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    Red Kettle

    Any collectors near Lititz Pa their is a red kettle on Facebook Marketplace. Has a wood handle so I know it is an older one. I`m not interested in older grills unless it`s a Weber Summit Charcoal. Ha Ha
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    Master Touch

    When did Weber add the keyhole on air intake for the Master-Touch? Is their a date ? If I go to Lowe`s and buy one how do I know if it has the update? Also show`s the original kettle with keyhole on Weber web site.
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    Fall is for soup

    Just bought a Lodge 7 qt Dutch oven. Anyone have a recipe they care to share. Most of recipes I found are to make chili. Looking for chicken corn or potato or anything but chili. I like chili but it doesnt like me. Ha Ha
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    Roti Cooking

    For all you roti cookers out there I have a question. I have a WSM 18 and a 22 kettle. I want to get a roti but can`t decide to get one for the WSM 18 or one for the 22 kettle. I have decided either way, it will be a Cajun Bandit. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone, does anybody know what happened to Stubbs charcoal. Lowe`s used to carry it but no more. Really liked that charcoal.
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    Beer Can Chicken

    Hello everyone. Have a question on the rotisserie for 22 inch Kettle. Have you ever done Beer Can Chicken? How does it compare to rotisserie chicken?
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    Hi everyone. Newbie here though not new to charcoal cooking. It has been about 17 or 18 yrs. on charcoal after I got tired of always replacing parts on the gas grill. They were the cheaper grills so don`t know if the more expensive gas grill lasted longer. But since I went to charcoal I have...