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  1. Michael Smotch

    Smokefire EX4, eastern long island, $300

    Not sure. No response from seller, sent Private messages inquiring about when he posted it was for sale originally.
  2. Michael Smotch

    2014 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill - Photo

    Picked up the gas version new in box for 40.bucks today. date is from 2011. Never opened yet
  3. Michael Smotch

    Sooo...whatdidya get?

    Cooking related gifts received, ooni pizza peel and turning wheel
  4. Michael Smotch

    Smokefire EX4, eastern long island, $300

    First or second generation?
  5. Michael Smotch

    Christmas dinner?

    Lol we did a rack of kurabota pork roast from them. Delicious. Was Too hammered to take finished pics lol. Merry Christmas
  6. Michael Smotch

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  7. Michael Smotch

    We just bought an air fryer - do you have one?

    We love ours and use ot more than normal oven. Has All the bells and whistles Breville - Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Convection Toaster/Pizza Oven
  8. Michael Smotch

    Solo Stove pizza oven coming soon.

    They also have a new heat deflector coming out as well soon
  9. Michael Smotch

    Magnificent gift!

    gallina dei boschi . Such a pain to clean those. Takes 2 days sometimes. Gotta get them early when nice and white
  10. Michael Smotch

    Flavorizer bars for Q?

    Thanks. Yeah couldn't find them from stanbroil. Stick to cleaning the cast iron grates , oh well
  11. Michael Smotch

    Flavorizer bars for Q?

    Which ss grates are you using with Q? Looking to upgrade
  12. Michael Smotch

    Adapter Hose - Q/

    Cool thanks. Hose length need only 5 feet or so. I'll look into it more
  13. Michael Smotch

    Adapter Hose - Q/

    I picked up a Weber q for $40. Which Adapter Hose do can you guys recommend for connecting larger propane tank? Weber's official Adapter Hose they sell has horrible reviews.
  14. Michael Smotch

    Any Hockey Fans in here?

    Lets go Islanders. Rough loss last night in OT. Father was at game
  15. Michael Smotch

    Who Else Misses Bugs Bunny?

    Good times. Hbomax has the looney toons catalog on their streaming service.
  16. Michael Smotch

    Solo stove Bonfire.

    Yet to use my solo bonfire. Snagged one on offerup NIB for 200
  17. Michael Smotch

    NOT a coincidence

    Yes they are listening, it is in Skynet's greatest interest.
  18. Michael Smotch

    St louis Ribs pulled beef chuck

    Wsm 18 with KBB apple and hickory chunks
  19. Michael Smotch

    St louis Ribs pulled beef chuck

    Yeah can be, I'm 10 miles from the beach. had breezy day. Was manageable. Food was great , gonna make some beef quasidillas and nachos with leftovers
  20. Michael Smotch

    St louis Ribs pulled beef chuck

    Windy day but got 2 racks and Chuck done, using my billows damper kit. Used carne asada rub for beef,kc rub ribs