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  1. MikeLucky

    My opus on tongs...

    So, I have an obsession with tongs. Once I started seriously began cooking on charcoal I realized how vital tongs are to the grilling/smoking process. I have many different sets of tongs that I use for cooking. But, there was one very special set of tongs that were very special to me. They...
  2. MikeLucky

    Monday night celebration and charcoal smell in the air

    So, today was the beginning of the second week of my new job. Got laid off in October of last year from my job of 13 years. It's a relief to be back to work and tonight we celebrated with Ribeyes and burning coals!
  3. MikeLucky

    Charcoal Go Anywhere lower vent mods?

    I do love my CGA but I absolutely detest the crappy metal vent closure strips for the lower vents. I have wracked by brain for a good mod for it and I've searched the interwebs for something and I haven't come up with anything good yet. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any mods to replace...
  4. MikeLucky

    Someone go get this... Brand new lower bowl and it appears that they have modded a 5lb bottle from an SSP on there. With a matching Smokey Joe, that's a great deal.
  5. MikeLucky

    Life Changes....

    Well, it's been a crazy year for everyone on this big rock. I am no different. Between getting laid off in October and all the kids being in college now, we decided it was time to downsize. We no longer needed a house with 5 toilets. lol. So, we put the house on the market and sold it...
  6. MikeLucky

    Q1200 Dinner Last Night

    With it just being myself and my wife it simplifies things sometimes. Normally I cook on charcoal and I'm also normally a strip guy. But last night I did a ribeye and it came out great. Wife and I can share one steak and one baked potato. Reminded once again how great the Q1200 is. Also...
  7. MikeLucky

    I can't be trusted with anything...

    I can't help myself, but I want to cook everything on charcoal. This was dinner tonight. This was a simmered chicken recipe but that wasn't good enough for me. First I seared the chicken over charcoal then added it to my dutch oven and covered it with a can of cream of mushroom soup and a...
  8. MikeLucky

    Interesting Performer
  9. MikeLucky

    Hunsaker Griddle Plate - Game Changer

    So, I got my new griddle plate yesterday and the wife suggested burgers for dinner tonight so that worked out perfectly. Lit up a small chimney of coals and spread them out on the coal grate. All I have for oil is olive oil so I didn't want to use that for the first thin layer of seasoning. I...
  10. MikeLucky

    Finally found my griddle

    So, I used to love my little griddle that I had for my Genesis. It filled up most of the grill and was a fantastic griddle. For the sake of downsizing I sold the Genesis and have been looking for the perfect griddle replacement ever since. I was looking for something that I could use for...
  11. MikeLucky

    Interesting find in OKC Not sure it's anywhere near worth $650, but it does look cool.
  12. MikeLucky

    Surf and Surf and Turf (Empty Nest Style)

    So we're officially empty nesters and cooking dinner tonight was truly a reflection of that. I bought 1 NY strip steak, small serving of salmon, and one lobster tail. And, I baked one potato. This story starts two years ago, actually. I have a black Q1200 that I absolutely love. I bought it...
  13. MikeLucky

    Wings, potato salad, deviled eggs

    Last Friday night we had a little get together since our oldest daughter was in town from LA and our middle daughter was leaving the next day to go back to Colorado for college. Both daughters don't like eating meat on bones, so I got enough wings for the rest of the group, I thought. I...
  14. MikeLucky

    No Performers at Ace Hardware?

    Suddenly I can't find any Ace Hardware online that even shows a Weber Performer Deluxe. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else notice this?
  15. MikeLucky

    Smokey Joe Gold with mods

    Saw this ad late last night: Looked so clean and all the right mods are already made; added ash pan and added bottom vent. Contacted him and met him today. Gentleman has COPD and can't do charcoal anymore because it hits his lungs wrong. The grill is like new and immaculate. In the...
  16. MikeLucky

    $75 SS Performer in Wichita area

    Looks like it's in GREAT shape. Although that's a modern lid on it, still looks like a great deal. Someone go get it....
  17. MikeLucky

    First cook on Weber Rotisserie and Ribolator

    So, I found a nice score on a rotisserie and Ribolater this last weekend.... Tonight was my first cook using them and I used it on my original Kettle that I just converted into a firepit. Two large chicken breasts and...
  18. MikeLucky

    I think this is a good score

    I'm going to pick it up as we speak.
  19. MikeLucky

    Saturday Steak Dinner

    First the potatoes go on the Q. Skewered and set the Q2000 on low but it wouldn't stay below 475 degrees on low. Potatoes got pulled when they got to 200 internal. Getting the Performer lit. Getting the sear on the steaks. Sirloin filets from the Sprout's meat counter at $9.99 per...
  20. MikeLucky

    OKC area - looks like a really good deal

    I wish someone would buy this so I don't have to keep seeing it. lol. My wife would kill me so I need someone else to get it.