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    Anyone Ever Heard Of This Guy?

    I've watched some of his videos on cooking the perfect steak. Pretty fun to watch as he has lots of energy and explains things thoroughly. Tim
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    Whiskey - what's your current favorite?

    A lot of great names listed so far. I haven't seen Benchmark listed. A lot of people turn their head or noses to is with a price tag of only$9.95, bit I'm gonna tell ya, it's not a bad pour at all.... And it also hurts a lot less (at that price) when you use it in a recipe. I used up the last of...
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    What would you like for FATHER'S DAY?

    World peace. But if I can't have that, I think I'm gonna have to piggy back on to Timothy's wish.
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    Who would you like to see host Jeopardy?

    Nope, not serious all! I hope (looking back) you can see how heavy my comment was sarcasm and why it was written that way. I support #freesummerschoolforfootballplayers ^^^again with the sarcasm^^^ Tim
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    Who would you like to see host Jeopardy?

    I think you're right Chuck, Aaron Rogers is in no way an eligible candidate for the job. I mean him being a football player and all, I bet he's hardly able to keep his fingernails trimmed the way he drags his hands and knuckles on the ground. Great job profiling and stereotyping. I mean really...
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    New top grate for my SF🔥 EX6

    Bruno, I love those new top grates you guys are getting. Could you share a link, or the name of the person you ordered it from? Thanks, Tim
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    DIY Front Folding Shelf EX6

    That is a thing of beauty, Great job! A front shelf is ( in my opinion) a must have. Once you use a grill that has one, one that (like yours) is large enough to be used, you will never want to use a grill or smoker that doesn't have a front table/shelf. Again, great job, Tim
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    Who Else Misses Bugs Bunny?

    I still remember watching cartoons every Saturday morning! I loved the Looney Tunes, all the characters. But let's not forget Schoolhouse Rock! Conjunction junction junction , what's your function.....ha ha ha, classics, I miss those Saturday mornings. Tim
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    Back Pack leaf blowers

    I've had my Stihl 420 for the better part of 12-15 years now. Absolutely love it! Tim
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    Anyone have any experience with TORO Zero Turn mowers?

    My father in law and I went I together about 12 years ago and bought a residential grade toro zero turn. We used it to cut both our yards for about 5 years, then I bought a bobcat zero turn. Both of my sons learned to cut grass on the Toro, my father in law hasn't met a stump he didn't like, and...
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    The Humor Thread

    No, that's funny right there!!
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    KC isn't in top 30 bbq cities

    ha ha ha, no! That list is about as credible as main stream media.... Tim
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    - BBQ Bucket list

    Of you're coming up the east coast, you need to include a stop at Lexington Barbecue (Lexington NC). It's a local favorite in a town that loves bbq so much, it has an annual bbq festival every fall!! Tim
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    The Humor Thread

    Now that's funny right there!!
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    FB Find: EX4 in NC, $500

    I just tried the link above, and it is showing "not available any more". Hopefully someone on here got a good deal on a smokefire. Tim
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    Any Tips for making Smash Burgers? Using Campchef SG30 Griddle on Genesis

    Joe, what you have to realize is, that all those people waiting for 12 hours for a burger were probably (how should I say it) judgement impaired and had a serious case of the munchies....... Just sayin, Tim
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    What my wife thinks

    Joan is correct, honesty is the best policy, and I can say with complete honesty there's no way I would tell my wife!! Great looking meal, Tim
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    Any Tips for making Smash Burgers? Using Campchef SG30 Griddle on Genesis

    Like they've already stated, get the griddle HOT. I like 500°-ish to start. I guess where I differ is I use a round bacon press to flatten my burgers. I drop the 3oz ball on the griddle, place a piece of wax paper on top and press down almost as hard as I can on the meat for 10 seconds. I reuse...
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    Grilling and BBQ from FOB Danger, Tikrit Iraq 2005

    Kevin , Thank you for your service! Great pis! Comfort food in a place where comfort food was needed most! Thank you again for all you've done for this great nation, Tim
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    Burnt ends

    Chuck roast burnt ends have become a favorite around here, and seeing yours makes me want to do them again REAL SOON!! Great job, Tim