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  1. Craig Alumbaugh

    Ribs for Christmas dinner

    We went a little non traditional and I did four racks of spare ribs and some smoked baked beans along with some other sides and I think we might of found our new Christmas dinner since we have turkey on Thanksgiving and then ham at my in laws for their Christmas dinner. Sorry I didn't get any...
  2. Craig Alumbaugh

    Sunday ribs

    Well I was asked that silly question again, "do I want to smoke something this weekend" and of course we went after my favorite ribs. Did a trim to St. Louis style Saturday night and applied my rub and put them in the fridge overnight. Got the WSM going around 10:00 am and put the ribs on around...
  3. Craig Alumbaugh

    Holiday Ribs

    Well this past Monday was a holiday for us and I was asked if I wanted to smoke some ribs. Now to me that is a little of a silly question as ribs are my favorite. I trimmed them down to St. Louis style Sunday night and applied my rub to them and put them in the fridge overnight. Got the smoker...
  4. Craig Alumbaugh

    Pork steaks and baked taters

    Did some pork steaks and taters on the Performer yesterday for a quick supper. Seasoned two of the pork steaks with Season All and then one with just salt and pepper. Nothing fancy on the taters, just tossed them on the grill and kept the temp around 350°. It all came out pretty good. Here...
  5. Craig Alumbaugh

    Chicken and bone in pork chops

    Sunday did up some chicken and tried the Wickers. Went light for the first try, it was good but could have used more and will the next time. Also did some pieces using McCormick's Cajun seasoning. Did up some bone in pork chops using my pork rub on them. Got the grills heated up to around...
  6. Craig Alumbaugh

    Pizza on the performer

    Did up a couple of pizza's Saturday on the performer. Did one with sausage, mushroom and onion and then did the other pepperoni. We used Martha White pizza crust and a store bought sauce. For the sausage we usually get Jimmy Dean's original as it is about the best we have found for pizza's...
  7. Craig Alumbaugh

    Chicken on the performers

    I fired up both performers yesterday and did up some chicken. One was seasoned with good ol salt, pepper and garlic and the others were seasoned with a blend my wife has created which is pretty good. One thing I haven't been able to accomplish is crispy skin when grilling (chicken has always...
  8. Craig Alumbaugh

    College and Pro ball getting ready to start, who's your teams

    Well my college team is the Notre Dame Fightin Irish and my pro team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Go ahead and boo me
  9. Craig Alumbaugh

    Grilled Philly Cheesesteaks

    Got the idea from a video I watched on youtube and thought what the heck and we gave it a try. I used a piece of top round and put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes prior so I could slice it easier. Seasoned the steak with S&P and then threw them on the Performer to give them a quick cook...
  10. Craig Alumbaugh

    Kind of cool thing

    I know this isn't a photo of something I cooked, but I thought the can was kind of cool. Got a couple of them from one of our gatherings.
  11. Craig Alumbaugh

    Happy Fathers Day

    I didn't see a general discussion area to post this up, but just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there and to the women who have dual roles as mom and dad. Enjoy your day and happy cooking and eating.......
  12. Craig Alumbaugh

    Chicken and tenderlions

    Since we are trying to eat a little healthier like more folks I grilled up some chicken to take for lunch at work for the next two weeks. I used Weber's Kick'N Chicken for the first time and I think I am really going to like it. For supper tonight we had pork tenderlion sandwiches and it was...
  13. Craig Alumbaugh

    Ribs and fixins

    Did four racks of ribs yesterday, 2 with my rub and then 2 with some rub that a co-worker gave me. Overall the tenderness and taste was good. I wasn't happy with the color as I left for about half hour and my temp on the WSM was around 270° and couldn't figure out the problem. I smoked in the...
  14. Craig Alumbaugh

    Burgers on the Weber

    I know I am posting without pictures but wanted to share my recent experience. We normally make our burgers with 80/20 or 70/30 and yesterday I used 90/10. I just them some salt and pepper on both sides and then a quick sear on each side and pulled at 150° and we both agreed that they were the...
  15. Craig Alumbaugh


    Starting tomorrow Lowe's and Home Depot have Kingsford 2-Pack 18.6-lb (37.2-lb Total) Charcoal Briquettes on sale for $9.88 and Wal-Mart has 2 15 lb bags for $7.98. Thought I would share the information so folks can stock up.
  16. Craig Alumbaugh

    Chicken and veggis

    I did some chicken that we marinated and then put some of my rub on and then some veggies that we let sit in some Italian dressing. It all turned out pretty good. I had both performers going as had to give the new to me performer its maiden voyage and it worked just fine.
  17. Craig Alumbaugh


    Well over the past couple weeks I seen were some folks have gotten lucky on a good craigslist score and was wondering why I couldn't get a deal. Well here comes yesterday and bammm a craigslist $35.00 special. Now I can add to the other performer and try to make a cart to have both on it for...
  18. Craig Alumbaugh

    Saturday and Sunday cooks

    Did some chicken quarters Saturday on the Performer and them some ribs on WSM today with some hotdogs. Came out pretty good. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  19. Craig Alumbaugh

    New toy

    Well after much debate I finally went and bought a 22.5" WSM and love it. I did a quick season on it Saturday and then did a rack of ribs on Sunday and they turned out great. I had a charcoal smoker before and when I let someone talk in to an electric one we knew something was missing and its...
  20. Craig Alumbaugh

    New in Florida

    Hi to all, as you see my name is Craig and I live in Pensacola Florida. I have been grilling for many years and starting smoking about 6 years ago. First rig was a horizontal offset and I currently have a Masterbuilt 40" electric but I am getting ready to buy a WSM. Still a little confused on...