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  1. ChuckO

    SmokeFire Fried Chicken

    Pretty Sunset tonight I've been neglecting my SF lately, tonight it gets the job My back from the dead "Boy Kitty" is a happy camper Tonight we had International Space Station fly over, it was early in the evening, but it still made it's self known Happy Hump Day TVWBB
  2. ChuckO

    Go 9ers Brats

    Not to be confused with Go Giants Sausages :) Pumpkin & Mia picked the Niners for the win
  3. ChuckO

    3rd Saturday 2022

    I'm having a good time.... My son continues to amaze on his BlackStone Beautiful kalifornia evening Mia & Pumpkin send TVWBB their best
  4. ChuckO

    My Weekend

    This weekend started the "IDGAF" life style for me. I've got enough put aside that I can get my son his masters, so for the first time in my life, nobody has anything over me. Feels good, not to sweat it anymore. Here's how it was Da Gurls Made a French Bread So said "lets make some...
  5. ChuckO

    Philly Cheese Steak on the BlackStone

    I bought this for my son for Christmas, and after a dozen dirt bikes and a F250 7.3 Diesel, this is without a doubt the best thing I ever bought him (from my perspective) and besides being an amazing son, he's an amazing cook Waiting to be eaten while cleaning up the grill It's...
  6. ChuckO

    Honey Wheat Bread

    My second time making bread. Decided to make wheat bread because that's what we eat when we eat bread. Tastes really good. A good bread for lunches. Need to work on my folding, as evidence by the bottom The holidays are officially over in our house, seems like it was yesterday when we...
  7. ChuckO

    NYD 2022

    Mostly a chill day, my daughter came over (she makes the best bloodies) wanting smash burgers on the Blackstone, my son was happy to provide. I cooked up a couple ribs for us and the neighbors. For the most part, a very relaxing day My burger, before I slapped 3 patties on it :)
  8. ChuckO

    Belated Christmas / Happy New Year Rib Roast

    My son had his wisdom teeth out just before Christmas, so Christmas dinner was on the back burner. Fortunately, all is well and just in time for New Year's Eve da buddah Taters on the Go Giants Mini All buttered up and there's only one place to go Lets do this Some Zin from...
  9. ChuckO

    Christmas 2021

    Wasn't the Christmas we planned all year, my son had to get a couple wisdom teeth pulled and one was infected. Because he's a kidney transplant recipient, infections are scary. We gave him a Blackstone Grill and he and put it together and that pretty much wiped him out. Our plan was for him...
  10. ChuckO

    Shine On

    I made 4 pints of the no boil Apple Pie Shine. Thanks to Brenda for the ideal My "no-boil" Shine from MommaC
  11. ChuckO

    Flappers on the SmokeFire

    Been a long time I've seen Wings, let alone Flappers Gave them a 3 day soak in Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Wing Sauce Gave them a good coat of Chef Merito chicken wing hot seasoning Cooked in the SF at 400 for just shy of an hour I ate five My daughter's cat wanted to share Wish...
  12. ChuckO

    Nando's XX Hot Peri-Peri Sauce

    Awesome sauce. It's not hot but the flavor is off the charts Gave some boneless skinless thighs a couple day soak On the SF at 425 degrees Pulled at 165 Served up with some squash & rice. I ended up eating 4 pieces. Love the flavor. IMHO it's no hotter than the "Hot" version...
  13. ChuckO

    Checking in

    Been doing the Christmas thing (shopping) but managed to get some fun in Friday, bought two Large Papa Murphy's pizzas. They're the special, so they were only $10 each. Well worth the price of admission Beautiful Sunset Saturday night The Bride chillin' Found Wings for the first...
  14. ChuckO

    Fried Chicken

    Got some thighs for 68 cents a pound. Couldn't pass that up Have done several Moink cooks recently, not sure why but why not? From Sunday
  15. ChuckO

    Blackstone Grill

    My bride & son have shown much interest in getting the 36" 4 burner Blackstone Grill. It doesn't do anything for me, but I'm considering giving them one for Christmas. Any thought regarding it? Cons... Pros.... It's $399 at Lowes The Cover is $60 or if I bought everything it would be $476...
  16. ChuckO

    Unhealthy Sunday

    Time to get back to what's good for you OK, not too unhealthy, left over turkey sammies Go 9er's sausages Tunes My son made Hush Puppies, his girlfriend made the Chipotle sauce and let me tell you, she made it smokin HOT (I ate 3) Nice Sunset Boy kitty is settling back into...
  17. ChuckO

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    This is as good as it gets, you have to do this cook. I'm going to go so far to say it's the best side dish in all my years of which there's been many
  18. ChuckO

    Thanksgiving 2021

    Way too many of these Case T's Stuffin' Muffings. Last time not enough fluids, this time too much. Still pretty good thought The Bride's Smoked Sweet Potato Casserole (this was bomb) Son made some moinks Dad's tunes (aka slaps) I mentioned that the bloody mary's were...
  19. ChuckO

    20% Off Starts Today!! Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

    I bought Turkey Trusser, paid $15 (no shipping or tax) it appears you can get the same thing for $12 - my reason for buying it is to keep my aromatics from falling out during the spin cycle