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  1. Steve Madden

    Jerk Chicken !

    Nice color on that bird!
  2. Steve Madden


    And this was delivered today. Looking forward to digging in. Koji Alchemy: Rediscovering the Magic of Mold-Based Fermentation (Soy Sauce, Miso, Sake, Mirin, Amazake, Charcuterie)
  3. Steve Madden


    Thanks for the recommendation! I bookmarked this one today. Ever heard of it? Homebrewed Vinegar: How to Ferment 60 Delicious Varieties, Including Carrot-Ginger, Beet, Brown Banana, Pineapple, Corncob, Honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Steve Madden


    Welcome back! Will be looking forward to seeing your fermentation projects. Just beginning to dabble in that stuff.
  5. Steve Madden

    Stuffed Smoked Pork Loin

    Looks terrific! What temp did you take the loin meat to?
  6. Steve Madden

    Spinning Pork

    Looks great! That peach wood from Fuita definitely imparts a unique and very good flavor.
  7. Steve Madden

    Genesis Silver A Grease Tray back in Stock!

    Question for those in the know. Will this fit a Genesis 3?? Thanks!
  8. Steve Madden

    Brisket Flat & Meatloaf & Ribs

    Everything looks great! I’ll have a slice of that meatloaf please!
  9. Steve Madden

    Refurbishing a performer table

    I’ve seen some really sweet replacement tables made out of wood. I have a performer with a cracked table and it works just fine as a table. Just remember not to lift it using the table.
  10. Steve Madden

    Brisket on the Franklin Pit

    That bark looks amazing!
  11. Steve Madden

    Grandson, Blake, started living his BBQ dream today

    Looks great! Being from Miami, thank goodness they didn’t put salami on that Cuban like they do in Tampa!
  12. Steve Madden

    Ground Brisket Smash Burgers And Meatballs

    I’ve been wanting to try my new metal meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen-aid for a while and finally found a small prime packer brisket at Costco that looked perfect for a break in. I trimmed most of the silver skin and fat that didn’t look like it would go through the grinder well and...
  13. Steve Madden

    Weber Grill out Handle lights on Ebay

    Picked one up. Thanks for posting Bruce!
  14. Steve Madden

    Monday night celebration and charcoal smell in the air

    Congrats and great looking steak!
  15. Steve Madden

    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome! My grandmother on my fathers side was born and lived in Peterhead. Small world!
  16. Steve Madden

    SOLD Green 13-bar 1000 - parts or whole

    If that bottom tray is intact and would work on a genesis 3 I could sure use it if you decide to part out.
  17. Steve Madden

    Rained out!

    Looks great! And you had me with the tarragon and “more Irish butter than may have been prudent”.
  18. Steve Madden

    Rocker switch

    I took a picture of mine. Looks like 88 to my eyes.
  19. Steve Madden

    Rocker switch

    Thanks Ed. It was highlighted because I sent that picture to Weber to find out what it was. The customer service rep I got through to had no idea.
  20. Steve Madden

    Q-Pizza for lunch

    Thanks for sharing Joe. Pie looks great!