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  1. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas > Grand Prairie: Zavala's Barbecue

    This past weekend I got the opportunity to check out Zavala's Barbecue in Grand Prarie, Texas near Dallas. Zavala's was recently featured in the Texas Monthy Top 50 Barbecue joints for 2021. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11a.m to "No mas". They also serve breakfast tacos on...
  2. Dustin Dorsey

    Turkey on the Franklin

    15.75 pound turkery, seasoned with kosher salt and Meat Church Holy Gospel. I let it dry brine in the fridge over night. Franklin fired up. I used mostly pecan and a few sticks of oak. I cooked it at around 350 for maybe 2 to 2 1/2 hours. That pit has some serious airflow and the skin on...
  3. Dustin Dorsey

    Making Bacon

    Got my cured slab. I used 2% salt 1.5% sugar and .25% cure #1. Cured in the fridge for 7 days. Other side of the slab. Snake setup with peach Fruitwood chunks that I cut down smaller and B&B charcoal. Ran the WSM at around 150 and gradually increased temp after 6 hours to get an internal...
  4. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas Monthly Top 50 is out.
  5. Dustin Dorsey

    Exploding Fatty

    I cooked a fatty and some sausage for the game last weekend. Unfortunately, my Aggies lost but the food was good. Sausage seasoned with some Killer Hogs and some Dirty Bird. Really should have rolled that tighter. Ran the WSM at 250 with the Billows. Cooked some homemade jalapeno cheese...
  6. Dustin Dorsey

    Franklin PK Grill

    Has anyone checked this out? I looks pretty interesting. Aaron Franklin has collaborated with PK Grills to put out his version of the PK New Original.
  7. Dustin Dorsey

    Meatloaf and smoked cream cheese.

    My wife made the meatloaf, I just smoked it. Seasoned cream cheese. Ran about 250 with oak and pecan. Wife also made these delicious mashed potatoes. Thanks for looking!
  8. Dustin Dorsey


    I cooked some spare ribs last weekend for my wife and the nurses at the hospital taking care of covid patients. 3 racks of spares. I cut off the sternum and cleaned them up. Seasoned with some Killer Hogs and some Dirty Bird Got up at 4:15 to get these to the hospital by around noon. They...
  9. Dustin Dorsey

    10 Years in the Hobby

    Facebook popped up some pictures of my first ever attempt at smoking. Those ribs tasted amazing. I just sold that smoker a few months ago. I was running it off lump charcoal and wood chunks. The guy that bought it is using it for small popups out in west Texas.
  10. Dustin Dorsey

    Birthday Brisket and Sausage 2021

    I cooked a brisket and some homemade sausage for my birthday this year. I do something similar pretty much every year. Got an 11 pound Sam's prime brisket. Trimmed and seasoned with Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, and some Meat Church Holy Cow on the fat cap side. Ran the fire at about 275...
  11. Dustin Dorsey

    Beef Ribs on the Franklin

    I cooked some beef short ribs on the Franklin this weekend for a early Father's day feast. We went to San Antonio last weekend and a I took the chance to stop at an HEB and found these beauties. I wound up trimming the fat cap because there's some pretty serious silverskin on the surface I...
  12. Dustin Dorsey

    Mother's Day Yardbird

    For Mother's day I traditionally like to have a small cookout and invite my Mother and Mother in Law. I decided to cook some chicken with some Alabama White Sauce. My wife said I had to make a side and she said nope it can't be what I call a "side meat." Chicken spatchcocked and seasoned...
  13. Dustin Dorsey

    Brisket on the Franklin Pit

    I've cooked my first brisket on my new pit this last weekend. Seasoned with salt and pepper with a mustard slather. Cooked with oak sticks. Brisket on. Got some tallow softening up to season the outside of the pit. Tried to keep it at 275. Fire doing it's thing. Wrapped brisket. I...
  14. Dustin Dorsey

    Ribs, Ribs, and Sausage for Easter

    I cooked some St. Louis spares, some baby backs and 2 kinds of sausage for Easter sunday. Spares seasoned with Kosmos Q Dirty Bird Getting the fire going. Puppy investigating. Baby backs with Killer Hogs rub. Everything on the pit. I had two kinds of sausage. One just a straight up...
  15. Dustin Dorsey

    Jalapeno Cheese Sausage

    I watched a Chud BBQ video where he made Jalapeno Cheese sausage and had to try it. Meat and Fat cubes. I changed his recipe a bit and went with more beef than pork and added some brisket fat. Seasoned meat. Here's my worksheet. I changed his grams to percentages. High temp cheese and...
  16. Dustin Dorsey

    Is this an emergency?

    I think this spigot had a slight leak. I'm not sure when this weather is supposed to get above freezing. I looked in my crawlspace and I don't see any water in there. There's no internal cut off valve. This weather is crazy for this area. That hose is not connected. I tried to thaw that...
  17. Dustin Dorsey

    Rib and Sausage on the WSM

    I cooked some babyback ribs for the first time in a long time. Slathered with mustard and seasoned with Kosmos Q Dirty Bird I cooked them on the WSM at 225 for most of the cook and then bumped up to 250 to finish. I used KBB and Peach chunks. I also cooked some Prasek's pork and beef...
  18. Dustin Dorsey

    Chud's Beef Sausage

    I'm a big fan of Chud's BBQ youtube page. Chud is Bradley Robinson who works for Leroy and Lewis in Austin, TX. A Texas Monthly article with Evan Leroy is were I first started piecing together how to make my approximation of Texas Hot Guts. So when Bradley Robinson put out a beef sausage...
  19. Dustin Dorsey

    Spares on the WSM

    I cooked some spare ribs on the WSM this past weekend. I set the cook the whole time unwrapped with KBB and post oak. I did wrap them to rest for a bit. On the cutting board. Sliced Sliced Yet another Sliced shot Served with some No. 5 sauce and potato salad.
  20. Dustin Dorsey

    Couple of recent cooks.

    I got this new toy for my birthday last month Thermoworks signals. So I figured I would try it out. I totally sold out after being pretty vocal about hating ATCs and got the Billows. The grocery store had a sale on butts. These were cut in half so I got two money muscle sides. I cooked...