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  1. Jim McKelvey

    SRF Frozen Burgers

    Looooooong time between picture posts. Still at it, just not as diligent about documenting my cooks! Thought this would be interesting so here goes... I am always on quest for great burgers and have tried probably >30 frozen varieties plus various sources for fresh ground, etc. I think I...
  2. Jim McKelvey

    Grill Shelter Query

    Hey everyone - quick question...going to upgrade some of the fleet soon, but before I do am looking at various ideas for some sort of cooking area shelter. Up to this time, I've basically just used strategically places beach umbrellas. I'd like something that would cover multiple cookers and...
  3. Jim McKelvey

    Purchase advice needed

    Good morning everyone, looking for some advice. I hv an opportunity to get a new / unused Genesis II e-330 (2019) for $650 - Seller originally wanted $750 and I've got them down a bit. Fair price ?? Seller tells me it is propane, I'll hv to check, and copper lid - I don't really care about...
  4. Jim McKelvey

    Problem with Weber regulators

    I've had two leakers in a row, where the black coupler attaches to the regulator. Weber CS even admitted they have a problem but no recall or anything? Anyone have an issue?
  5. Jim McKelvey

    Frozen Burger Guidance

    Hey folks - don't post much anymore, but always watching TVWBB... hope everyone is doing well! Not sure if this is the best place for this question...Chris, feel free to move if not. So I grill a lot of burgers - i have two teen boys and myself - all three of us love burgers. I can go...
  6. Jim McKelvey

    E320 Repair help

    Hey gang.... So I spent a week last summer at a vacation home that had a Genesis with the stainless grates. I really liked the way that food cooked on the stainless and decided to bring my old 320 out of semi-retirement. Still works great – but one issue I am having is the assembly that...
  7. Jim McKelvey

    Charlotte area WSM!

    Someone please jump on this! I'm not in the market, but this is a great find for someone.
  8. Jim McKelvey

    Mojo Pork Question

    Hello everyone! Need some advice..... I'm going to be cooking multiple pork shoulders for a group of close friends - ALL from Central America and the Carribean. I've got a good recipe for Cuban style Mojo pork - I grill the shoulders over charcoal / high heat for 20-30 minutes to sear the...
  9. Jim McKelvey

    Weber Seasonings / Caking

    Not sure how many use Weber spices - I'm a big fan of several, Kick'n Chicken, Gourmet Burger, Steak and Chop and a few others. All of them are clumping and caking. I keep all spices in same place and no other brand has a problem. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. Jim McKelvey

    Charlotte CL had been rough lately.... "crates"? Oh my....
  11. Jim McKelvey

    Two Charlotte CL "Webers"...creative Mods to say the least....

    CL has not been too good in the immediate Charlotte area lately. At least I can get a few laughs though!
  12. Jim McKelvey

    Simple Wednesday Dinner

    Just a regular Wednesday cook, nothing fancy…. The players, 80/20 patty with KS and P, ABT with plain cream cheese and a little seasoned salt, store bought bacon for the burger. Two small splits of pecan for a little smoke. Pecan is definitely my favourite smoke wood, I add it to almost...
  13. Jim McKelvey

    OTG / air flow question

    OK OTG community, need help on something - could be just me....over the last few months I've had a few cooks on one of my OTG's where I really struggled to get a good hot fire. Charcoal has been ruled out (though I do have a separate charcoal issue - RO Natural Briqs, not satisfied). Only...
  14. Jim McKelvey

    Hodgepodge for the Holidays

    Howdy folks…I hope everyone is getting ready for some R&R with family and friends as we head into the holidays. Certainly one of my favourite times of the year. I’m a real slacker with pictures and posting lately. Still cooking and of course, still checking the forum a few times a day. This...
  15. Jim McKelvey

    Not sure, is this an E310?, Charlotte

    Very nice gasser in Huntersville. http://
  16. Jim McKelvey

    Charlotte - NIB, copper 22.5 OTG - $100

    Hope someone gets this!
  17. Jim McKelvey

    New wooden handles - thanks Brian!

    I recently put in an order for some wooden handles from member Brian O'Neal. I can't say how easy it is to deal with Brian and the results speak for themselves!! Here is my painted red smokey joe: And this is my 1992 redhead: The handles were $15 or $20 - with necessary hardware and...
  18. Jim McKelvey

    Blue OTG Score

    I missed out on this 2006 OTG about a year ago. CL buyer though never got the hang of charcoal and put it up himself - this time I got! Very good condition, just a couple of small scratches and lots of dust / dirt. Just a wipe down and she's looking great! Will be in action this week!
  19. Jim McKelvey

    Another pizza...

    Lots of awesome pizza posts lately – and most of them cooked with varying techniques or methods. Just goes to show the versatility of the Weber Kettle! (and that we have a lot of great cooks here!) Here is one I did this past weekend. Nothing fancy… The fire: “ring” of fire, leftover kbb +...
  20. Jim McKelvey

    southeast members- Costco ?

    Not sure what to post this. Was just at Costco in Matthews, NC and butcher indicated they will no longer carry tri tip due to lack of sales in the region (he said he sells a ton, but many stores avg less than ,$ 500 per week) anyone else see/hear this? He suggested writing our calling in to...