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    Mine's better

    I agree with all the posts in this thread. My wife and I went to the local bbq joint and ordered take-out. As we were eating, my wife tells me that the food is ok and that mine is actually better. That put a smile on my face. I have been q'ing for a little over a year now and rarely eat q out...
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    No. 5 Sauce

    I also made the #5 sauce before the recipe was changed to simmer it. I thought it was good. I will make a new batch this weekend as I am sure it will be better after simmering it for a while.
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    Where do you buy spices for the Rubs?

    I agree with others. You can not go wrong with Penzeys.
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    pullin' my pork

    I always pull by hand for same reasons as Milt.
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    Cost of filling 20 lb. propane tank

    I pay $14.00 for refills. I go there because they leave "loaner" tanks. If you run out of propane after hours, just take one of theirs that they leave out. It has enough gas for you to finish your cook. Just bring it back. I have 2 tanks so I never need a loaner. I just like the concept.
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    Weber Chimney

    Here is a dumb question... What is a weedburner?
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    SS chimney

    I agree with David. I originally bought the Honda instead of the Benz. The Honda holds less coal and is much more difficult and time consuming to light. Go with the Benz.
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    Internal Rib Temp

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    adding smoke

    I agree with Bob.
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    smoking wood

    I like using cherry/hickory in a 3/1 ratio for chicken.
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    What's Your Favorite Wood Choice

    I usually use a combination of hickory and fruit wood. Cherry, apple, and pear are local woods that I have regular access to.
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    Pork Butt vs Pork Shoulder

    The one time I made a picnic, it had a "hammy" taste to it. I prefer the butt.
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    Pork Butt

    I agree with David. Stick to this site and you can't go wrong.
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    Super Bowl Cooking

    The high temp today will be 8 F. High winds are also in the forecast. Not good smoking weather. I will be cooking nothing outdoors today. I guess I am a wimp... Go Colts !!!
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    Wine Oak wood-Very Good for Brisket

    That brisket looks real good. I have yet to attempt one. After seeing those pictures, it will not be long before I do.
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    WSM vs Big Green Egg

    I agree with joseph. Cost was the deciding factor for me. I narrowed my choice down to the bge and the wsm. I went with the wsm and never looked back. Another deciding factor was this site. I could tell people on this site had a passion for the wsm. I did not sense the same intense passion on...
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    The Orchardman is your friend

    Organic is good.
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    Which do you prefer???

    I use chunks the size of my fist.
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    The Orchardman is your friend

    Jerry- Yes I agree that it is difficult,for most people, to obtain untreated fruit woods. In my previous post in this thread, I stated during my workday I frequently come across fruit trees. I also have an apple tree in my backyard. I am merely stating that I would be concerned of the health...
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    Do you keep your grill outside??

    I keep mine in the garage only because we have the room. We have a 2 car garage that we have never parked a car in.