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    Grilled Beets

    Tried this yesterday and was impressed with the flavors. I used my cast iron smoker box with apple wood chips to get a bit of a smoky flavor. Grilled on my Genesis gasser. Thanks to Bob Correll for his post about beets that gave me this idea. Beets – peeled and rinsed and patted dry Weber’s...
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    Moving to SC

    We are moving to Hilton Head Island, SC next week, so I changed my address in my profile. No longer a North Carolinian. My wife is telling her friends that we are "downsizing to paradise". Going to a smaller home that is all on one level. I will miss the vinegar based Eastern Carolinian BBQ...
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    Moving to SC

    My wife has wanted to move to Hilton Head Island, SC for many years. Well, we finally found a place we liked and have a contract to buy a place there. Will be moving from NC to SC in January. No more cold weather with snow and ice! Yeah! I will also share a nice experience with you. The movers...
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    Wanted – a good family for an old friend

    I used my smoker recently to cook a turkey and realized that the last time I used it was last Thanksgiving – over a year later. Essentially all of my outdoor grilling / cooking / smoking has been on my two year old Genesis gasser, and I have been able to get good smoke flavor. My wife does not...
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    Dried cantaloupe?

    Was at a friends house recently and for appetizers, she had numerous cheeses and wines. She served a large hunk of gorgonzola with dried cantaloupe chips to be used like crackers. What a wonderful surprise. Try it and you will have an easy new appetizer. I had to look for the dried cantaloupe...
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    Himalayan salt blocks?

    Over the weekend my wife and I visited a kitchen supply store and the sales lady showed us a himalayan salt block. She insisted that it was the newest fad and greatly improved the taste of any grilled items. It was expensive ($39) and I did not buy it. When we got home my wife remembered that...
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    Getting Smoke on Genesis

    I frequently see notes that folks have trouble getting smoke on their gasser. I have a cast iron smoker box that sits on one of my burners and produces good smoke and flavor. Yesterday I grilled a capon and here is the smoke I got fot the first 45 minutes of cooking. Capon was so good we did...
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    Tomato Casserole

    Our local farmers market has wonderful tomatoes this time of year, and I decided to try something a bit different. Below is my recipe that is very tasty and quite easy to make. You could probably make it with less cheese and mayo, but this is how my wife and I like it. Enjoy, Ray Tomato...
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    Grilled Shrimp

    My wife wanted grilled shrimp for dinner and I never considered taking pictures as I cooked. When everything was plated, she asked for a picture to show her girlfriends what I had fixed her for dinner - so I decided to post that picture. It is grilled shrimp (marinated in tequila and spices)...
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    Key lessons from VWBB? *****

    I was thinking of all the things I have learned on this site, and tried to narrow it down to the one or two most important lessons (at least to me). My top two are: 1. There are a lot of really nice folks here that can help me with just about anything related to BBQ, grilling, or cooking in...
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    Simple chicken on Genesis

    My wife asked me to grill a chicken so she could make chicken pot pie for her girlfriends later in the week. Simply done with salt an pepper and a bit of olive oil outside. Apple, rosemary, shallot, garlic, and butter inside the cavity. Crispy skin and moist and delicious. She looks lonely...
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    Bacon on Genesis

    My wife does not eat red meat and does not like the smell of bacon in the house. I usually cook bacon on the side burner of my Genesis, or by just laying the bacon on the grill. I tried something new yesterday and made an aluminum foil pan. Cooked with lid closed so it was a combo of frying and...
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    My new Genesis

    I posted recently that I got a new Geneses 330-S. Here are some pics showing my daughter helping me assemble the grill. She was visiting from Atlanta and we had a lot of fun doing this together. Here we are in the kitchen doing initial assembly. here we are on the deck. My WSM can barely be...
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    How to keep Stainless Steel looking new

    I have a new Genesis 330-S and could not find any instructions on keeping the SS surfaces clean and looking like new. I googled and got a few ideas but was wondering if any members here have a tried and proven method. Any good ideas for me? Ray
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    New Genesis Grill and old one available for parts or reconditioning

    My old Weber Genesis Silver is falling apart after 12 1/2 years so I decided I needed to get a new gasser. I just do not want to have to go throught reconditioning the old grill. I ordered a new Genesis S-330 from my local Lowe's and will pick it up tomorrow. The old grill needs a new igniter...
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    Smoked Brie Cheese

    Baked Smoked Brie 1 lb Brie cheese 1 sheet puff pastry 1 egg – beaten Filling - I usually use peach or mango chutney Defrost pastry and roll out. Slice brie in half and put in desired filling. Place in center of pastry and cut off the four corners a bit – save these pieces for possibly...
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    Smoked Brie Appetizer

    Years ago I read a post here about smoking brie cheese as an appetizer. I have made it many times and finally have learned how to post pics. The recipe is posted in the Appetizer section of this Forum. Here is the prep work ready to go on the grill or smoker After cooking The "Dr Q"...
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    Potato Cake Pizza

    Potato Cake Pizza 4 medium russet potatoes 2 cups roasted or grilled veggies (your choice) 1 cup balsamic vinegar reduced to a syrupy glaze (2 to 3 tbs) or use a pomegranate glaze Ghee (or clarified butter) Parmesan cheese Fresh chives - chopped • Preheat oven to 350 degrees • Coarsely shred...
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    Pepper side dish

    Suzhou Peppers 9 oz green peppers (Poblanos are great – or use mixture of different peppers and colors) 4 tsp oil ½ tsp salt ½ tsp sugar 1 tbs water Mix salt, sugar, and water and reserve. Wash peppers. Seed and remove stems and cut into 1 inch pieces. Heat oil in wok over high heat until...
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    Meat Glue??

    This site is disturbing to me. See "meat glue" Can this be real? Anyone heard of this? Ray