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  1. Dwain Pannell

    Game Day Meatballs

    direct at first to sear the meatballs then raised the skillet off the grate and spread out the coal baskets To melt the cheese served with garlic toast and a slice of Conecuh. Roll Tide!
  2. Dwain Pannell

    St Louis Style Pork Steaks

  3. Dwain Pannell

    Spatchcock Chicken

    we want to make some Chicken Tortilla Soup this weekend so I need some shredded chicken. So… I cooked a donor cook for tonight’s supper. Placed a chicken skin side down on a cast iron griddle over live coals. I didn’t flip it because chicken has enough fat to cook itself. Smoke/roasted it a...
  4. Dwain Pannell

    Pork Roast

    Decided to cook a pork butt just a little different this time. Seasoned simply with SPOG Smoked it for cpl hours to get a bit of color and flavor then placed it in a Dutch Oven and braised it a cpl hours added some potatos, carrots, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and thyme tossed in olive...
  5. Dwain Pannell

    Salt Block seared Porterhouse

  6. Dwain Pannell


    I pulled out the pizza oven today to feed the grandkids. Found some KA 00 flour and made the dough yesterday morning for today’s supper
  7. Dwain Pannell

    Smoke Day Brisket

    The family couldn’t come out Sat so we‘re celebrating Smoke Day on Memorial Day. Cheers all! ...and let’s not forget those who gave their lives for our feedom. GOD Bless America 🇺🇸. Here’s the brisket at my first tenderness check. Still needs a bit more time.
  8. Dwain Pannell

    Mushroom stuffed Petit Tender

    Chris posted a cook the other day of a cut of beef I hadn’t tried. He gave me inspiration so I found a two pack at the Publix down the street. I decided to sauté half a sweet onion, a few cloves of garlic, some ****ake mushrooms, rosemary and thyme, open up the tender, stuffed it and tie it...
  9. Dwain Pannell

    Pork steak, peas, and corn bread

    I haven’t posted a cook here in a while so I decided to remedy the situation. After yard work, my thoughts for tonight’s supper turned to Pork Steak, Black Eye Peas and Corn bread. Of course Pork Steak makes me think St Louis and St Louis makes me think of Bob. The beer is my rendition of Moose...
  10. Dwain Pannell

    Steak soft tacos

    Started by seasoning a flap steak with Chef Merito’s then marinading it in beer, sliced onion, sliced orange, and sliced limes for a few hours. i removed the sliced onion and the juice into a skillet to sauté them down. Later, i added a tomato to the onion sauté. i reseasoned and seared...
  11. Dwain Pannell

    Tri Tip Sous Vide

    I haven’t posted a cook in quite a while. I decided to hot tub a Tri Tip at 135*F for 5 hrs then sear it off/ get some smoke on it on the kettle via a mesquite/charcoal fire. Used Cajun Shake in the bath then hit it with Montreal Steak Seasoning for the sear/smoke. Served simply with...
  12. Dwain Pannell

    Brisket French Dip Sandwich

  13. Dwain Pannell

    Smoke Day Brisket

    Trimmed the fat, salt and pepper, full load of Kingsford with Mesquite and Hickory wood, Hot n Fast 5 hr cook.
  14. Dwain Pannell

    Memorial Day 2020

    Each VA national cemetery will conduct a brief wreath laying ceremony, accompanied by a moment of silence and the playing of Taps. In keeping with CDC guidelines to limit large gatherings, the ceremonies will not be open to the public. VA invites you to participate in these ceremonies virtually...
  15. Dwain Pannell

    Pulled Pork Wontons

  16. Dwain Pannell


    Tried the Sweet Chili on half a rack based on Jim’s recommendation and my usual ‘Hank’s’ sauce on the other half. Of course it’s served along side a homebrew. This pint I call ‘Lil Bit More’ which is based off Brülosophy’s Tiny Bottom. Mine features Veteran’s Blend hops. cheers y’all!
  17. Dwain Pannell

    Cajun Butter injected PBC-style Roasted Chicken

    This was what I call a donor cook. The intent is to eat well tonight, but with the ulterior motive to create leftover roasted chicken for Cinco de Mayo Flautas. I injected it (in the sink to contain the mess) ...then dusted with Cajun Shake (my favorite seasoned salt) ...then stashed it...
  18. Dwain Pannell

    Thumbs up for Frank’s Red Hot Sweet Chili

    Tried it along with some Buffalo on some wings tonight. Washed it down with a homebrew Czech Pils. 👍
  19. Dwain Pannell

    Alabama barbecue restaurant forced to change name

    In October, Clyde’s BBQ owners Stan Stinson and Tina Ford received a certified letter from Clyde’s Restaurant Group, a fine dining establishment in Washington. Turns out that D.C. venture holds a nationwide trademark of the word "Clyde's" for restaurants and bars. Even though Stinson and...
  20. Dwain Pannell


    just looking out the window this AM