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  1. Lynn Dollar

    Grill Grates ?

    I'm talking about these Grill Grates I'm sure there's been previous threads on these, but because the name is so generic, I can't get specific results when I do a search. They make great grill...
  2. Lynn Dollar

    Kingsford's flavored charcoal ....

    Don't know what to think of this
  3. Lynn Dollar

    Chris Lilly Championship pork injection ?

    I'm smokin a couple of butts Saturday. Goin to trim them Friday evening and get up at 4 am to put them on the smoker. I'm considering injecting when I trim Friday evening. It would be a time saver for me early Saturday morning. Any pros and cons to doing this ? The injection includes...
  4. Lynn Dollar

    Top 10 Chef Tom recipes for 2021

    These are the most viewed from Chef Tom at All Things Barbecue ......... I've put them on a playlist ............ goes top to bottom, #1 at the bottom
  5. Lynn Dollar

    17 Top Pitmasters And The Dishes They Make For Their Own Holiday Tables

    17 Top Pitmasters And The Dishes They Make For Their Own Holiday Tables
  6. Lynn Dollar

    Just made a trip to Sams

    Meat dept was well stocked with " reasonable " prices , considering what we've seen. I bought some choice strip steaks for $11 per pound. Had some nice looking prime brisket at $4.78 . Spare ribs .......... 2 forty something , pork butt , around a dollar fifty. Baby Backs at around...
  7. Lynn Dollar

    The 6 Best BBQ Books of 2021

    Don't own any of them. And IDK, but I gotta hunch, that whole hog is entirely over rated. The best way to smoke a turkey, is to part it out so each part can reach proper doneness. Why would whole hog not be any different ? Its the holy grail for a lot of barbecuers, but I don't see it...
  8. Lynn Dollar

    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    Hot and Fast BBQ on Your Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker: Master the Quickest Method to Smoking Mouthwatering Meats Paperback – May 25, 2021 I guess whoever wrote the description has no idea the WSM is not a grill. I've never heard of the author , Bill Gillespie
  9. Lynn Dollar

    My turkey cooked too fast

    First time using the Franklin offset for a turkey, its done and I've got 2.5 hours till we eat . How do I hold this turkey for that long ?
  10. Lynn Dollar

    Blue screens on my lap top, Windows 10 ?

    I've had this Asus lap top since 2016. It crashed a couple years ago, got a permanent blue screen. A year ago, I had the computer shop put a new HD in and its worked fine up till now. I'm thinking its headed to another permanent crash and maybe its time to spend some money on a new device...
  11. Lynn Dollar

    Tell me about espresso

    I've never been much for Starbucks. An ice coffee or a caramel machiato was about all I ever ordered, on the few times I visited. But I've become curious about espresso. My first thought, it was heavy with caffeine. But I read a shot of espresso has less caffeine than a cup of regular...
  12. Lynn Dollar

    Two day brisket, from Steven Raichlen's site

    They broke the cook into a second day, by cooking to 165* and then putting it in the fridge over night . Me, I don't have any trouble getting up early, in fact, I enjoy watching the sun come up from the patio. And its really quiet without the normal city sounds except there's always...
  13. Lynn Dollar

    Vortex in the 26 Kettle ?

    I've put my medium size vortex that I've been using in my 22 Kettle, into the 26. I like the results. I've done chicken wings, breasts , and thighs. I use the same amount of charcoal as in the 22, which is a Weber chimney full. Mostly its lump, but sometimes lump mixed with briquettes...
  14. Lynn Dollar

    Jig saw blades ?

    I have two very old jig saws. For Christmas when I was 14 yo, I asked my parents for a jig saw and amazingly, I've still got it and it still works. That had to be circa 1966. When my Dad passed in 96 , I got a jig saw he'd purchased at some time. I've no idea how old it is. Its at...
  15. Lynn Dollar

    Map of cultural regions of the USA

    This is accurate for Oklahoma. The southeast part of the state has been known as " Little Dixie " since before I was born.
  16. Lynn Dollar

    From Poland, a new direct heat grill

    I believe that's a German MG42 machine gun, a relic from WW II
  17. Lynn Dollar

    College football on TV

    This site created by an LSU fan, has been my go-to for several years now. Need to know what games are on where ? This is it. I get three TV's goin on fall Saturdays, so its a necessity for me. Today is pretty good day for some competitive games
  18. Lynn Dollar

    This guy is a gem .......... Bob Uecker

    I accidentally ran across this documentary on YT about Uecker, and LOL'd , really did laugh out loud. He's hilarious.
  19. Lynn Dollar

    Have you got your covid booster yet?

    Talk about mass confusion. Just watched Kavita Pavel, a doctor and health expert, on CNBC clear up the confusion and now I'm even more confused. I think , that if you're over 60 , you will need a booster after 6 months and the need increases with age over 60. And ya should not just go to a...
  20. Lynn Dollar

    Spices .............. historically

    First of an 18 tweet Twitter thread on the uses of spices