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    Heatermeter Pi Dead

    So I've gone to use the heatermeter this morning and noticed that when it was powered up all three LEDS were flashing and the backlight to the screen with nothing being displayed, I found that when powered up the Pi zero I was using the CPU chip was red hot so I've took it apart and the boards...
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    HeaterMeter First test Fire

    So after a long Hiatus and my heater meter and Rotodamper sat fully assembled in a box for nearly a year its time.... Due to house moves and family illness and to be fair the appalling weather we have here in the UK i have finally got around to Doing my initial PID tuning i've got the Pit...
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    DNS server help

    would anyone be so kind enough to help me set up my DNS server, ive registered my ddns with my router, but when i forward the ip address in the router software and check if the port is open it says its unable to access the port. i know there is a way to do this through the webui but i cant...
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    Another newbie Question.

    I've gotten everything set up ready for my first cook! Was going to be this weekend but I'm waiting for my 12v plug! Il tell you how bad it is, I received a part from Bryan in florida to the UK quicker than its taken for this to arrive within the UK!!! How would I set up to stream my first fire...
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    Thermocouple and 12v Battery advice! Please

    So Ive got everything ready for my first cook on my Kamado with my heatermeter! I've got a couple of queries before I start. The weather in the UK is abit rubbish so could rain and turn cold even after tropical (to the UK) weather. So I was thinking of running a 12v battery and thw whole thing...