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    Re-purposed Heatermeter

    Got my old Heatermeter back to work monitoring my first attempt at a lager beer. Pit probe in the freezer and probe 1 in a thermowell in the fermenter. Working perfect.
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    WSM 22 and White box Stoker

    22 inch WSM in excellent and clean condition. Cajun Bandit SS door and lid hinge. White box Stoker also in excellent working condition with fan and adapter. Pick up only in west Chicago suburb $400. Selling as a set only. Send private message. Thanks.
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    Bryan, can we PLEASE have a servo option!

    Edit: I deleted the post because in retrospect nobody is using their Heatermeter in the way that I am and for anyone else to experience the same behavior I am is one in a million. So not really fair to ask for something just for me. I have moved the Hetermeter outside by the Egg and it is...
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    V13 firmware servo not always closing

    Here we go again but maybe it's my setup. Just did first cook with new v13 and servo didn't close damper 3 times during 45 minute chicken cook. Wasn't even close, damper would be about 20% open all three times. Testing afterwards it worked perfect on the bench every time. Only difference...
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    Good low noise power supply

    FWIW to anyone looking for a good cheap low noise power supply, I found this one on Ebay. I purchased this one and it came promptly and is new in box. I am currently using it over 30 ft of cat5 cable and there are no noise icons. I found the newer "light weight" Linksys wall warts are...
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    For you electronics whiz's

    Good news is I completed a 4.2.4 and it works perfectly! Even did the SMT components myself. Bad news is I burned up my trusty 4.0. I was trying to put an RJ45 jack in place of the separate servo/blower connections. I had done the servo mod a long time ago and it has always worked fine so I...
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    Here I go again

    Thought I was done restoring grills after doing three. My own plus one each for the kids. Friend and neighbor calls and tells me he is chucking his Weber. I try to get him to sell on Craigslist but no go, so here it is at my house. It is pretty cool and in remarkable shape for being almost...
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    New use for heatermeter!

    Leaving these single digit temps for Florida tomorrow. Got this great idea, since it's so cold, to monitor my home temp with Heatermeter. I remembered some post by Bryan where he mentioned he had a heatermeter on for months monitoring it's stability, so why not! My house is my Pit. Can't...
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    Windows 8.1

    Used HM 4.0 for first time since upgrading from Win 8 to 8.1. Found that both Firefox and Chrome will not receive updates from HM. With both Firefox and Chrome the initial HM screen will come up with current data but that is all I get, it stays frozen with that screen. IE 11 works fine and...
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    47k resistors

    Bryan, I am going to put 47k resistors in a heatermeter for 732 probes. The wiki says to replace the 10k resistors. I just want to confirm whether that means all 5 or just the 4 in a row located by the probes. My guess is the 4 in a row. Thanks, Dan
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    wifi problem wiyh v8

    Hopefully this is an easy one. After installing v8 I lost wifi connectivity. Ended up starting from scratch to redo wifi settings. Wifi works great until I reboot heatermeter, it doesn't reconnect on its own. I have to go in and click reconnect on the wifi interface and all works fine again...
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    Stoker fan plug

    Does anyone know for sure what the three contacts on the stoker fan plug are? I would like to know which are the positive and negative contacts. Thanks, Dan
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    Fan looses power

    After getting wifi sorted out I plugged fan in for first time. No joy. Checking I get 12 volts after booting up at the fan jack but as soon as I plug in fan volts go to basically 0 and stay there even after unplugging fan. I have to reboot with fan unplugged to get 12 volts back at the plug...
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    WiFi help

    I am having trouble getting my new heatermeter connected to the web. It is a rpi with v7 software and an edimax . Is there a thread that has all the settings and info I should have filled in? I got it connected once and it worked great until I power cycled the heatermeter now I can no longer...
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    Ambient temperature

    Just finished a heater meter rPi v7. All appears to work well except ambient temp reads 285 degrees F! When a probe is plugged in the probe reads correctly. Any ideas?
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    Stoker beta firmware

    I installed this beta firmware a couple weeks ago and cooked a brisket over a butt then some ribs. 21 hours of cooking and it performed flawlessly. However I left the stoker set up on port 80 as I had everything working both inside and outside my WLAN with those settings. Today I was bored...
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    Is Super Tweet working for you?

    Last cook (3 weeks ago), I used the Stoker and twitter just for the fun of it and was surprised at how much I liked this feature. It worked great. Yesterday I was bench fooling around with 2 routers comparing dd-wrt and tomato firmware. Both worked great for everything except twitter. I...
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    Ribolator and Genesis 1000

    Asked for and received a Ribolator for Christmas. I tried it out yesterday even though it was 18 degrees outside! I am very happy with it. I did chicken pieces and two things I really liked was I didn't have a flare-up problem at all as opposed to cooking on the grate. Also most of the...
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    Parts Help

    My neighbor moved and gave me his Weber Skyline (Genesis) 3200. It needs repair in that the top frame is totally rusted out, the rest of the grill is in good shape. I have disasembled the grill and got a new right side frame from Weber. They say they no longer have any old Genesis left frames...
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    Ethernet cable length

    I am thinking of a direct cable connection to my router instead of buying a bridge. Is there a limitation to how long this cable can be and still work? I would need about a 25 ft cable. Thanks, Dan