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  1. Rick W


    I am looking to buy a NG manifold for a Genesis x000 model grill. I could also do a trade with an LP manifold of the same style.
  2. Rick W

    Looking for a couple of small parts

    I am looking for the internal spring and the small threaded spring attachment that go inside one of the old style tank scales. I am currently working on a Genesis 1000 rehab and realized that my tank scale is missing there two parts. A wing nut attaches on the other end of this piece on the...
  3. Rick W

    Genesis 1100 rehab

    This was a quick one that I need to do for my step son. He wanted a small gas grill, preferably NG and black. I picked this up at a junk dealer for $20. It seemed solid as far as the frame. No serious rust. Had an LP manifold and was missing some of the shelves. But I had a vision and some...
  4. Rick W

    Slide bar assembly

    Looking for a left hand slide bar assembly for a Genesis 2000 mid 90's grill. Specifically, I would buy the small plastic slide, But would also buy the left hand slide bar and its support rod as a packaged assembly. I do not need the table or any of the table brackets. Thanks.
  5. Rick W

    Looking for a black lid

    I am looking for a replacement black lid that would fit the genesis 1000 series. All I ask is that the lid Is in decent shape and has none of the “Weber fade” on it.
  6. Rick W

    NG manifold

    Looking to buy a NG manifold for a Genesis 1000 series.
  7. Rick W

    2001 Silver C rehab/ how to ( or how not to) dye plastic grill parts

    First things first, this forum is great, lots of good info for the beginner getting in to restoring Weber grills. I have started my 2001 maroon LP Silver C project, purchased this grill off of FB marketplace for $80. The grill os really not in that bad of shape. No real bad frame rust, the...
  8. Rick W

    Silver C wire manifold supports

    Would anyone have a pair of the Silver C manifold support wires for sale. Looking to purchase but can not find a source online. Thanks.
  9. Rick W

    Question about Genesis grill part

    I have a 1999 Genesis 3000 propane grill and was disassembling it when I noticed these two pieces attached to the right side front and back legs at the top (see pics). They didn't seem to be serving any obvious purpose and was wondering what they were for? Front leg back leg
  10. Rick W

    Genesis 1000 tank scale

    Looking to buy one of the old fashioned tank scales for the Genesis 1000. Also looking to buy the flip up side table hardware for the same grill. I need the cross bar that goes across the frame along with the slide bar that goes to the table.
  11. Rick W

    Looking for rocker ignition switch

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an ignition rocker switch and the corresponding bracket assembly for a Genesis Silver C 2001. Thanks.
  12. Rick W

    Genesis 2000 lid

    Restoring a Genesis 2000 grill and am looking for a replacement lid, any color.
  13. Rick W

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    I've been registered for several weeks now. I am in the middle of a Genesis 2000 rehab. Serial number KN2, and the grill had a side burner added on instead of the side shelf (apparently that was an option back then). I've gotten a lot of good info from this site already. I have had this grill...