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  1. Donna Fong

    Blowout bones on ribs

    To answer Brett's question, I smoke until the crust sets and then I wrap in two layers of foil (because I want to minimize any chance of foil rupture). In order to get the level of tenderness I need to for comps, it has to be very tender but not overcooked. My technique is basically the same as...
  2. Donna Fong

    Blowout bones on ribs

    Does anyone have a working theory on how to prevent bones from blowing out of the meat on ribs just before they finish? Once in a while, a bone or two at the end of a rack pulls out. I cook St. Louis, with the top membrane removed, wrap in foil, meat side down and cook at 275F. I know...
  3. Donna Fong

    Grill Grates ?

    I've used them and enjoyed them very much. They are on my long wish list for Christmas, which remains unfilled. Alas, they are expensive.
  4. Donna Fong

    Slice & Season Pork Butt Prior to Cooking?

    Yes, but I don't tie it back together. The idea is to get the entire pork shoulder to cook more evenly. At comps, if you don't open up the pork shoulder, the money muscle (exterior muscle) will done before the interior of the shoulder and considering the mass of a shoulder, it is a...
  5. Donna Fong

    I'm in for Saturday!

    Coffee and donuts are provided. But if you don't like plain Starbucks, bring your own. It is a good question about advice. Get to know the other students in the class. You may end up being friends for many years to come. And BBQ friends are the best because they send you pictures of food and...
  6. Donna Fong

    Chris Lilly Championship pork injection ?

    I noticed the same thing as Bob. Look at those money muscles! I also love that injection bucket. I've always thought of the hammy reference in the context of texture rather than flavor, but I guess it could be either or both. It really depends on how much salt you have in the injection. The...
  7. Donna Fong

    Winner: Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    Congratulations Jason. Tony is right. We are all looking forward to your photos and road trips with the 14" Glen Blue. Are you going to give it a name?
  8. Donna Fong

    What would you do?

    I would buy a $1500 Meadow Creek Grill for grilling chicken or a $4200 Komodo Kamado for patio decoration. They have a sea blue one, not pictured here but this one is close. Or I would bribe Chris A for that 14" Glen Blue WSM.
  9. Donna Fong

    CGA base plate

    Chris, do you find the base plate actually help keep the bottom cooler?
  10. Donna Fong

    CGA base plate

    Thank you Richard and Chris. I figured. I contacted Weber and they said they don't carry them. I contacted the author of the article and haven't heard back. Interesting how it is not standard across different countries.
  11. Donna Fong

    CGA base plate Has anyone received a base plate recently with their cga? I bought one last week and it has no such thing.
  12. Donna Fong

    If you could have a custom colored WSM

    I'd want one in green even though the A's are leaving
  13. Donna Fong

    Got myself a new toy

    Michael, you knew where I was going with the question! Thanks!
  14. Donna Fong

    Got myself a new toy

    I decided to buy a grill grate for the go anywhere. Does anyone have the grill grate accessory and do you think they can produce a nice sear with such a small unit? That is, can you add enough coals to acheive the temp you need for a proper sear on a a steak?
  15. Donna Fong

    Win This Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    Is it October 1st yet?
  16. Donna Fong

    Win This Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    I was too eager to enter that I didn't read the entirety of the effort. Thank you Chris for making this beautiful smoker happen.
  17. Donna Fong

    Biggest regret or mistake

    I regret giving me and my husband food poisoning 17 years ago, undercooking a whole chicken while on vacation. It took another 6 years to take a food safety class. It hasn't happened again but I still worry about making people sick to this day. The second thing is not so much of a regret but a...
  18. Donna Fong

    Win This Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    It matches my main bathroom colors and it is my favorite WSM size! I entered. Nifty! How did you get a hold one?
  19. Donna Fong

    I saw something today that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

    Chris, have I seen this thing?
  20. Donna Fong

    Tennessee > Madison: Bar-B-Cutie

    Thank you Chris. I am super curious what cornbread dressing with gravy and cornbread pancakes are. Is this common in the south at BBQ joints? And it is common to serve ribs uncut?