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  1. Joe Anshien

    Afterburner Infrared (IR) Burners for Genesis II Grills.

    I have a limited number of IR burners for Weber Genesis II grills. These get over 1000°. They are $120 + $15 shipping. Please PM me if interested. Please see the thread here:
  2. Joe Anshien

    FREE Red SSP in Catawba, NC
  3. Joe Anshien

    Weber Silver A Cross Member Length?

    I picked up a green silver A headed for the dump and it fell apart when I got home. It was missing the cross member on the bottom and the rest of the frame just broke apart. Even the tabs that screw the vertical legs broke off the frame. I was going to junk it as it needs everything, but it...
  4. Joe Anshien

    Afterburner Aftermarket Infrared Burner for Genesis II, so far it's HOT!

    I picked up a Genesis II E310 to flip and remembered that I talked to the owner of Afterburner. They make IR burners for lots of OEMs and they make IR retrofit burners for some grills. They have some really poor marketing and I told him I if he wanted to send me one I would happily do a write...
  5. Joe Anshien

    Rotisserie for Weber Q 300, 3000 & 320 Gas Grill SALE $59.99 Amazon

    This is the lowest price I have seen on these. If I still had my Q I would jump on this.
  6. Joe Anshien

    DEWALT Wire Cup Brush, Crimped, 3-Inch $5.41

    I know a lot of us use these types of wire cups in cleaning our grills.
  7. Joe Anshien

    Anyone else interested in oil heaters?

    We are getting a home built in a development with no natural gas. I like to have backup plans in case power goes out and no heat pump. I thought I would look into small kerosene or oil heaters and came across this Perfection oil heater that is probably about 100 years old for $35. Now that...
  8. Joe Anshien

    Electronic Igniter - $6.99

    This seems like a good deal to me. The gas collector seems compatible with all the older cook boxes and it is nice to have a spare electronic igniter as I have so many piezo ones laying around.
  9. Joe Anshien

    Adventure picking up a 10 year old $5K Viking Grill to restore.

    My wife, dog, and I did a 2 day trip to the western part of Virginia to pick up a Viking grill. This was a good opportunity to see parts of the state that we had not been to. We traveled on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway where our ears popped, dog barfed, and breaks got so hot we smelled them...
  10. Joe Anshien

    If I won the lottery this may be the grill I would buy.

    So I keep seeing this ad pop up on FBM and I checked it out. Wow. Looks very impressive. American Made Grills - The Muscle Grill is all 304 SS and can burn gas, wood, charcoal. Check out the Vid and site. I like that you can just drop in a IR burner, and the grate lift hooks are cool. Since...
  11. Joe Anshien

    PK Grills Goofed - You get 10% Off

    For those interested. I received an email the other day with a link to dealer pricing that I should not have. To make up for it they sent this out. BTW dealers make $100 on a PK-Go
  12. Joe Anshien

    On Sale - Catch Pan Holder/Grease Collection Replacement for $11.19

    I use these up pretty quickly and this is the cheapest I have seen them.
  13. Joe Anshien

    A tale of 2 corned beefs

    I found a couple of corned beefs in the supermarket and since they were quite a bit less expensive than briskets I decided to get them and do a test. Even though these have been cured, I seasoned one up with my go to cocoa / coffee rub from "cooking with Ry" and the other left plain as I...
  14. Joe Anshien

    So I made a quick $20 today. Anyone try to make this a business?

    There was a post on Nextdoor from a guy with a brand new Broil King grill he was gifted and could not get working. People offered lots of suggestions and I offered to come over for $20 to successfully diagnose or fix his problem, or it was free. He wrote me and I went over. I brought my...
  15. Joe Anshien

    College Station TX $30 Performer
  16. Joe Anshien

    Parts Washer

    Since we have so many restorers / flippers here, and we all deal with very dirty greasy parts, I was wondering if anyone uses a parts washer? I have been wanting one for quite some time as it is very tiring to get parts clean on the grill or sitting on the ground outside my garage. I was...
  17. Joe Anshien

    Red SSP $25 Greencastle Indiana
  18. Joe Anshien

    Wolf $10K Built-In Grill Restore

    I had posted this in the "I will just leave this here" thread but was asked to start a new thread if I was going to do a rebuild on it. @LMichaels semi-frequently mentions his Wolf gas grill. Months ago I saw this posted for $100 on FB about an hour and a half away. It was in pieces and...
  19. Joe Anshien

    BBQGuys roll out new line of grills that ‘drastically reimagines the expectation of quality and affordability’

    Looks very interesting for what I know only as an online dealer to come out with their own line? Grill look like good values at intro price plus a great warranty...
  20. Joe Anshien

    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, Black 18301001 NEW - $800

    This guy has been advertising different brand new grills at discount prices for a long time. This is his latest. I wonder how he gets them and sells below market. He does gas and charcoal Webers