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    Smaller chimney no longer available ?

    Is the smaller one no longer made ? Dont see it on webers sight. I ask because i was going to mention it to someone but decided to look first and its not there.
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    Electric weber q

    Was at a store and they had 2 electric weber qs. The price was over 300.00 ! Do they really think they will sell them at that price ?
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    Charcoal go anywhere

    So saturday i went to my favorite second hand store. I dont go as much as i used to but i just felt this need to go. So go i went and it didnt take to long for me to spot it. A wood handled charcoal go anywhere. Not beat up much if at all, just put away wet you could say. Grate is rusted but...
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    Flat top grills

    Looking into getting a flat top grill for the back yard. Any suggestions, experiances ? Thanks,
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    Does aluminum foil leak ?

    I use aluminum foil in place of the premade pans. No matter how careful I am about putting it in the tray, they always leak oil. Any ideas ? And no, I'm not buying pans. Thanks,
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    Ace red q1200

    Ok, saw a red q1200 at our brand new ace store. Cool. But when I felt the lid it almost felt like sandpaper. Rather rough. My question is, is this normal and how do you clean something like that ?
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    Thinning my collection

    I guess I came to the decision to thin out my weber collection. A real hard decision but it is just ridiculous for things to just take up space. Anyone else go through this heart wrenching decision ?
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    Cooking on my 18" kettle.

    Surprisingly I'm finding the 18 to be more versatile than I thought. Direct cooking is great and today I did an indirect on it with a tri tip and it came out perfectly. I may be retiring my 22 for awhile.
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    I'll admit it

    So I always make it a policy to not put away my grills dirty like for the winter or plain storage. So I was very unhappy to find that I had put the cga that I have been using away for the winter dirty. So I gave it a quick clean and used it for some steaks and hot dogs. The next day I gave it a...
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    to many projects !

    Well, I'm getting fustrated that I don't have a rotisserie for my q220. But with all my projects it may take me longer than I would like to make one. Anyone here make one ?
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    red spirit

    Saw a spirit grill with a red lid. Kinda surprised me. No genesis yet.
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    charcoal at walmart

    Saw b&b mesquite lump charcoal and royal oak natural hardwood briquettes today.
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    red kettle

    Been seeing them all over the place. Lowes, target, orchards supply. 179.00 .
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    sad day

    Today at the second hand store I found a smokey joe with a wood handle. Unfortunately the price was 13 bucks and had no cooking grate. So I had to leave it there. As I left I could still hear it calling out to me.
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    drinking and cooking

    Should one drink and cook at the same time ? Anyone notice a correlation of drinking and cooking accidents ? When I say drinking, it means alcohol is involved.
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    q setup modifications

    Just want to see or hear about mods you have done to your q setup. Not the actual q but anything is accepted. I have my q220 on a weber portable cart. But I find the need for more hooks and for sure a way to hold a can of pam and beer. I'm thinking of putting bicycle water bottle holders on each...
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    q utensils

    I bought a set of q utensils today on sale. I think I figured out how they are stored but can't find a pic of them stored. Anyone got a pic or site that shows how it's done ? Thanks,
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    safety warning

    I never in my life thought I would do such a thing. But somehow I did. I went outside to turn on my tank and brush off the grate. after wiping the grate with oil I was just ready to close the lid. As I leaned over, I'm in a wheelchair, I smelled gas. Or I thought I did. I sniffed around, but...
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    right on the grate

    So I wanted some bacon today but didn't want to mess around much. So heated up the q a bit and then threw some bacon on the grate. Sear marks on bacon looks cool. anyway it cooked quickly as I don't like my bacon cooked much. Tasted great and just took minutes. Going to be my way of cooking...
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    weber jumbo joe 22"

    So help me out figuring the point of this one.