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  1. Mike in Roseville

    Vintage 22" Weber Kettle - Mid 60's Thumbscrew (Phoenix)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Listing this for a friend down in the Phoenix area looking for a local sale (might also be able to put it on the Weber express to SoCal/NorCal) He is selling a mid 60's Pre-Patent Pending Weber Texan (Thumbscrew, 22" Black) in great shape. If you've always wanted a really...
  2. Mike in Roseville

    Last year for wood slats and lid handle?

    Found an older 3 burner Genesis with a flip up table. My question is...what was the last year Weber used wood for the slats and lid handle (wood, not the gray durawood)? My dad used to have one in the 80's and from what I recall, I didn't them like that in the 90's.
  3. Mike in Roseville

    Pork Spare Rib Question

    I am doing some spare ribs on the 26 today for dinner this evening (4th of July block party 10-15 minutes away). My question is...once cooked, should I cut the racks ahead of time or leave them whole and cut them when I arrive (I will have access to a kitchen). Either way I am taking them in...
  4. Mike in Roseville

    Do Some Weber Kettles Cook Better Than Others?

    As I did my final cook yesterday on my brother's "G" code OTS survivor kettle before completely disassembling and cleaning it last night (he's taking possession of it next weekend) I pondered: Do some kettles cook better than other ones? I'm not so much curious as to differences between sizes...
  5. Mike in Roseville

    July 4th Brisket: 26.75 or 18.5 WSM?

    Hey all, So after not having done a whole packer brisket in probably 12 years, I am going to attempt one on July 4th (or maybe a few days prior...depending on who is heading over to help me eat it). Anyway, I wanted to get an opinion on which cooker to use? I could either use my newly acquired...
  6. Mike in Roseville

    WTB: 26" Weber Kettle (Northern California/Central California, Western Nevada)

    If you have one you may want to part with, please let me know. I have been looking for one for a while, and can't seemed to find a used one anywhere! I am open to just about anything (color, age, condition). I'd really like to try to buy a nice used one before springing for a brand new one...
  7. Mike in Roseville

    Another Craigslist Score!

    Today, I offered my "G" code 22.5" kettle as a birthday gift to my brother (he was born in 1985) and was totally stoked by the gesture. Well now, I need some form of a 22.5" Weber for my frequent outdoor cooking. Anyway, I'm on the old interwebs looking at Craigslist...and what do I find? A...
  8. Mike in Roseville

    How to date a Weber Ranch Kettle?

    So I am trying to figure out exactly how old my Ranch Kettle is. Its definitely 3rd generation, but I can't seem to find a letter code anywhere on it (as the vent is black). The handles don't look exactly like the new dark gray Weber handles and there is no writing on them (but they look...
  9. Mike in Roseville

    Bay Area Craigslist find...

    $25? Can someone please go and liberate this beauty?
  10. Mike in Roseville

    Weber Grills: Why Do You Have What You Have?

    We are all here because we like Weber grills. But I was thinking today: why do you own the grills that you own? Specifically, I am curious why you own charcoal, gas, or combination of both? Why do some own one grill and others have many? Some people collect Weber's; some like to restore them...
  11. Mike in Roseville

    Stubb's Charcoal...Gone from Lowe'

    So I had my online Lowe's charcoal order all planned out with a coupon (so I could take further advantage of the KBB sale) and went to add a few bags of Stubb's Briquettes to my online cart and it said "item no longer available at Lowe'" Last night they were there? Going to check the...
  12. Mike in Roseville

    Walmart: Weber Jumbo Joe 22.5?"...$68

    NVM...Delete please
  13. Mike in Roseville

    3 Weber Deals...3 Days.

    So, I am new here, but I just had to share about the 3 great Weber deals I've managed to the past 3 days! Friday- On Friday afternoon, I scored a 2013 18" WSM (no cover) on Craigslist for $80. It was a deal I thought wasn't going to happen, but the lady was desperate to get rid of...
  14. Mike in Roseville

    A Great Big HELLO from Northern California!

    Hey all, Long time Weber enthusiast here. New to the forum, but glad I'm finally here! Just wanted to drop a Great Big HELLO to everyone near and far; and especially any Weber aficionados in/within striking distance of the 916 area code. Lets get cookin' everyone!