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  1. Rich Dahl

    Should I add a gas grill to my fleet?

    We have two gas grills one NG and one LP. For us it's a due to the ban on charcoal use in the summer due to the fire danger. We also have two charcoal and one pellet grill. We do use the NG grill also as an oven during the summer to keep the heat out of the house. I do prefer the flavor of...
  2. Rich Dahl


    Thanks to some forum members Jim Lampe and Bob Correll I haven't bought any bacon in about 4-5 years. Been curing my own and lovin it. One of the few things I smoke really well. Started out using Morton's tender quick and now use Buckboard Bacon Cure. Always have a couple of pork bellies and...
  3. Rich Dahl

    Wish i could send this to our friends out West

    Here in Arizona we had a great monsoon season about 120% of normal and the snow.,,,,,Well we are doing okay.
  4. Rich Dahl

    The Humor Thread

    Here's one that will put a smile on your face Joan. When we first got Abby our black lab she was only six weeks old. She was out in the back yard snooping around and fortunately I had the back door open. Whitney, Abbys foster mom was in the house with me. All of a sudden Abby started crying and...
  5. Rich Dahl

    It's Winter Grilling Time....

    45 or below for me is a no go.
  6. Rich Dahl

    Tri-tip Saturday

    TT looks great Chris. What's not to like with that Summit if we didn't have the charcoal ban for the seven month summer grilling season, I'd love to have one.
  7. Rich Dahl

    Sir Loin over Char-logs

    Beautiful cook Jim, looks perfect. What's your thoughts on the B&B char logs? Like your taste in music too.
  8. Rich Dahl

    I will just leave this here

    The last 4 or 5 rehabs I did a few years ago I taped off the lid and it was so much easier, and I really did not notice any difference in the way it looked. Messing with screws was a PITA.
  9. Rich Dahl

    Supply chain SNAFU

    One thing that is really impacting our grocery stores here is that the population here is just exploding. There are four cites here that are called the quad cities. Prescott Valley where we live is the largest in 2019 there were 38,825 people living here and in 2021 it has jumped to 48,139...
  10. Rich Dahl

    Supply chain SNAFU

    Barb works at Safeway here in Prescott Valley. Their store is stocked very well on most items. The biggest issue is the distribution center is 100 miles away in Phoenix and the lack of trucks and drivers sometimes makes for shortages of fresh produce and perishables. But for the most part now...
  11. Rich Dahl

    New Genesis 2022

    Got to admit the smokestack is a PITA with getting the cover on or off. But the pellet box and right-hand shelf it's just like putting the cover on my Gen 2000, got 20 + years of experience doing that LOL
  12. Rich Dahl

    New Genesis 2022

    Larry, I agree a smokefire would be great, but as I type this my 24 MZG Camp Chef is chugging along at a steady 275 cooking up some ribs for us tonight. I would do the same thing over again. It's closing in on 2 1/2 years and 200 cooks with no problems whatsoever. I don't know if I would...
  13. Rich Dahl

    My first post

    Yep, I hear you. I take 12 pills in the morning and 3 at night to keep my sorry butt going. It took me a year and a half, but I was able to drop 65 pounds and now below 200 for the first time in about 40 years. It ain't fun and it ain't easy but it sure made a difference in my BP, and a host of...
  14. Rich Dahl

    My first post

    Barb has had her KA for 37 years and it's still going strong that thing has made at least a bazillion cookies (She used to do 100 dozen cookies every Christmas), countless loafs of bread and now is our meat grinder also. It's fondly referred to as the Binford 2000. The only thing that's changed...
  15. Rich Dahl

    Cast iron skillet recommendations

    Barb and I have a large arsenal of cast iron and carbon steel pans and Dutch ovens. Mostly Lodge and Griswald. The 10 & 12 inch get used almost daily. I have a couple dedicated to grilling which makes it easier as I don't have to deep clean them to get the smoke smell out. A little more work to...
  16. Rich Dahl

    Game Day Meatballs

    My kind of game food, very nice.
  17. Rich Dahl

    Strange Amazon Experience

    I had the same experience I ordered a power strip with a quick phone charger from Amazon, Amazon sent me an email that it had shipped along with the tracking #. On the day they said it would arrive it showed delivered. Went down to the cluster mail boxes and no power strip. I waited a couple of...
  18. Rich Dahl

    Do you have a "MAKE SOON" list/folder/binder?

    All of our 2000+ recipes are in my computer and hard copies in binders in our office. In the kitchen I have a small binder I keep copies of recipes I use quite frequently. When we do our weekly menu, I pull the hard copies and place them in a folder for the week in the kitchen. Our three...
  19. Rich Dahl

    Elderly Help

    Wish I could give some advice Larry. I never had that situation come up. My Mon died of a massive stroke at the age of 39, I was 12 at the time. My Dad died suddenly from a heart attack when I was in my early 30's. Hopefully someone can give you some ideas from experience. Wishing you the best...
  20. Rich Dahl

    St Louis Style Pork Steaks

    Love pork steaks, took me awhile to learn the correct way to grill them, guess I could have asked on here and saved a lot of good pork. Barb told me awhile back that Safeway had Pork shoulder on sale for $.99 Lb, so I said pick one up but forgot to tell her to have it sliced up for steaks. Now I...