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  1. Donna Fong

    Blowout bones on ribs

    Does anyone have a working theory on how to prevent bones from blowing out of the meat on ribs just before they finish? Once in a while, a bone or two at the end of a rack pulls out. I cook St. Louis, with the top membrane removed, wrap in foil, meat side down and cook at 275F. I know...
  2. Donna Fong

    CGA base plate Has anyone received a base plate recently with their cga? I bought one last week and it has no such thing.
  3. Donna Fong

    Spare and Loin back ribs on my 18" WSM, thing 2

    Been cooking on the Smoke Fire lately for brisket but didn't feel right to do pellets on ribs so I dusted off Thing 2, my comp smoker for butt and brisket. On Friday, I grilled some NYC Strip Steaks on an egg with lump (shush). I'm so glad summer is here. For the ribs, I used blue briquettes...
  4. Donna Fong

    Ribs and pork butt

    Just got St. Louis ribs on. Pork butt is still defrosting. Both from meat trimming class a couple of months back.
  5. Donna Fong

    Cracking your pizza stone

    Anyone ever do this? I was being lazy and used my char baskets to hold the briquettes on the sides with a square pizza stone instead of using a vortex with my round pizza stone. The pizza stone ended up cracking because it was in three different temperature zones. This happened on my second...
  6. Donna Fong

    What is your favorite oil/fat to use for grilling direct?

    Jamie, what is your favorite fat to use when grilling? Either on the meat/veggie or on the grill. Do you ever use high heat oils like avocado oil? ?To what degree do you worry about the development of acrolein? Thank you Jamie.
  7. Donna Fong

    Virtual Weber Bullet, Proud CBBQA Sponsor

    Much thanks to Chris Allingham for his continued support of the California BBQ Association. I'll be hanging this one at a contest in NorCal soon.
  8. Donna Fong

    14.5" in Penang, Malaysia

    It is likely most of you know but I wanted to inform those who don't have Facebook pages (I don't), that I brought over a 14.5" WSM to Penang earlier this month. I gifted it to Harry Soo's sister, Sally who is an expert cook as well. Cathy Pacific didn't charge me any extra to have it checked in...
  9. Donna Fong

    Need original 14" WSM shipping box

    Hi there everyone. I am in need of an original 14" WSM shipping box. Why? I'd like to compete in another state and would like to check-in my 14" WSM, along with my luggage. I'd be happy to pay for the box and for the shipment to northern California. Yes, I intend on cooking all four meats in a...
  10. Donna Fong

    Smoke Day at Donna's

    Harry and I hosted a Fong family BBQ in my home in Alameda, CA. We made ribs, CAB brisket, roasted a 40lb pig, grilled some chicken apple sausage, grilled bulgogi, made some stir fried noodles, noodle soup and some salads. There was enough food for 100 but we only had 50 people over. My brother...
  11. Donna Fong

    Bones blow out on St. Louis Ribs

    Hello there, I have a question. I sometimes get bones on one end of my rack that blow out. I have a few theories on this. Either I am trimming down my ribs too close to the bone so there isn't enough meat to hang onto. Or maybe I'm cooking too hot, wrapping too late, or maybe I should just...