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    pork belly burnt ends texture?

    I've never made pbbes but they sure look good. we occasionally order roast pork belly in Manhattan's Chinatown, some of the pieces have very little meat and mostly consist of gelatinous fat. I know some people love this but we prefer meat with a little crispy fat. for those that have made...
  2. J

    indirect with no lid?

    Hi, At home I do most of grilling using indirect heat with the lid on my weber, anyone have any ideas how to do that without a lid? I was thinking about purchasing an inexpensive, aluminum roasting pan and placing it upside down over the meat... best,
  3. J

    where to start?

    Hi, about ten years ago I thought about building a heatmeter but was really busy with work, bought a bbq guru digiq and promised myself I'd build one when I retired. Well, that day here, I retired about 1.5 years ago and my digiq broke this week. I don't own a soldering iron, so I can...
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    logistics for twenty pounds of pork shoulder for a fund raiser?

    Hi, I'm cooking two 10-11 pound pork shoulders for a fundraising event. I have to be ready to serve the pulled pork at 8pm. I'm thinking about throwing the pork shoulders on at around 11pm tonight, cooking at 250F with a projected end time of around 4pm. But then I'd need to hold the pork for...
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    cutting rack in half as opposed to skewering on 18.5?

    Hi, my wife and I are going to cook together for the first time in about a week. I typically create a ring with the ribs and use a skewer to keep them together. I practiced tonight, although the bone was straight when I started the cook, they were curved by the end of the cook. is that...
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    refrigerated brisket in cryovac, 6 week past use by date?

    lost track of this, should I toss in the garbage? tia,
  7. J

    covering hole in bowl left by ignition system?

    Hi, I removed my ignition system from my performer and how have about a two inch hole I'd like to cover. is there some sort of thermal tape I should use? other ideas? tia!
  8. J

    possible to create mini with limited tools?

    Hi, I'm embarrassingly unprepared to embark on one of these builds. I have screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, a hammer and a drill. Seems like I have to cut the bottom out of a pot? also, how do these cook vs a wsm? tia,
  9. J

    bjs peeled beef tenderloin, $6.99/lb

    our local bj's has peeled, select grade beef tenderloin for $6.99/lb. Made one the other night, it was wonderful. Not sure if they're clearing them out post-holiday, if it's chain-wide or if this is the new normal price. apologies chris, if this is the wrong forum.
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    smoked meatballs?

    we're having our annual holiday party tomorrow, I figure I can alway convert chris' delicious meat loaf receipe into a meatball recipe but was wondering if anyone has a smoked meatball recipe?
  11. J

    italian food on the smoker?

    My wife has chosen an italian food theme for our holiday xmas party. I can smoke sausages but wpndering if anyone have any other suggestions?
  12. J

    Momofuku's Bo Ssam on the WSM

    The NYT published this recipe from David Chang's beloved momofuku restaurant: I followed the recipe but smoked the pork in the weber. The ssam sauce is an absolute must as is adding kimchee to lettuce wrap. If you can' t find a korean...
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    BJs baby backs, $2.20/lb !

    Lowest price I've ever seen for baby backs, doesn't seem to be a sale. Unfortunately, brisket flats are still > $5/lb and the local costco isn't much better.
  14. J

    performer renovation/rebuild?

    Hi Jamie, thanks for offering up your time to the forum. About six years ago I bought an older, stainless steel performer for $30. it was in perfect shape, barely used. In retrospect, i haven't treated it well and it's been exposed, uncovered to the elements of our harsh northeastern...
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    how long for four butts?

    Hi, we're having 30 people over on sat night, was thinking about four 8 pound pork butts. Was thinking I'd like to pull them off the wsm at 7 and pull at 8pm. So I was thinking about starting them at midnight Friday at 250, that will give me 19 hours of cooking time...probably too much time...
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    please help with fixing my performer

    Hi Folks, I have an old, stainless steel performer with a green lid that I picked up on craigslist 5 years ago for around $50. It was in perfect shape but I've made a couple mistakes with it. The biggest mistake was leaving the kettle lid on the rail of my deck while cooking and then...
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    heat resistant gloves deal

    looks like a good deal, YKS Oven Gloves with 932 Degree resistance, use coupon code QPFPOFE3 for $8.50 off at checkout. thanks to the folks at slickdeals: brad, I tried to add your referrer to the url. feel free to edit if I did it...
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    home depot sale - $75 performer, $20 one touch sliver

    apologies if someone has posted, at hd yesterday, they had a stack of one touch silver's for $20 and performers for $75. Unfortunately, the wsm was not on sale.
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    the easiest/best prime rib recipe: montreal steak rub

    I've made a number of the prime rib recipes that chris has posted under cooking topics. This year we were really busy leading up to the holiday so I wanted something simple and easy to prep. Browsing the prime rib recipes, I came across the montreal steak steak recipe, priginally posted by bbq...
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    easter suggestion for food to be transported

    Hi, We're heading to family about an hour away for easter and we won't be having main dishes for a couple of hours after arrival. I'm thinking turkey will dry out, lamb will need to be re-heated and won't be great...maybe a ham? any ideas? Thinking about a fish dip for an appetizer, there's...