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  1. Mark Foreman

    Deli Roast Beef

    Made homemade deli style roast beef with homemade bread for sandwiches.
  2. Mark Foreman

    Bun and muffin recipes from my Took a day off from Webberin’ post

    Recipes from my Took a day off from Webberin’ post Hamburger bun recipe is from English muffin recipe is from KingArthur
  3. Mark Foreman

    Took a day off from Webering’

    Made homemade burger buns and English muffins. Nest step, home ground chuck burgers…..
  4. Mark Foreman

    E6 spatchcock turkey

    For thanksgiving. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.
  5. Mark Foreman

    California > Calistoga: Buster's Original Southern BBQ

    Buster's Original Southern BBQ 1207 Foothill Blvd Calistoga, CA 94515 Best BBQ in Wine Country. Served on paper and when it’s gone, it’s done for the day.
  6. Mark Foreman


    In spite of droughts, fires, and earthquakes, today in Sonoma wine country, it’s 73 degrees, 0 wind, not a cloud in the sky. This is why I love living here. Fall can be amazing in Northern California. OH… and under the cover is my 2098 Bullitt Mustang. I love this car…..
  7. Mark Foreman

    Who cooks with your kids

    My kids are all grownup and moved out. Cooking is my passion and cook as much as possible from scratch. Over the last couple of years, my kids (4 of ‘em) started to call me for cooking help. More recently, I taught my oldest daughter to cook steak. Now that I am retired, I spend most Tuesdays...
  8. Mark Foreman

    Wind and the E6

    Smoking BBRs on the E6. In direct 20 plus mph winds. Temperatures has stayed rock solid at 235. Love my E6!!!
  9. Mark Foreman

    What’s with pork prices???

    Here in NorCal, pork shoulder last week was 2.97/lb…. Today was 5.19/lb. However, baby backs were 3.97/lb. I do not get it. Anyone have a secret decoder ring??? I also noticed tha rib eyed were over 21.00/lb. They were much less than that last week. We are having BBRs with salad tomorrow.
  10. Mark Foreman

    NorCal rain chops

    We finally got some rain while I was grilling chops with Cranberry BBQ sauce and Chile lime corn….. Rain water made it perfect!!! Cooked on the Genesis.
  11. Mark Foreman

    Flank steak and corn

    Tex-Mex chili lime flank steak with corn & bell pepper.
  12. Mark Foreman

    West coast raining dinner

    we should get rain tonight so I made Minestrone soup and breadsticks.
  13. Mark Foreman

    Cranberry pork chops

    Brined pork loin chops with cranberry BBQ sauce. Foil wrapped grilled beets with butter andred wine vinegar. Done on the Genesis II.
  14. Mark Foreman

    Root Beer Beans

    Root Beer Beans Vegtables Prep Time: 10 minutres Cook Time: 45 minutes Difficulty: Easy Servings: 6 servings Source: Unknown, quite old INGREDIENTS 3 slices applewood-smoked bacon, sliced crosswise into 1 inch pieces 1 3/4 cup chopped onion 1 clove garlic minced 2 15 ounce cans cannellini...
  15. Mark Foreman

    BBQ Beans

    I like this recipe by BBQPITBOYS. Ive done them in the kettle and WSM.
  16. Mark Foreman

    Lousy holiday

    Here in Sonoma county (Petaluma) California, we were greeted for our holiday with 100 degrees and a spare the air day. Happy holiday %+”&! However, I have a stash of smoked, reverse seared Tri-Tip, so we are going to have sandwiches with dice tomato, onion, pickles, and pepperoncinis (Sp?) With...
  17. Mark Foreman

    Al Pastor Tacos

    On the Genesis…. Grilled tortillas and grilled pineapple salsa….. sorry about the bite! Picture was late…..
  18. Mark Foreman

    Indian Roti flat bread

    Spare the air day here in California so the MRS. asked me to make Indian flat bread called Roti.
  19. Mark Foreman


    Got my first bag of Jealous Devil via UPS…. BUT wife wants flat iron burger, no smoke. Me!! Her: Farmers Market lettuce, tomato, pickles…. Dijon mustard!
  20. Mark Foreman

    Bison chili

    Bison Chili soups-stews-sauces Cook Time: 60 minutes Difficulty: Easy Servings: 6 servings Source: Mark INGREDIENTS 1-1/2 pounds boneless bison chuck 1 Tbsp cooking oil 1 cup chopped onion 2 cloves garlic , minced 2 16-ounce cans tomatoes, diced or crushed 1 cup beef broth 1 4-ounce can diced...