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  1. CaseT

    Winging it

    Hour or so. I just wing it when it comes to wings.
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    Winging it

    Whole wings marinated in Franks and pickle juice for 24 hours. KBB @ 350° With a chunk of cherry wood. I boiled down the marinade and added some brown sugar to it for a glaze.
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    Let’s talk waffles

    We’ve never had an electric waffle maker. I’ve looked at antique cast iron ones but most are super expensive or would require a lot of restoration or both. The Appalachian Cast Iron Company has a new one out. So on a whim I picked one up. It arrived the other day. Today made our first batch...
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    Cold smoked chuck stew

    Yeah been there done that. Only having issues when using from my phone. I’ve logged in/out. Cleared cache. Ben going on for months
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    Cold smoked chuck stew

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    Cold smoked chuck stew

    Well could only add one photo then I couldn’t add any others. So no food for you! Won’t let me ad photos to this post ughh.
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    Cold smoked chuck stew

    Well it’s been cold and today it snowed .wet sloppy heavy snow. Tomorrow morning ought to be fun! Cold smoked a chuck roast for a few hours with cherry and then into the pot for some stew. I wanted barley instead of taters so cooked up some. We add it to the bowl when serving. Made a batch of...
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    Honey Wheat Bread

    Looks great and you can’t go wrong with Forkish’s recipes. I have some wheat in the proofer right now for dinner rolls tonight.
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    Philly Cheese Steak on the BlackStone

    One of my favorites! Looks great!
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    Ribs every day in 2022!

    You’re gonna be smoking a lot of ribs! Do you have 365 different recipes?
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    Tubes o' meat! (Summer Sausage)

    Looks like they will be tasty. It’s been a long time since I’ve made summer sausage.
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    Crispy Hong Kong noodle with chicken, mushrooms and bok choy

    Looks good but got to tell you 45° isn’t cold! Our forecast today is for a high of 22°f and a low of 2°f tonight. Just picked up a Tri tip to put on the Weber Q! So put your pants on and get out to the BBQ and cook 🤣 45° here right now would be shorts and t-shirt weather!
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    It’s prettt crazy this is the only forum I have issues with. I’m on several other forums that use the same platform and everything works.
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    hmmm still can’t post photos in original thread works fine in response I guess. Sorry you all are missing out on my food. Maybe it’s not missed!
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    Pork chop roast.

    Mmmm, that looks great! One of my favorites.
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    Shine On

    I have a still. Guess I need to break it out and run a batch one of these days again.
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    Two weeks in a row... Taco Monday...

    Looks great! You’re going to have the taco police after you for being a day early! 🌮
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    Deer wellington

    Nicely done. Bet it was tasty!