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  1. Robert-R

    Disaster Struck Today

    Mini-Ranch is killer. This is another way to do it:
  2. Robert-R

    What Caused this Kettle Rash?

    KettlePizza high heat cooks will do that.
  3. Robert-R

    Custom "Mini Ranch" 26" Weber Kettle

    That's real slick, Jason! Now I want one.
  4. Robert-R

    Diffuser for the 26er

    Thanks, Dustin! Hope your ribs came out stellar. A few notes on the hinge (copied from the 26" Performer build thread). I like it. One can still remove the lid. So that's a big plus. Don't think it was designed for the 26" kettle, but it works. You can see where the plate on the hinge is...
  5. Robert-R

    Diffuser for the 26er

    Have made some revisions to the setup: For the last cook, used a charcoal ring from an 18.5 WSM. Added more tabs to the bottom of the rotisserie ring to support the diffuser and mover it higher. The cooking grate on tabs at the top of the roti ring. Test cook. 280* and 3 1/2 hours...
  6. Robert-R

    Rotisserie question

    I'm sure they do. Rotate the rotisserie ring 90*. Pic from a Google search - not mine.
  7. Robert-R

    Cloned a Slow 'N Sear XL

    Thanks, Cliff. btw - your mailbox is full.
  8. Robert-R

    Cloned a Slow 'N Sear XL

    Thanks, Dustin. I was skeptical, too. Since I have more time than money... Thanks, B. Believe I'll stick with one-off clones. Trying to make hobbies profitable usually ends up taking the joy out of them for me. Thank you, Sam. Like I said, "if I had a nickel for every hour.... " I def think...
  9. Robert-R

    Cloned a Slow 'N Sear XL

    for the 26er. Wanted to find out what all the brew-haha was about. Material was .1" mild steel leftover from previous projects. Laid out and cut the piece that lines the kettle. Bent it on my trusty Harbor Freight 20 ton press. It fits! These 2 straight pieces took the most time to...
  10. Robert-R

    Diffuser for the 26er

    Thanks Dustin and everyone else for the positive feedback. The ribs turned out very good. Sauced one rack and left the other nekkid. However, because I used a snake, the rack of ribs directly above the snake was cooking faster. I rotated the grill grate 180* about 2/3 into the cook to...
  11. Robert-R

    Diffuser for the 26er

    Was intrigued by Dustin Favell's post "Smoking on the 26er": and decided to make a diffuser for mine. Had some 1/8" steel laying around from a previous project. Cut the disk out and realized it was too small...
  12. Robert-R

    Collaborative Chimichangas

    Yum!!! Super looking chimmi. It's been so long..... must change that.
  13. Robert-R

    Vortex Wings and Beans

    Mighty fine looking batch of wings. What rub did you use? Have not noticed you using a vortex. The beans look great. Wish my wife liked them as much as I do.
  14. Robert-R

    Roti Cooking

    Thanks. Or you could get a stacker for the 22" kettle and get by with one rotisserie setup.
  15. Robert-R

    Roti Cooking

    Both! The one for the 18" WSM will allow direct cooking. You'll get some extra flavor when the drillings hit the coals. The one for the 22" kettle is good for larger cooks and baskets.
  16. Robert-R

    More Chicken, Again.

    Thank you, Jim. There isn't a marinade, although the bird is brined for 6 - 8 hours. Recipe for the chicken: The huancaina sauce...
  17. Robert-R

    More Chicken, Again.

    Peru style, rotisseried - of course. Rubbed with an aji amarillo/huacatay paste mix, spitted and ready to go at 400*. Some foiled reds on the grate below. Cooked to 165* internal temp in the breast. Plated with a green sauce on the chicken, huancaina sauce on the potatoes and a side...
  18. Robert-R

    Smoked a loaf

    Yeah... meatloaf! And mashed potatoes with gravy. Def comfort food and looks so good.
  19. Robert-R

    NY Strip Steak Marsala

    Love those steak! You nailed them.
  20. Robert-R

    Aww, what the heck.

    Both the butt and the soup look good. It's been raining a lot here of late - could go for a bowl of that soup.