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  1. Dustin Flavell

    Black one touch platinum AD code

    On those tables I would suggest a layer of coconut oil and then buff it out. I did this on a free performer and it cleaned up real nice after about 3 applications. The dark original color came back from the more dull faded gray…
  2. Dustin Flavell

    Gizmo for cooking gizzards

    Winco is about the only place left that sells chickens with the Liver Heart and gizzards anymore.
  3. Dustin Flavell

    Gizmo for cooking gizzards

    I keep it simple I wrap the gizzard and liver in an aluminum foil pouch sprinkled with a little garlic salt when the whole chickens go on the grill. Few hours later when the chickens are done I pull the pouch. Purdy good that way if you ask me and simple…
  4. Dustin Flavell

    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    BTW. eReplacement Parts is where I got mine. They are just over 20 bucks for 3 there. might save a few bucks…
  5. Dustin Flavell

    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    Those are the ones!
  6. Dustin Flavell

    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    Yeah I remember when Shawn did that. I think the additional bottom vents were over kill. I added 2 top vents to both the 18 and 22. Start up and getting up to temp is quicker when using the additional top vents. Great for H&F brisket and I really like being able to cook whole chickens at 350°+...
  7. Dustin Flavell

    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    Back in the day I got into the H&F on my 22 WSM. The best way to achieve the 300 plus temps to the WSM is by adding an additional (or 2) top vents to the dome. With all 3 open I was able to get up to about 425…
  8. Dustin Flavell

    How good (or bad) is the Summit Kamado E6

    Brian just a little further up the road in grass valley B&C Ace hardware is where I got mine (S6) which was the display model. they have a great selection of Webers many on display might be worth a trip to see in person
  9. Dustin Flavell

    Summit Kamado E6/S6: charcoal loading for long burn?

    Totally concur with that. Once the temp runs away it is a chore to get it back down to where you want to be. Bring it up slow!
  10. Dustin Flavell

    Summit Kamado E6/S6: charcoal loading for long burn?

    I load the entire bottom with charcoal and a few wood chunks and use the snap jet igniter for about 5 minutes just to get things started. Vents wide open to get up to the desired temperature. If you don’t have the igniter I would go the route you described of loading and pulling the center...
  11. Dustin Flavell

    Weber Ranch Kettle Not Mine

    Wow that is a vintage 3 legger ranch there. Decent price too. Glad it’s not closer or would feel inclined to have another one.
  12. Dustin Flavell

    How good (or bad) is the Summit Kamado E6

    I have had mine now (1st Gen) for 18 months. The only draw back I have found is what to do with all my other kettles and WSMs… seriously I have used my 26 once for the rotisserie and the ranch once for 10 tri-tips. Everything else has sat and collected dust and became spider condominiums…
  13. Dustin Flavell

    WOULD YOU????

    @Richard Garcia I have the first Generation, love it and of course would be in the camp of taking the plunge. I bought mine out of want but have really found it to be the best Weber I have ever cooked on (mind you I have all shapes and sizes including a ranch) The ease of operation is a joy...
  14. Dustin Flavell

    Summit Kamado E6/S6 owners: what do you wish you'd been told when you got yours?

    It would say it does not operate like a WSM or kettle even for low and slow. I have always made low and slow adjustments from the bottom leaving the top vent wide open. Wide open top vent on the E6/S6 will get runaway temperatures that are tough to recover from. I set my bottom vent between the...
  15. Dustin Flavell

    30" Kettle - Would You?

    I would bite on a 30” kettle. I have a 26 and a ranch and there have been times that even with an expansion rack I would like a little for room in the 26. Not enough to drag the ranch out to cook on it. The ranch is a little too big. It has its purpose which for me is once or twice a year to...
  16. Dustin Flavell

    Any WSC people find a need for Weber Grilling Rack?

    Clearance height underneath is 4 3/4 inches. I have one for my grilling center and really like it. When cooking chicken it is easy to manage with turning and such. I use mine to cook two layers of tri-tips which don’t require turning or flipping and also putting a foil pan of beans under when...
  17. Dustin Flavell

    Whalen - The Phony Ranch Kettle

    Thats a clean grill. Very unique. More so than the ranch. Any one going. To get this one from the site? @DanHoo you need this grill lol.
  18. Dustin Flavell

    Free SS performer cart NorCal

    Sorry Tom. I am a little late responding. My next door neighbor took the cart off my hands to put his 18” WSM in. However, I’ll talk to him about that part since technically it’s not need for what he is doing with it. I’ll be in touch real soon…
  19. Dustin Flavell

    Free SS performer cart NorCal

    Folks I have a SS performer cart that has been taking up space. I dropped an 18” WSM in this cart which worked great for years, but I gifted the WSM to my BIL and he didn’t want the cart. Would work great for that application or perhaps as a parts rig. Not pictured but I still have the wire rack...
  20. Dustin Flavell

    What year is this grill.

    @HeatherHeslin rub some coconut oil on those plastic tables and the fade will come right out. I did this on a performer table and was shocked at how well it conditioned it. Apply monthly and it will really restore the original gray color.