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  1. Erik Tracy

    Sunday Tri Tip

    Went shopping at Vons and saw they had tri tip on sale at 6.99/lb, not bad, but not the lowest price I've gotten it in the past. But, what caught my eye was the butcher counter placard that said it was "imported". Curious to know where, when I asked the butcher he said Canada. It looked...
  2. Erik Tracy

    Thank you, Veterans!

    Thank you for your service! Always respected - always appreciated!
  3. Erik Tracy

    Sunday Green Chile Cheese Burgers

    Using the Hatch roast chiles I did earlier in the day, I grilled up burgers for dinner Half pound patties: 80/20 with some homemade rub mix Sliced tomato, onion, guacamole, fresh roasted Hatch chiles, condiments of choice (mustard, ketchup) Slice of cheese Served on a Kaiser/Cheese roll for...
  4. Erik Tracy

    Roasted Hatch Chiles

    The local Von's has a small produce section for this year's batch of Hatch New Mexico green chiles. Last year they had a whole island stand, but in talking with 'my produce guy' he said they just didn't sell and had to toss out a lot! The chiles are marked as "mild" - so decided to give them...
  5. Erik Tracy

    Another Seafood Saturday Dinner

    Saturday Seafood Dinner Wild Sockeye Salmon; cajun seasoning, pan seared in the Lodge skillet Wild North Atlantic scallops; a very light sprinkle of Old-Bay, pan seared Sourdough bread Couscous with some onion powder, black pepper, and chicken broth for the liquid Fresh made salad Elysian...
  6. Erik Tracy

    Chicken Thighs on the WSM

    I did up a package of chicken thighs on the WSM for Sunday dinner. No bowl, full chimney pour of KBB, vents wide open, door upside down and cracked to get the temp up to 325F, cooked for 45 mins My own rub mix - Southwest style. KC Masterpiece Private Stock sauce on the side for those family...
  7. Erik Tracy

    4th of July High Heat Brisket Cook

    Thought I'd post up my results in the bbqing section as I have some questions. First go using the High Heat (aka Hot & Fast) for brisket. Prime whole packer from Costco weighing in at 13.42 lbs Lots of fat to trim off - I didn't weigh the pile but I'd guess over 3 1/2 lbs, maybe a smidge...
  8. Erik Tracy

    High Heat Brisket question

    Got a Costco prime whole packer on the WSM at 325F I'm at the 2 1/2 hr mark and the meat is at 158F (measured in the flat) and plan on pulling at 170F per the Weber instructions. The color is a nice dark mahogany, but no black bark yet. Do I pull anyway at 170F, or wait for the bark to set...
  9. Erik Tracy

    Nuthin' Fancy Fathers Day Ribs

    I did up 2 racks of St Louis Ribs for Father's Day on the 18WSM Homemade rub, KC Masterpiece Private Stock Reserve sauce, hickory & pecan chunks for smoke at 250F Nuthin' fancy. Bark could have set a bit longer, but they were tender and tasty.
  10. Erik Tracy

    Another Butt Thread :-)

    Seems butts are popular today! :giggle: I got up before dawn to get the WSM fired up for a 7lb pork butt I got yesterday. It weighed in more untrimmed, so had to trim off the cap, clean it up and get it ready. I used a honey mustard slather, then my own rub that is brown sugar based, but...
  11. Erik Tracy

    Xmas 2020: Standing Rib Roast

    Christmas dinner turned out really good! I got a 5 bone Choice standing rib roast that weighed in at 12lbs - the family mandated that we have plenty of leftovers All prepped and ready for the oven Done and resting - the aroma filling house drove everyone nuts in anticipation Plated for...
  12. Erik Tracy

    "True" flat bottomed non-stick frying pan recommendation?

    I'm looking for a new non-stick frying pan that has a "true" flat bottom on the cooking side. We have a Cuisinart 14" (measured at the rim, 12" at the bottom) non-stick pan and the surface at the bottom of the pan is slightly convex so that oil or butter forms a ring and doesn't evenly coat the...
  13. Erik Tracy

    Sunday Babybacks on the WSM

    I picked up 2 nice looking babyback racks on Saturday for a Sunday smoke on the WSM Prepped and ready to go WSM with a Soo's Donut load of KBB, 2 chunks each of hickory and pecan Coals poured Racks loaded on and ready for smoking. Bowl wrapped, but no water Smoked at 240F for about 3...
  14. Erik Tracy

    Got your Xmas tree yet?

    It'll just be the immediate family home for Christmas this year and it's coming up fast! I plan on getting my tree tomorrow. I got my outside xmas lights up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Gifts, cards....falling behind on that already! Good thing I'm retired! ;)
  15. Erik Tracy

    Thanksgiving Turkey

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! Whew...long, non-stop action pretty much all day. But, it's always worth it when the family does the head-bob and hummed "yum" at those first bites. Of the different types of turkeys I've bought and cooked (pricey fresh free range to...
  16. Erik Tracy

    Pan Seared Pork Chops

    Last night I cooked up some Berkshire thick bone-in pork chops. Got them from my favorite San Diego specialty butcher, Siesels. Pan seared in my Lodge skillet, sides of steamed veggies, fettucine alfredo, hot buttered rolls. As tender and juicy as a rib-eye.
  17. Erik Tracy

    Another Seafood Saturday

    Grilled orange roughy, shrimp skewers, wild rice, buttered rolls, side salad.
  18. Erik Tracy

    How many clocks did you set back today?

    Well, so much for that extra hour of 'sleep' up at my usual time, made a fresh pot of coffee and shuffled around the house setting back all of my 'dumb' clocks. I counted 7 (not including my truck outside). You?
  19. Erik Tracy

    Seafood Saturday Dinner

    Took a short drive up to The Fish Market in Del Mar Saturday to get something fresh for dinner last night. Got some fresh wild caught rockfish and yellowfin tuna (sushi grade). The family likes sushi/sashimi, but I stuck to the plan to grill both fish for dinner. Different seasoning profiles...
  20. Erik Tracy

    Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeno chicken thighs

    A callout to @Lynn Dollar and his posting from last month on this great grilling idea I gave this a try last night - tricky to make as the thighs I got were smallish and the smooth skinned jalapenos were like a wet bar of...