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    Cold smoked cheese!

    Welp, trying my hand at cold smoked cheese…sharp cheddar, habanero cheddar, and Gouda…cherrywood pellets in the smoker tube…let’s go! Follow the cook on Twitter @smokeboiz - also, going to smoke a whole bottle of bourbon later (not sure how) but I’ll keep you all posted!
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    Roadside rotisserie chicken

    Looking to follow the classic roadside chicken recipe ( but want to try and do whole chickens over the Weber kettle with the rotisserie spit. Anyone ever try whole chickens with this method? What about whole chickens on the WSM and finishing on...
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    Smoked tacos al pastor

    Been awhile since I’ve posted but I am about to get a little bit crazy this weekend. In honor of my birthday Saturday, I’ve decided to make a recipe I’ve been longing to try for years: smoked tacos al pastor using the Weber rotisserie on the kettle. I am essentially following this recipe...
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    Corned beef

    Looking to corn a brisket flat to make homemade corned beef for St. Paddy’s day. However, after reading some threads and reading amazing and their recipe, I am a bit freaked out of the idea of using the wrong amount of Prague powder. The package says 1 teaspoon per 5lbs, other recipes I...
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    Al pastor on WSM?

    I got motivated to make tacos Al Pastor but am wary using the WSM may not be the way to go. I don’t have a rotisserie but found this thread highlighting some who have tried: Obviously, the point is for the meat to cook in its own juices and...
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    Wobbly legs

    Picked up a 22’ kettle on Craigslist. Legs very wobbly, one fell out when lifted. I’ve read a bunch of fixes but was wondering if anyone did anything that worked? Thanks
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    Smoked burgers

    Looking to do some smoked burgers for WSM smokeday but have found tons of recipes on YouTube, all with different variations. Anyone have a go to recipe/method for burgers on the WSM? Am I better off using the kettle? Looking for some tips! Thanks all!
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    Dirty water pan = bad tasting meat?

    The title says it all - since I’ve own my WSM (2011), I haven’t cleaned the water pan thoroughly. I do dump out the water and occasionally scrub it with a sponge or hit it with some detergent but nothing more. Well, today I made some smoked beef chuck and it just seemed off - I guess a bit -...
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    How much rust is too much?

    Just picked up a curbside Weber Performer 2002 DU model. Went to go clean it and noticed heavy rust inside the bowl (chipped away porcelain, sort of looks like craters) and inside the lid. However, it has not rusted through anywhere. If it’s assumed I keep it dry from this point forward is the...
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    Pork Belly advice

    Stepping into the world of pork belly this weekend; never prepared one before! I’d like to make two things: pork belly sliders and pork belly burnt ends. What are the schools of thought re: fat vs. no fat on the burnt ends? Obviously the skin will be removed but I’ve seen recipes that call...
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    WSM pastrami

    Looking to smoke a brisket and season, cure and smoke it to make some pastrami. I love thin sliced, deli style pastrami so I don’t know if I’m getting my hopes too high trying homemade? Anyone try this? I’ve read several recipes all calling for different cuts of the brisket. Any suggestions...
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    Help identifying year

    Hey all, Scored the Weber Spirit E-210 for $100 on Craigslist! Serial number starts off with a DC but after looking at the serial number guide, I'm still unsure the year it was made. Serial #: DC6020122 Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Aaron Franklin Brisket?

    Hi all - long time member and poster - but FIRST time brisket coming up this weekend for this guy. I've searched a lot of threads and as usual this site in the best resource but still have a couple questions. I want to keep my brisket simple and thus have decided to use Aaron Franklin's method...
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    Sugar Maple Lump

    Long time member checking in for the first time in awhile. I'll be smoking some spareribs this weekend and snagged some Basques Sugar Maple lump today. Anyone try it? Nakedwhiz gave it a nice rating and certainly can't be any worse than the bag of Cowboy I've been trying to get rid off! I'll...
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    What do you wish you knew for your first smoke?

    Read a post about someone's first smoke on the WSM and the person asked the above question. So, what do you wish you knew? For me, I wish I knew that using 7 chunks of hickory wood was way too much for one chicken. I refused to believe it "only needed 3 chunks" because it's a smoker, right...
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    A better chicken?

    Out of all the things I've BBQ'd, chicken is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong - I love chicken, but chicken on the WSM doesn't wow me or leave me craving more. The chicken skin (unless you crisp it over the coals close) is usually rubbery, rub really plays no factor, and yes it's usually...
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    Long Time Ribs

    It's been awhile since I wrote my "Things I've Learned" post - since then there's been a new house, cars, babies, etc. and not enough time to smoke. I figured I'd share my baby back rib cook from today - In honor of Father's Day I fired...
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    Super Bowl ribs

    I know I'm not gonna have too many fans here (I'm a diehard Pats guy!) but figured I'd share my super bowl ribs cook. Here's the view from my window on this 15 degree day. I'll update as I go! GO PATS
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    Beef tenderloin

    Hi all, Got a massive chunk of beef tenderloin sitting in the fridge - 7lber! I've done these in the grill before but not nearly this big. My go to recipe is simple: slather in olive oil, cover in Montreal steak seasoning, grill on medium heat until 125-130 internal, rest, cut. However, with a...
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    Dry rub on underside of ribs?

    I just watched a YouTube video of someone who was applying a dry rub to a rack of babybacks. He only covered the top side of the ribs (meat side up) with rub but not the under membrane side. Then I thought "am I wasting rub by hitting both sides with rub?" Thoughts on what you guys do?