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  1. Jim Lampe

    Sir Loin over Char-logs

    One pound and a half sirloin seasoned with PS Black Gold Grilled over my first time using B&B char logs While listening to Miles Then plated with roasted Yukons and asparagus with yellow peppers Thanks for swingin by
  2. Jim Lampe

    ??? !

    Thermoworks SMOKE versus MEATER PLUS I have Smoke. Works fine. However, i do not have the latest that utilizes wifi. Meater on the other hand really appeals to me not more than ever, most likely because it's been around awhile now, gets/has great reviews.... I'm leaning on purchasing MEATER...
  3. Jim Lampe

    Hankerin’ for some…

    Y’all know what this is… My smoker access is very limited recently so this will be done in the oven’s dehydrator. Happy New Year everybody!
  4. Jim Lampe

    This WAS going to be …..

    … back bacon (Canadian) but I accidentally left it out of the garage fridge for two days 10 days into the 4 week curing process…. 3.7 lbs of pork loin…. Still looks good but I ain’t taking no chances. To the dumpster it goes.
  5. Jim Lampe

    New P1G sign

    ordered this about 6 weeks ago…. Shipped from China. Looks better than I expected They even got the P1G correct with the right established date…
  6. Jim Lampe

    Grass-fed Chuck Burgers

    Not to be confused with Bob’s Prime burgers post… toasted the buns... topped with Wisconsin cheese, lettuce tomato and onion, served with roasted cauliflower & broccoli they were good, but not to be compared to Bob's Prime Chuck Burgers... Thanks for swingin' by
  7. Jim Lampe

    When Will It End?

    The obsession with making bratwurst in different flavours?
  8. Jim Lampe

    Patty Pans & Brats with Franks

    Our garden only produced perhaps 20 to 30 Patty Pans summer squash this year…. So I visited a local farmer’s market to pick up a few more Yesterday I sliced up a few in half for grilling Added some locally made Miller ballPark brats and tossed them all on the 26” Weber Tossed and turned...
  9. Jim Lampe

    homemade smoker

    Mother Earth News arrived yesterday and I found this…. check it out.....
  10. Jim Lampe

    …and more Grilled BabyBacks

    original post: No photo of the ribs until an hour in… Yet, they were seasoned with Black Gold After that first hour, brought out some juice An hour after that, they were ready to eet. served with sweet potatoes...
  11. Jim Lampe

    Getting ready to parboil your brats?

    Here's why science says not to bother... Daniel Higgins Green Bay Press-Gazette Tempers will flare up quicker than flames from pork fat hitting hot coals when...
  12. Jim Lampe

    Picanha on the Santa Maria

    First time I’ve seen Picanha anywhere around here… So I bought a 3.3lb roast, scored the fat cap and seasoned with a SM rub. After a ten minute rest, the beef was served with skillet potatoes, asparagus with Hatch chilies if this will be available all the time in these parts, I...
  13. Jim Lampe

    Weber charcoal chimneys

    besides the cost, what is the difference between all the weber chimneys? they all LOOK the same... Weber 7429 Rapidfire Chimney Starter, Silver $27.84 on amazon Weber Rapidfire Chimney Charcoal Starter $20.99 at home depot Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter $20.99 at Weber 87886...
  14. Jim Lampe

    Beef “not sure what to call these” rib things

    Bought’em at El Rey Mexican Grocery Market Thin cut, very thin… I seasoned them with California Style Seasoning from Sharpe Gourmet Smoke Wood. sorry, no plated photos taken… these things were awesome!! Thanks for swingin by!
  15. Jim Lampe

    Carnival Cruise and Bacon Carnival Cruise Lines will only serve bacon to guests on alternate days as it's struggling with a shortage of the breakfast-buffet staple Carnival Cruise Line is dealing with a bacon shortage...
  16. Jim Lampe

    Tri in Wis

  17. Jim Lampe

    Back Bacon

    Also called Canadian Bacon Started the cure a week apart from two 3+ lbs of pork loin Using the same cure. yesterday, I removed them from the cure, rinsed and patted dry… Lettem sit in the fridge overnight Today… moments ago I fired up the 22”WSM using Weber briquettes and Pecan wood for...
  18. Jim Lampe

    Washing The P1G

    It was pretty filthy... But constant grilling and smoking year round and with sides on in winter, it traps in the dust and soot. This video is from 2018
  19. Jim Lampe

    2 pound Brisket flat?

    Bought this hunk of beef cuz it looked AWESOME! it wasn't frozen when purchased June 20th... only 2 pounds but marbled nicely... seasoned with only salt&pepper on the 14" WSM at 1030am yesterday over Weber briquettes and pecan chunks at 225ºF and after four hours, the internal temp...
  20. Jim Lampe