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  1. Tim Campbell

    Taco bowls à la Case

    So imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I tried Case's Taco bowls last night with grilled chicken...outstanding. Thanks for the idea, Case...your cooks are always inspiring. Marinated chicken in a homemade vinaigrette. Cooked indirect until about 140, then direct to 160+. Used these...
  2. Tim Campbell

    A few old cooks

    Sorting through some pics from a while back. Sorry for the lengthy thread. This community constantly inspires me to be a better cook; thank you all! Two bone rotisserie roast...this was fantastic! Some fingerlings beneath. Tenderloin with an apricot/peach glaze Some vortex chicken, same...
  3. Tim Campbell

    Chicken Cordon Jack

    Tried a riff on cordon bleu on the Genny last night. Simple to make, eats really well. Will definitely do these again. Main players. That's Tillamook pepper jack, ham, basil, and some "Pardon me. Do you have any Grey Poupon". Bell's Two Hearted Ale. Roll 'em if you got 'em! On the grill...
  4. Tim Campbell

    Little Brisket Help?

    So I'll try to keep this brief...would appreciate some advice from you veteran briketeers; I'm absolutely a novice with it. Started a brisket at 6pm last night on the wsm. Smallish. Hit the stall at 158 degrees around 9pm and got wrapped. By 1am, it temped at about 180...through the stall...
  5. Tim Campbell

    Pizza Night

    Couple of pies from the past month or so. Detroit style: Second one is artichoke, sausage and mushroom, if memory serves. Hope everyone is getting by.
  6. Tim Campbell

    Anyone for a gyro?

    Did this cook a couple weeks ago. Ever since visiting a phenomenal Greek place in Chicago in 1996, I've had a yearning for lamb gyros. One of those "trying to chase the taste" ideas. Have never been able to replicate that taste from back when, but this cook was really tasty. You can swap the...
  7. Tim Campbell

    Weekend pizza

    Hi folks. Hope everyone out there is doing okay. Apologies for the lack of action shots, but this one turned out great. Made 4 pizzas for the family, but this was by far the best of them imo. Crumbled sausage, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. Went with fontina for the cheese. Dough was made...
  8. Tim Campbell

    Random food shots

    Hi everyone! Hadn't posted some shots in a while, so here's a few. Sorry there's not many action shots! Some decent beef ribs, chicken for piccata, quesadillas, and a tasty chicken pesto Sammie. Have a great weekend folks!
  9. Tim Campbell

    Reheating brisket

    Hi everyone, Made a decent brisket yesterday but we have leftovers. Can anyone offer some advice for reheating it without drying it out or turning it into pot-roast? Thanks in advance...was only my 2nd brisket...definite brisket newbie.
  10. Tim Campbell

    KFC and some spuds

    Hi everyone...hope you all had a great weekend. Thought I'd do some chicken and a gratin...went with KFC using the Louisiana brand mix. Kept it simple and went without a batter...just coated in a bag after an overnight buttermilk bath. Taters were gratin style, sliced between the 1/4 and 1/8...
  11. Tim Campbell

    Novice Tikka Masala

    Hi everyone. Did some decent masala over the weekend. Recipe is sort of an amalgam of a few different ones I've used in the past. Not bad at all. Apologies for no plated shot. Totally forgot. Kinda pic-heavy otherwise. First time I've done it on the gasser. Usually do this one indoors...
  12. Tim Campbell

    Mr. Rib on a Bun

    Hi everyone! Only my second time posting images, so please pardon any inevitable mistakes here...comes with a story. Back in college, I played baseball for a couple of years at a D3 school in the midwest. Given the lengthy bus rides, we were usually given decent food (read: not that...
  13. Tim Campbell

    Cast iron pizza

    Thought I'd drop down a couple shots. Actually did this one on the gasser, but I usually use the Performer for pizzas. Pretty simple...made the dough using a recipe from SeriousEats. Toppings were basil, roasted red peppers, sausage, black olive. Usually add shrooms, but my wife and my picky...
  14. Tim Campbell

    An open apology...

    So for two years I have watched and learned from all of you. Your incredible cooks inspire me every day. This has to be the kindest forum on earth, and I feel awful for not having shared any pics yet at all. Mostly, this had to do with aging tech on my part. Thank you all for your daily...
  15. Tim Campbell

    Hello everyone!

    What a great site. Thanks to everyone for so much outstanding advice. It’s refreshing to find forums like this one. Looking forward to learning a ton and having fun doing it.