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  1. Robert-R

    Cloned a Slow 'N Sear XL

    for the 26er. Wanted to find out what all the brew-haha was about. Material was .1" mild steel leftover from previous projects. Laid out and cut the piece that lines the kettle. Bent it on my trusty Harbor Freight 20 ton press. It fits! These 2 straight pieces took the most time to...
  2. Robert-R

    Diffuser for the 26er

    Was intrigued by Dustin Favell's post "Smoking on the 26er": and decided to make a diffuser for mine. Had some 1/8" steel laying around from a previous project. Cut the disk out and realized it was too small...
  3. Robert-R

    More Chicken, Again.

    Peru style, rotisseried - of course. Rubbed with an aji amarillo/huacatay paste mix, spitted and ready to go at 400*. Some foiled reds on the grate below. Cooked to 165* internal temp in the breast. Plated with a green sauce on the chicken, huancaina sauce on the potatoes and a side...
  4. Robert-R

    Bourbon and Pork

    and apples, too! A couples of cooks from the past week. Some fresh spares (trimmed to SLRs) on the spit. Cooked direct at 300* for 1 hour and 50 minutes. Red oak splits and Weber briqs for smoke and fire. Glazed at hour 1.5 with a mix of bourbon and Dr pepper. Glazed again and given a...
  5. Robert-R

    Weber Charcoal at $3.90/bag It's true. Bought some today at my local Home Depot for $3.90.
  6. Robert-R

    Hanger Steaks to Start The New Year

    My wife wanted "those little steaks" for dinner last night. No problem as there were 2 in the freezer (outside of them being the last of my stash). Got the XL running at 425* with some some acorn squash. Rubbed the steaks with Oakridge SPOGOS, lightly oiled them and then onto the grill about 30...
  7. Robert-R

    Roadside Chicken in 30 Minutes

    Rotisserie, of course. And high heat. Have found that placing the wood chunks on top of the charcoal when using a chimney can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce TBS. Marinated the chicken thighs for about a day and a half. Into the basket over a very hot fire of Weber briqs...
  8. Robert-R

    Tamales 101 & 102

    After attending and certifying at Tamale Skool (, I decided it was time to put my new learning to use. Tamales 101: Purchased the masa from the store that held the tamale class - 4 1/2 pounds. Made a chili colorado paste to season (overnight)...
  9. Robert-R

    New 18.5 WSM - $175

    Local Home Depot has an 18.5" WSM for $175. It's a yellow tag floor model. West Valley Parkway HD in Escondido, CA.
  10. Robert-R

    My Christmas Dinner Plate

    We've been out of town visiting my daughter and her family and have had company since we've been back. Have been cooking outside, but things have been uncondusive to taking pix. Last night's dinner was no different. No pix of the cook - just a plate shot: bone-in pork loin roast with a red...
  11. Robert-R

    Local Home Depot is selling Weber Charcoal for $8.88/Bag

    Yellow tag usually means clearance at HD. Escondido, CA. Getsum!
  12. Robert-R

    Tamale Skool

    Feeling the need for advanced education and personal growth (my waistline), I registered for a tamale making class. It was hosted by a Hispanic supermarket in town - Northgate Market. People began lining up early for the event. The instructor along with 3 assistants greeted her students and...
  13. Robert-R

    Thursday Night Tacos

    Wednesday Night Tacos because I was running so late Tuesday with the cook that dinner would have been at 10 pm. Seasoned a 4# beef chuck roast with Ksalt and black pepper. Used the 18.5 WSM. Filled the Hunsaker firebasket clone with KBB and 3 small splits of mesquite. TBS and 250* got the cook...
  14. Robert-R

    Pork Tenderloin

    marinated in Stubbs ancho chile and garlic sauce for 6 hours. Cooked indirect at 350*. And seared for 2 minutes per side after it registered 125* internal temp. Rested under foil for a short while and then sliced. Plated with some oven cooked roasted pepper mac and cheese. Time To Eat!!!!
  15. Robert-R

    Sunday Brunch

    This was supposed to be breakfast, but I was moving slow. Buttermilk biscuits in the 4 quart Dutch oven. Fattie cooked indirect at 350* in the Performer to 170* internal temp. Filled with crumbled bacon, sauteed red bell, red onion, jalapeno and x sharp cheddar. Rubbed with Oakridge BBQ's...
  16. Robert-R

    One Bone Ribeye

    about 3" thick. It used to be part of a 3 bone roast that got parted out. Found it in the freezer a few days ago. Needed some rolls to go with the dinner. Had been wanting to try Cliff B's crusty roll recipe. So I did. My first ever dinner rolls: Had to have some squash. Seasoned the...
  17. Robert-R

    It's not National Pizza Month anymore!

    So this was an uncelebration pizza cook. Tried a new dough recipe (Ken Forkish). Used 00 Caputo flour and a 24 hour second rise in the fridge. Queen Margherita (homemade sauce, mozz, minced garlic sprinkles, and fresh basil): Prosciutto (homemade sauce, mozz, asiago, minced garlic...
  18. Robert-R

    Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Rotisseried an Ancho/Garlic rubbed turkey for Thanksgiving. Since there were only two of us to enjoy the bird, there was tons of leftovers. Made some soup. And some enchiladas de pavo suiza. Con crema.
  19. Robert-R

    St Louis Ribs - Low and Slow

    Well, that was the idea. However push came to shove and these were cooked at 275* more or less. So kinda low and slow for me, considering I usually rotisserie cook them at 325*. Made a 3x2 snake in the XL. Apple for smoke. Rubbed the ribs with Oakridge BBQ's Dominator and Habanero Death Dust...
  20. Robert-R

    Beef & Beans

    Freezer diving turned up a forgotten Tri-Tip. Rubbed with Oakridge Santa Maria and Carne Crosta. Cooked over a bed of RO lump and red oak using the Caliente grill attachment on top of a Weber Performer. Pulled with an internal temp of 130*. While the roast was resting, made a batch of...