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  1. CaseT

    Winging it

    Whole wings marinated in Franks and pickle juice for 24 hours. KBB @ 350° With a chunk of cherry wood. I boiled down the marinade and added some brown sugar to it for a glaze.
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    Let’s talk waffles

    We’ve never had an electric waffle maker. I’ve looked at antique cast iron ones but most are super expensive or would require a lot of restoration or both. The Appalachian Cast Iron Company has a new one out. So on a whim I picked one up. It arrived the other day. Today made our first batch...
  3. CaseT

    Cold smoked chuck stew

    Well it’s been cold and today it snowed .wet sloppy heavy snow. Tomorrow morning ought to be fun! Cold smoked a chuck roast for a few hours with cherry and then into the pot for some stew. I wanted barley instead of taters so cooked up some. We add it to the bowl when serving. Made a batch of...
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  5. CaseT

    Finally complete

    You all bugged me that my BBQ cart wouldn’t be complete without a bottle opener. Well now it’s complete. I didn’t want a normal one so I went on a sear h and found this one no Etsy. All the way from France!
  6. CaseT

    Rotisserie Chicken

    This is my version of deli rotisserie chicken. The rub is really good and can be used on any poultry. It is good on pork too. This makes enough for a 3-5 pound bird. Rotisserie Chicken. Dry rub. 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon paprika 2 teaspoons oregano 1/2...
  7. CaseT

    Spaghetti squash meatball bake

    Fired up the big computer to make a post since the Iphone wont load photos right on the forum. This recipe is tasty when made in the smoker or the bbq. We had monsoon rains the night that I made it so I did everything in the oven. There rare a few steps but it is well worth it. Spaghetti...
  8. CaseT

    Can’t upload photos from iphone

    phone did an update and ever since. Any upload photos to a thread. Says it’s uploaded the photo 100% and gets stuck there.
  9. CaseT

    Work day Tri tip

    One of the perks about working from home is I can fire up the smoker whenever I get the urge. Got a really nice Tri tip the other day that I was going to cook for dinner. Couldn’t wait so I cooked it for lunch! Fired up the 14” WSM. Went low and slow @ 250° with KBB and a chunk of cherry...
  10. CaseT

    Spatchy for no sports event just dinner

    Spatched a bird. Dry brined overnight. Seasoned with pepper, garlic and onion powders, paprika. Typically this would be a shorter cook, however bonehead me forgot that the water bowl was in. Usually I never have it in the smoker but with the fire ban all summer I forgot it was in there. So even...
  11. CaseT

    Sopa de Pava Albondigas

    Aka Turkey meatball soup Served with blue corn tortillas Late fall early winter has set in and so has cold weather comfort foods. I’ve been wanting Albondigas for a while so decided to make up a batch. This go I decided to use ground turkey for the meat balls. There’s two methods you can use...
  12. CaseT

    Dizzy ribs

    Spun some more ribs. Used a commercial rub called Southern Style. Spin in circles for a few hours at 350°f on the BabyQ. Super tasty!
  13. CaseT

    Blue Corn Tortillas

    We like homemade tortillas. They are a bit of work, but not to bad. Lately I've been on a blue corn tortilla kick and they no one sells them here. they are super tasty and for those looking for low carb, low glycemic score or gluten free these fit the bill for all of that. For mixing its best...
  14. CaseT

    First charcoal smoke in a whike

    First charcoal smoke since May. Fire ban was lifted so we can finally use real smoke!
  15. CaseT

    Weber from the dark side

    Took these photos while camping. It’s the shadow of the Weber Q backlit from the Coleman lantern. We were cooking steak that night.
  16. CaseT

    We eat well at camp!

    Just some rotisserie ribs at camp.
  17. CaseT

    Breakfast on the Q1200

    Normally I’d make this in the oven but I wanted to see how it would go in the Q. We also make this in the Dutch oven when camping. Test run was to see if it worked for N upcoming hunt rip. Wasn’t sure if we’d be able to have fires (which we just found out we can). So similar to mountain man...
  18. CaseT

    Surf N Turf

    Well may be the last meal on the Q1200 so we did it up right! Surf n Turf. Ribeyes and Sockeye salmon. City lifts the burn ban today so we can start using charcoal again! I’m sure the Q1200 will still be used, but it’s time for some smoke!
  19. CaseT

    $20 worth of drumsticks

    Chickens off the hook here like everything else right now. Haven’t been able to find drumsticks for a month. Found a pack of 14 for $20.00 so splurged. Also picked up a whole bird it was $18 for a 4 pound bird. Yikes!
  20. CaseT

    Ordered a chuck roast got an Eye

    Ordered a chuck roast and ended up with an eye round. Okay pit beef on the BabyQ!