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  1. Rich Dahl

    39 Wonderful Years Together

    Last night Barb and I celebrated 39 nine years of marriage. We celebrated our anniversary with our traditional filet with brie and crescent roll pastry. As always it was great. Besides for being my wife she is my best friend and confidant along with being my morale booster when I'm down. I'm one...
  2. Rich Dahl

    Burgers on Greenie

    I realized what a rough year it’s been when I realized it’s been over a year since I took the cover off of greenie. That grill has been with Barb and me for 23 years and five homes. Well we fixed that last night cooked up some quick burgers and fries as we were both tired especially Barb dealing...
  3. Rich Dahl

    Got a 15 pound brisket for $1.99 lb.

    Our local flyer for Fry's (Kroger) had briskets for $1.99 lb. instead of $ 4.99 I jumped on it. You might want to check your local Kroger ads if you have any near you. Our Costco is $5.49 a pound for choice briskets.
  4. Rich Dahl

    Pork Steak on the Gasser Best Yet

    Had a rough day, had to take Barb to the eye doctor for an emergency. She lost half of her vision in her right eye. Found out she has a retinal detachment and will need surgery next week. So we got home late. I was going to do a marinade on a pork steak I had defrosted but time was short so I...
  5. Rich Dahl

    Head scratcher with my performer.

    I have an issue with my performer. During the summer charcoal ban it sat covered up for about 4-5 months. When the ban was lifted I went to fire it up for some vortex thighs. The gas ignitor wouldn't lite the gas. Using a fire stick it fired up and worked fine. The ignitor was replaced last...
  6. Rich Dahl

    Labor Day Ribs

    Barb and I took a day off and just relaxed. For dinner we decided to cook up some Baby Backs on the performer. I did a high heat cook on the performer using Jim Lampe’s method. Tried a new rub from Trader Joe’s BBQ 101. Smoke for the cook was cherry Kettle ran a steady 390-400 for the entire...
  7. Rich Dahl

    When it Rains it Pours

    Decided I had to take a chance and make some bacon as we were getting really low. With the unpredictable monsoons and the Camp Chef pellet grill sitting out in the open mixing the Camp Chefs electronics with rain was not a good combination. Forecast said no rain until late afternoon so I fired...
  8. Rich Dahl

    Cheerios and the Vortex

    We decided it was time for a little vortex magic. Out of corn flakes so I used Panko, cheerios and Weber’s kickin chicken seasoning. Put them into the spice grinder and gave them a whirl. Used bone in chicken thighs coated with yellow mustard and the cheerio mix with grilled corn on the bone and...
  9. Rich Dahl

    Went to Costco today not good news

    Went to Costco to do a little shopping and of course a trip through the meat dept. was called for. Needed to pick up another pork belly or two. Well they only had one out in the cooler case so I asked one of the meat guys if they had more in the back. He smiled and said nope that's the last one...
  10. Rich Dahl

    Finally Got To Make My Roti Chicken

    Been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks after seeing a few others on here recently. But with the monsoons and high winds I couldn’t get it done. Yesterday we had a forecast of rains but no winds so I decided to give it a try. Used the E320 gasser that’s on the covered patio which worked...
  11. Rich Dahl

    Monsoon Slow Cooker vs Instant Pot

    Really been wanting to cook up some St, Louis spares I had in the freezer for a while. Got them defrosted and the rub on overnight and the forecast looked good for Thursday. Problem was they missed on the forecast, again. I was going to put the camp chef on the covered patio which is about ten...
  12. Rich Dahl

    Best Mushroom Burger Ever

    Ran across a recipe on the net that I thought would be worth trying. Turned out to be about the best burger we’ve ever had. Here’s a few pictures of the cook, had to do it on the gasser under the covered patio for safety reasons. No rain but lighting everywhere. During the day Barb made a peach...
  13. Rich Dahl

    Great deal on pork shoulder

    Just FYI our local Fry's (Kroger) has Pork shoulder on sale for $1.29 Lb. Picked up a nine pounder and had it sliced into 1" steaks, got seven nice steaks out of it. If interested check your local ad.
  14. Rich Dahl

    New Trader Joes BBQ Sauce and Grilled Thighs.

    My daughter who has worked at Trader Joes for over 20 years in California called me a while ago and told me about a new BBQ sauce they came out with called Carolina Gold. She told me they can’t keep it in stock they’re selling so much of it. I know the past few times I’ve gone to our TJs here...
  15. Rich Dahl

    Pastrami Burger

    Saw a recipe in the Food Network Magazine that interested me. A pastrami burger. Just had to try it. Had to do it inside as the rain and wind even on our covered patio was to wet to work in. We used our homemade pastrami, I have to admit the flavor was outstanding. Just some bag fries and tots...
  16. Rich Dahl

    Zucchini Boats

    Ingredients 2 medium zucchini (about 8 inches) 1/2 pound ground mild Italian Sausage 1/2 Medium onion, chopped 1/2 cup chopped fresh mushrooms 1/4 cup chopped sweet red pepper 1/4 cup chopped green pepper ¾ cup diced zucchini from 1 cup shredded cheese of your choice, divided 1 8oz can...
  17. Rich Dahl

    Three Pound Zuke Boat For Dinner

    One of Barb’s co-workers gifted a monster three pound+ zucchini to us so we decided to make a zucchini boat for dinner. Did this one on the fly, adjusting as we made it Onion, red and green bell pepper, zucchini, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, Penzeys seasoned...
  18. Rich Dahl

    Happy Days Are Here Again

    Well I really can’t believe it the fire authority and state opened up the national forests and state forests and removed all the fire restrictions including the use of charcoal. We got a lot of rain this past week and I guess it was enough to let them open everything up again. After reading the...
  19. Rich Dahl

    Huli Huli Real Close To The Real Deal

    Barb and I are big fans of Huli Huli chicken, when we used to go to Maui a lot we would look for the roadside stands. But the last few times we went which was about 15 years ago the stands were not to be seen going from the airport to Napili Bay. So we started making it at home. We have 4 or 5...
  20. Rich Dahl

    Need a little help with a pork butt

    Got a weird request, I have a nine pound Pork shoulder roast that’s been lurking in our freezer for quite some time and the reason I haven’t cooked it is its too big for just Barb and I. So what I would like to do is cut into to three roasts so I can do a couple of different cooks with it...