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  1. Larry D.

    Meater thermometer $27.99 on Woot

    Looks like the special sale price at starts tonight at midnight central time.
  2. Larry D.

    Charcoals ready how would you like your steak?

    Yes, what he said. 🍽
  3. Larry D.

    Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Machine

    (Throws tarp over the Keurig) Nice score!
  4. Larry D.

    My first post

    Welcome, Scott! I never got bit by the gas grill restoration bug (repainting and replacing burners on a Jacuzzi grill surely doesn't count - when its cast aluminum body gave out I replaced it with a Broilmaster), but since Hobart got mixed into this thread I think a restoration of an N50 would...
  5. Larry D.

    Forum Members Only: Win Maverick Redi-Chek ET-733 Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer NIB

    I retired in 2016 so this has sentimental value for me. Plus, it would replace my old, single-probe Maverick that itself replaced a Polder (remember those?) Thanks, Chris!
  6. Larry D.

    My opus on tongs...

    I have small hands. Also, these tongs are exquisite in their simplicity. After 30 years they are like a natural extension of my hand. They don't require me to exert any force against a spring. They are less likely to slip out of wet or greasy hands. They fit perfectly into the top of my vertical...
  7. Larry D.

    My opus on tongs...

    We have several sets of the spring-loaded tongs. They're great for serving salad. But for cooking on the grill or smoker I use an ancient set of Ekco tongs like these. I have had them for decades (literally); the rivet wore out probably 30 years ago, and was replaced with a nut and bolt.
  8. Larry D.

    New Year's Day?

    I guess I should have kept quiet. Now we have (quoting from the National Weather Service) Multi-hazard storm system with heavy rain, gusty winds, possible flooding, and rain ending as snow all underway across central North Carolina, lasting through Monday morning. And it's 39 degrees. Have a...
  9. Larry D.

    New Year's Day?

    I'm sitting outside enjoying the breeze, it's 70 degrees, and I just saw a yellow butterfly go past. I must have died and gone to Florida. Anyway, Happy New Year to all!
  10. Larry D.

    Freezer for my garage

    We had a 1970's vintage upright freezer that ran very happily in an unheated garage for the last 25 +/- years of its life, but they don't make 'em like they used to. It was manual defrost, a yearly ritual that involved a hair dryer, a small space heater, and every cooler we could get our hands...
  11. Larry D.

    My local stores sold out of rib roasts

    I didn't take any pictures before devouring the steak, so you'll have to use your imagination: steak, baked potato, and steamed broccoli. For dessert, home made pecan pie, with a hot cup of coffee. The two I cooked were completely boneless.
  12. Larry D.

    My local stores sold out of rib roasts

    I'll have to make do with these. I couldn't pass up a bargain. This package is a little over an inch thick. The smaller package was a bit thinner.
  13. Larry D.

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all! And thank you, Chris (and everyone else), for all you have added to my past 20 years on this forum. 🎅
  14. Larry D.

    Anyone else interested in oil heaters?

    My dad had a Perfection like your newer photos. Probably 35 years ago we were at his house, then I drove my mom, my wife, and our two kids down to SC to visit my brother. When we returned that evening I had to drive through a snow storm. The power was out at dad's house, but he had fired up the...
  15. Larry D.

    What, in your mind, is "barbecued chicken"?

    I'm lazy, I admit it. Since wings are still too expensive I generally cook drumsticks on the kettle, indirect between two baskets of charcoal, hanging in a rack. A few small pieces of wood (usually maple twigs picked up under the backyard tree) add a touch of smoke.With the vents fully open I...
  16. Larry D.

    2021 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing - Win Weber Summit Kamado E6

    I hope I didn't enter twice, but if I did I'm pleading "senior moment ". Thanks, Chris, for another wonderfully generous giveaway!
  17. Larry D.

    Water pan? "Never again" vows WSM owner

    "I finally decided it has been the source of my problems from Day 1," said the gentleman, who asked not to be identified.
  18. Larry D.


    Remember, you have to cook it in a 14" WSM, inside an 18", inside a 22". 😁
  19. Larry D.

    You know you're getting old when...

    Or you remember these:
  20. Larry D.

    If you could have a custom colored WSM

    I'd want one to match my car. Honda Mountain Air Metallic.