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  1. Ron G.

    Sad weekend - and then there was ONE

    Had to put-down TWO of our beloved hounds within about 8 hours this weekend - GLORIA - was about 12 years old (we only had her for about the past two, but she was a mellow little sweetie), survivor of a scraped-eye (lost sight in that one). Her teeth were BAD and gums got infected, but that...
  2. Ron G.

    Calphalon Anodized fry-pan - What a POC

    <FYI "C" = Apcrae, for those who know pig-latin> A few months ago, while killing time / scrounging at our local Goodwill - looking for Halloween Costume stuff, one of my finds: Calphalon hard-Anodized 10-inch skillet It looked almost new, had the all-metal commercial type (cast) handle and was...
  3. Ron G.

    Prime Rib - Grill Indirect, Roti, or Hight Heat on WSM?

    Thinking of getting a chunk of good Rib Roast to celebrate the new year - I can think of (3) Good ways to cook it up with the equipment I have at my disposal: ON PERFORMER: -Grill it indirect -Stick it on the Rotisserie ON WSM: -Rumor / past posts have it that grilling on WSM at high(is?)...
  4. Ron G.

    Waukesha WI - Ranch Kettle on CL

    Spotted this beaut while trolling CL: No price specified, but if anyone in the area is looking for one - this may be your lucky day!
  5. Ron G.

    WSM on CL in Milwaukee Area

    Perusing Cr-eggs list - Nice looking newer 18" WSM posted in Brown Deer, near where I work I don't really need a second one (I just bought SS grates for my existing one, which is holding-up fine) But any members / lurkers in the area - might be a good chance to pick-up a deal
  6. Ron G.

    Jumbo Joe - what a nice little rig!

    Put one together Wednesday evening. Not for me, but going to be a silent auction item for a fundraiser. I was impressed by the quality of the parts, and the cooking space that you get for the money. Plus it looks like it should be able to throttle the temperature pretty decently. Also...
  7. Ron G.

    Anyone try Mulberry for Smoke Wood?

    Trimmed out some fairly thick, low-hanging branches at my Mom's place. Cut the small stuff off and have enough wood for about 2-3 smokes. Most fruit and nut woods are supposed to work. Seems softish/ wondering if anyone else has tried it and if so, what'd you think of the results?
  8. Ron G.

    Good eateries in Ventura CA

    Going to be in Ventura on Biz travel next week Not just BBQ - but is there any other good "local flavor" / "not to miss" places for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner? I KNOW that I can trust the gang at TVWBB Any good advice greatly appreciated Thanks mucho
  9. Ron G.

    Home Water Cooler / Dispenser recommendation

    Getting sick of buying bottled spring water (disposing of / recycling all those bottles, plus room wasted in fridge) Thinking of getting a home unit that takes the 5-gallon returnables Looking for Something that won't be "fugly" when sitting in the corner of our Kitchen Cold and Hot Taps...
  10. Ron G.

    Here's an interesting way to drive a Rotisserie!

    Check out the following link: This guy (some sort of "wizard machinist") made a weight-driven clockwork mechanism and drove sprockets to chain-drive a rotisserie. I trust that something like this WOULD IMPRESS the relatives & neighbors
  11. Ron G.

    Food Dehydrator recommendations?

    Not really for me - but for our pooches. They LOVE their 'Tater treats (Dehydrated Sweet Potato) - but I'm tired of paying 12-15 bucks for a bag of dried S.P. when for around a C-Note, I can probably BUY a decent dehydrator and make LOTS / save some moolah after that. Cabellas sells many...
  12. Ron G.

    If you were going to cook something other than bird on the Rotiss - What & Why?

    Looking to further break-in a new Rotiss & new Performer - Yard Bird was almost too easy & turned out dee-lish But if it were up to YOU - What would you spin for something a bit different? (What have you found turns out particularly tasty on Weber Kettles with it?)
  13. Ron G.

    Poll Idea - How long do you wait between Lighting & Putting the Meat On?

    It seems to me that lately, I've seen quite a few descriptions where forum contributors are stating that they wait for up to an hour or more. This sparked my curiosity I've always done the following: Pack Charcoal Ring / Prep Open Vents about 100% Light Chimney Starter Wait for starter coals...
  14. Ron G.

    It's 1 AM and I just woke up from a WSM dream...

    Was in a strange, yet familiar rural town- never been there, but for some reason I knew my way around. Some sort of non-descript party going on and visiting with some friends who discovered an abandoned warehouse full of assorted strange string instruments. Anyway, early in the morning, I...
  15. Ron G.

    Rotisserie for Performer different from Standard 22?

    Looks like the ring interferes with the bolt head & nuts for the Tuck-Away lid holder. (The ring does not sit down like it should.) I could notch the bottom of the ring with a cutting wheel on my grinder, but is there a unique ring for the Performer with the notches in the correct spots...
  16. Ron G.

    "Go-To" for Greek-Style Rotisserie Chicken?

    Thinking about what to cook for my first go with the new Performer - and find myself craving some good Yard Bird. Also fondly recalling the chicken halves cooked on spits, practically laying in the low coals at the Summer Greek Church festivals around here - and maybe taking a somewhat...
  17. Ron G.

    Kicking tires for a new Kettle Grill - Differences in Vent/Ash Systems?

    I've got some Ace Gift Certs "burning a hole in my pocket" and thinking about getting a new Charcoal Grill with Spring coming (eventually...) Most of my parents and one of my old Weber Kettles had the "Daisy Wheel" vents - which although they could occasionally drop hot coals, were easy to...
  18. Ron G.

    Sure, NOW it rains...

    Well, I guess that I ASKED for it, but: Doing some over-night Pulled Pork. Did this in order to avoid the showers that are supposed to take place TOMORROW. Put it on around 7 PM About 40 minutes ago, it starts to POUR Buckets! I guess the weather schedule got moved-up. Should've become a...
  19. Ron G.

    Try THIS on your Sweet Corn!

    I may have stumbled onto a nearly perfect companion for Sweet Corn: -Butter (The REAL stuff) -Kosher Salt -A nice "dusting" of Penzey's "Arizona Dreaming" IMHO - The mix of herbs in it goes nearly perfectly with sweet corn. It has a touch of "chili" to it, but other flavors that work with it...
  20. Ron G.

    Tried Tri-Tip for the very first time...

    Tri-Tip is pretty hard to find in our area. However, we were at Costco last weekend, and I checked the Meats department there and they had some. So, picked-up a 2-pack figuring that I would investigate what all the hype was about... Finally got around to grilling-up the smaller one last...