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  1. Tony R

    Chile Verde Pork Steaks.

    One of our recent cooks made on the Weber. Spicy 🥵 pork steaks. Hope everyone is well and staying safe 🙏 Here are some video links to our cooks:
  2. Tony R

    Tomahawk on the WSCG

    Monday we had a little tomahawk steak grilled over lump charcoal. This was enough for my two kids and us. Check out the video below. Of course had a little drink to keep me hydrated. Thank you for stopping by. Tony and Maribel
  3. Tony R

    Fully Loaded SmokeFire

    Hello my bbq and grilling friends. Check out our recent cook on the SmokeFire. Full disclosure we got sponsored by Weber. If you guys have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. We got the opportunity to travel to Weber HQ for the launch last year. I’m happy with it so far.
  4. Tony R

    We got one

    Used it a few times. I’m happy so far.
  5. Tony R

    Smoked Ribs

    Hello bbq family. Hope everyone is safe and doing good. Here’s our recent cook. Ribs :love:
  6. Tony R

    Morning Breakfast

    If you haven’t made your own bacon you’re missing out. We are grateful that Bob Correll posted the recipe. We have been doing this for years now. Here’s the recent batch. Thanks for stopping by. - Tony and Maribel
  7. Tony R

    Smoke Fire

    Few months ago we got the opportunity to head out to Weber HQ for the SmokeFire launch party. Here’s a few pics of us out there. Lots of fun.
  8. Tony R

    Wagyu Picanha

    Here’s a recent cook we did on the Weber Summit. Attached the rotisserie and cooked over lump charcoal. It was the best Picanha we ever had. Definitely doing this again. Check out the link for the video. Have a great day bbq and grilling family.
  9. Tony R

    Hello from San Bernardino, CA

    Want to apologize for our absence. We still grilling and smoking meats. Maribel says hello 👋. Of course we still grilling carne asada.
  10. Tony R

    Help with posting pics

    It’s been a while since I posted. I’m trying to use google photos but can’t figure it. Can’t find the thread with shows how to do it. It comes up as a link.
  11. Tony R

    Hello everyone.....

    It’s us again...Tony and Maribel. Some of you guys may remember us and some don’t even know us. We are still cooking and learning. We can be found on Instagram @tony_and_maribel Here’s proof we are still some of our recent cooks. Of course carne Smoked chicken on...
  12. Tony R

    Kurobuta Ribs

    This week we smoked a rack of Kurobuta Ribs on the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. This was a fast cook. 275 with Apple wood chunks. Seasoned with a rub called Reload. Total cook time was 3 hours. Thank you for stopping by. This ribs were delicious. -Tony and Maribel.
  13. Tony R

    Tacos alpastor

    Today we made some alpastor tacos. Maribel was craving some so I do what I do to make her happy. This is store bought stuff but we add chopped onion and pineapple. We did this cook on the Weber genesis with the little griddle. First a little drink Thanks for stopping by Tony and Maribel
  14. Tony R

    Monday’s Smoking Session

    I know it’s not a Weber but been cooking a lot on this Primo lately. If it’s not cool I can post this in Just conversation? Please advise with comments. This Monday it was raining here in Southern California. We need the rain but I also want to bbq. I bought this little 4lb Pork shoulder and...
  15. Tony R

    We are still doing the same

    Our favorite and our go to meal if we don’t know what to cook. Carne asada and Tacos.
  16. Tony R

    Beef Short Ribs

    Hello my bbq and grilling friends. Here’s a quick cook that our family really enjoys. Grilled beef short ribs with a side of frijoles charros,rice, chorizo,onions and salsa. All this cooked on the Primo Grill. Here’s your plate Thanks for stopping by Tony and Maribel. Let us know...
  17. Tony R

    Pork Belly

    This was are best pork belly tacos so far... Pork belly seasoned with salt and pepper only. Smoked at 275 until probe tender. Temp was 195. Then with a torch we crisped the skin a bit. We even have shirts now. Topped with pico de gallo and avocado slice. Thanks for stopping by...
  18. Tony R

    First Time...

    First time trying Picanha and it was delicious!!! Also my Weber rotisserie kind of fits the Weber Summit. Didn't have any course salt but used my favorite steak seasoning. Here's a few pics. I was going to use the Weber. Did have to adjust the counter weight because it would hit the...
  19. Tony R

    Tacos De Lengua

    Today my mom and grandmother came to visit. We made a family favorite. Beef tongue. Beef tongue was in the freezer for 1.5 hours. It's easier that way to remove the skin. After that we seasoned with a beef rub. Smoked on the Primo Grill at 275 until probe tender. 195 internal temp. Total cook...
  20. Tony R


    Hopefully we are not getting So we finally went to this butcher shop that many have recommended in our area. Maybe 30 minutes away. Such a great selection and great service. only picked up this slab of beef back ribs. They were vacuum...