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  1. Peter F

    Feature request: Reset button

    Bryan, would it be possible to setup one of the buttons to be a "reset to default" button when pressed for >10 seconds? This would be a handy feature for headless heatermeters because with one of those you can't go through the menu to reset. Maybe combine this with a blinking LED when the...
  2. Peter F

    Building a Heatermeter in 2 minutes!

    This afternoon I made a short time lapse video of the building process of a heatermeter. Just for the record, I do my own stunts...........;)
  3. Peter F

    SMD Heatermeter on a RPI B+? Yes, it can be done......

    These boards are based on the work that John Bostwick has done on his design for a SMD version of the heatermeter. John was so kind to send me his Eagle files and I used his files as the foundation of this design. The main difference is that this is a 4 thermistor version. Also the complete...
  4. Peter F

    Building a Heatermeter? It's childsplay!

    When I build heatermeters I usually get help from my 15yo son Quinn. He picks and places the components while I solder the parts to the PCBs. When we work together we can do almost 2 HM boards per hour, so this really speeds up the work. Because I needed a new HM for myself and because Quinn is...
  5. Peter F

    I might have some 4.2.4 board for sale for Europeans

    I might have some 4.2.4 PCB's for sale for Europeans I might have some 4.2.4 PCB's for sale for Europeans; €8 per PCB plus shipping. I will sell to Americans as well, but i'm afraid that the shipping costs will be ridiculous.
  6. Peter F

    Two HM4.1 PCB's for Sale

    I have two left over HM4.1.2a PCBs for sale. The price is €7 per PCB excl. shipping. I am located in the Netherlands so for European builders this is the chance to get a cheap PCB with fast delivery.
  7. Peter F

    Thermoworks TX-1001X-OP food probe

    Again I am having difficulties getting enough ET73 probes from Maverick. At this point I am so frustrated by them that I'm looking for a different supplier for the 48 probes I need for the heatermeters that i'm building. One of the possible candidates is Thermoworks, the TX-1001X-OP probes are...
  8. Peter F

    Second batch of Heatermeters

    Just started another batch of Heatermeters. This time 14 completely build and 4 DIY kits. When the parts came in it looked like an early X-mas; After two afternoons of soldering; Tomorrow the boards should be all done.
  9. Peter F

    Blower acting weird when alarm sounds

    I noticed some strange blower behavior when the alarm goes off. As soon as the alarm sounds and the backlight starts to flicker the fan also pulses on and off at full speed even when the fan output is between 10 and 20%. I have checked this with some of the other HM4.1 that I've build and all...
  10. Peter F

    When one Heatermeter isn't enough.....

    .... just build 15 more.....:cool: Thanks for printing the cases Tom!
  11. Peter F

    Hi there, BBQ lovers!

    Hi there, BBQ lovers, My name is Pete I'm an electronics engineer, I live in The Netherlands and I love BBQ to (American style, not the crappy Dutch way). I own two grills, a Primo XL and a Weber kettle. So, what the h*ll, am I doing here if I don't even own a WSM? Well, I've build two...