan, cherry, nectarine, plum (terrible) and Apricot. Apricot is the only one I haven’t tried. Curious if anyone has tried it and what meat it pairs best with...
  3. Dustin Flavell

    Ranch kettle in Napa ca

    According to the add it has never been cooked on. If your in the market 850 for never used isn’t too terrible bad...
  4. Dustin Flavell

    Ranch kettle 300 bucks Fresno ca

    Not mine. Decent price but it needs some TLC. Ash pan is missing. Not inside pictures.
  5. Dustin Flavell

    Keter food prep cart

    Hey Folks wanted to show off a new Keter patio prep table. This is actually an additional to the first one I bought about 5 years ago. These are well built and available at Sams for 150 bucks. If your looking for a table with storage to use beside a kettle or WSM I would highly recommend. Super...
  6. Dustin Flavell

    GAWG keeping it clean

    Okay I met my match. I’ve been cooking on charcoal Webers for over 20 years now. I have every charcoal grill and WSM ever made by Weber (even an original master touch) but I’ve met my match here. Have had a trip to NoWhere Nevada planned since July but come August 3rd the state put up a ban on...
  7. Dustin Flavell

    SGC temp control port?

    Hello all. So I have been using my summit Grilling Center for a few weeks now but today is the first time doing a long haul pork butt. There is a 3/4” port underneath Which is right under the charcoal grate. I am assuming this is to be used for hooking up a temperature control unit. Is anyone...
  8. Dustin Flavell

    Bargain on a Summit Charcoal Grilling Center

    What a week. What turned in to a couple of trips to the localish Ace store for an umbrella and a return of said umbrella I found the purchase price of a lifetime to add to my collection of Weber charcoal grills. This Ace store Had both the SCG and SCGC back in 2016 when Weber Introduced this...
  9. Dustin Flavell

    SS grate for 26er

    Folks looking for suggestions on a SS replacement cooking grate for my 26” kettle. Not a huge fan of cast so thinking of going stainless. I looked at the killa grilla which seems pretty well built for 140 bucks. Thoughts on that one and are there others you might recommend or avoid? Thanks in...
  10. Dustin Flavell

    Fire pit wood type

    50 bucks on CL. Not mine. Pretty good buy. I bought mine for 75 4 years ago. Missing the charcoal grate.
  11. Dustin Flavell

    Water heater pan

    Thoughts on using a water heater drip pan in place of the water bowl? Products are cheap aluminum. Also, I always run my WSM with no water and the water bowl is foiled. I am working on two projects dropping the water bowl/cooking grates down on the 18” WSM to accommodate a third cooking grate...
  12. Dustin Flavell

    Pit master IQ install on 26er

    Looking for some advice. I received a pit master IQ as a birthday gift this summer. I’ve used it a few times on my WSM and once on the ranch. Since I like to cook pork ribs flat the 26er usually gets the nod. With the 26 having an ash catcher the ATC manufacture recommends drilling a 7/8” hole...
  13. Dustin Flavell

    Smoking on the 26er

    So I like to smoke ribs flat, but I can’t fit three racks in the 22 WSM. Been doing them on the 26er so I have more room with coals banked to one side. The rack closest to the coals always cook fast and hotter than the rack furthest from the coals. Below is my attempt to set the 26 like a WSM...
  14. Dustin Flavell

    OTS in copper?

    Just saw a one touch silver 22 in cooper on CL. I didn’t think Weber made colored kettles in the Silver only the OTG...what do you all know about colored OTS?
  15. Dustin Flavell

    Weber potato nails

    Anyone use these? What do you think of them? Saw them at Wally World for 10 bucks. Almost bought but didn’t want it to sit in the draw with the rest of my impulse BBQ gadgets...
  16. Dustin Flavell


    Okay all got the green light from the wife on a rotisserie today. Her idea. Really. Anyway I digress. Been lusting on one for years from Cajun Bandit. Love their stuff. I think I have just about every item they sell besides the rotisserie. So who to get from is not the question the real...
  17. Dustin Flavell

    18.5 WSM IN SS performer cart

    Been wanting to add either my 18 or 22 WSM to a SS performer cart for some time. Missed out on a couple of CL deals and what I thought was a sure thing a couple years ago from a "buddy". Anyway a few months ago one of my coworkers decided on a new performer to replace his 22 year old SS. He new...
  18. Dustin Flavell

    Gen 1 performer bowl

    Co worker just bought a new performer and offered his Gen 1 performer to me. Apparently the bowl is burned through. I have an extra hunter green lid so I figured I'd buy a replacement bowl. Are the tabs on the gen 1 to mount to the cart the same as the newer versions or will I need to find a gen...
  19. Dustin Flavell

    Summit grill center 520 LOL

  20. Dustin Flavell

    Lowering the water pan 22 WSM

    Anyone ever lower the water on their 22 WSM? Seems like there is a ton of room between the coal ring and the bottom of the pan unlike with the 14 and 18s. Thinking if I lowered the pan and grate brakets it would allow more room above to add a third grate. Anyway I searched the fourms and came...