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  1. BillSmith

    It's Slow-Cooker Time

    I'm still using the grills for another couple of months before I start doing slow cookers, casseroles, etc. Here's my favorite recipe - Zesty Bean Posole.
  2. BillSmith


    What is happening on the 29th? I remember going to Rutgers New Brunswick Campus. There is a very good chicken wing place called Cluck U. They had different grades of sauce going from mild, atomic, nuclear, and thermonuclear. Atomic was plenty hot for me and I liked hot food. Can’t imagine...
  3. BillSmith

    Been Away for Years - Never Stopped Grilling....

    Looks good! What meats/seasoning do you use in your burger?
  4. BillSmith

    Gas Test Gauge - anyone have one?

    I have two grills and a camp stove. I don’t use them all at the same time. Wanted to be able to leave them connected without having to disconnect and purge the air, etc. Here is a picture of my “kitchen”.
  5. BillSmith

    Gas Test Gauge - anyone have one?

    Here is a picture of the connection I made which has the yellow shutoff. Yes I still have to paint the pipe once I verified no leaks.
  6. BillSmith

    Gas Test Gauge - anyone have one?

    I’ve done gas connections a few times using the right dope and checking for leaks with soap/water. I figure I would be extra sure by doing an overnight pressure test. Using the meter is an interesting trick but two of my appliances have pilots so those would need to be extinguished before...
  7. BillSmith

    New Weber grills

    It's an easy conversion if you swap out the manifold. That's what I did to convert mine from propane to NG. But NG grills are harder to find. Maybe in your area you might find a guy who has a lot of old Weber grills and parts them out. I was able to get a couple of manifolds from him and I...
  8. BillSmith

    Gas Test Gauge - anyone have one?

    I have NG on my deck with two connections. I added a third connection and wanted to use a gas test gauge to verify there are no leaks. I got one from Amazon and added a 3/4” pipe and cap to it. I started to pump it with air and I noticed that it’s already pinned to the Max pressure. Uggh...
  9. BillSmith

    I am restoring this Genesis 5 ....

    I think I cured myself of this malady. I haven’t looked for a grill for two months. I do need to work on getting rid of one grill Weber Genesis Gold that I won’t use.
  10. BillSmith

    DeWalt 18V Cordless Tool Help

    I have 18v Dewalt tools and some contractor stole some of my batteries and one of the tools. He left behind one of his crummy batteries that won’t hold a charge. I went with the 20v Li batteries. I did buy the adapter so you can use the battery on the old tool. Wow, what a difference. I did buy...
  11. BillSmith

    $&@#%!!!!!! Firewalker — NOT!

    Uggh, not good. Will definitely take better precautions in the future. The smoker was in the low 200s most of the day. I decided to head to my community garden plot at 4pm for a couple of hours. I tweaked the dampers just a tad more open. My friend stops by at 6pm to tell me that the...
  12. BillSmith

    $&@#%!!!!!! Firewalker — NOT!

    Got the WSM going for the first pork butt of the season. I like to walk barefoot around the house so I go outside with the pork butt and then I feel a sharp pain under the heel of my right foot. Aaaah - ouch! There was a small piece of hot charcoal in the grass that I stepped on. Hopefully I...
  13. BillSmith

    Keter food prep cart

    I have one of these that I bought last year. Works great! I got mine through Target. There was a period of time where it was sold out everywhere due to Covid and there were some for sale on Amazon for crazy prices. I put my name in target “notify me when it’s back in stock” alert and then one...
  14. BillSmith

    Eddie's BBQ Rub

    I’m going to give this one a go today for my pork butt. Thanks!
  15. BillSmith

    NG grill recommendations?

    This is true but on the plus side, if there is a used one for sale, there’s less competition for it allowing you to more easily pick it up. I covered my LP grill to NG and it was the best decision I ever made. My deck has hookups for three grills at a time. I currently have two plus a camp stove.
  16. BillSmith

    OK - Now I see why WSM vs Kettle. But would like suggestions on Spider-22 vs WSM 22 with mods

    I made the same mistake that you did in using corned beef as a non-boiled dinner. That's a big no no. Corned beef is meant to be cooked as a boiled dinner because of the salt. You'll want to use a regular brisket if you're roasting it.
  17. BillSmith

    Weber Summit Charcoal Cookbooks

    Great story! I got a free cookbook myself but never used it as it’s easier to look on the internet.
  18. BillSmith

    Finally got a WSM

    Welcome! I have the 18” and would like to find a14” to add to my collection
  19. BillSmith

    Deck lighting for the grills

    I have used an LED headlamp before. The only issue I have is the bugs are attracted to it and they start diving at my face. Another option that I might have to consider would be some sort of clamp light that I could attach to my deck railing. Like a snake light that one might use on a desk but...
  20. BillSmith

    Deck lighting for the grills

    I have a rectangular deck with two sides attached to the house. I have my grills away from the house along the back rail. I’m looking for lighting suggestions. Here are some options that I’m considering: 1. Mount floodlights on the side of the house. Would work ok for one grill but might cause...