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    The Meat House

    For those of you who have The Meat House near you, give them a look. I was in Charlotte, NC this past week and used them. The meat is high choice, but the best part is they were quite knowledgeable, something I have find lacking in the meat departments I patron. Pricing may be a bit more...
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    Wild boar

    Nearly 200lbs of wild boar is about to land in my freezer. I have been designated with the task for figuring out the learning curve for preparing this mass of meat. I have a decent idea about some prep and cooking techniques required for the leanness of this meat, but does any one have any...
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    Job well done.

    Hey Jamie, Congrats on the new book. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was searching all over for information about the “bones” to grilling. A resource like your new book would have made the learning curve a bit more streamlined. Good stuff. Gary
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    Man, I am off my game!

    Perhaps I just have “LOFT” disease (Lack Of Fu..lipping Talent), but chicken has been throwing me curve balls of late. CHICKEN!!! Even though they temp out ok, one bite into these things and they look awful. Blood like in color..... taste is good, but can't get past the appearance. Maybe the...
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    No question....

    When I bought my wsm who would of have thought that this cooker would be so efficient. The darn thing works! Thanks for the work on the new product line, and thanks for not fix'n what ain't broke. Gary
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    Seafood recipe request

    Thanks in large part to the information sharing on this site I have been able to build up a nice repertoire of beef, pork and chicken recipes with success. Thanks to all! I am now looking to do the same with a few basic seafood recipes, but haven’t a clue about fish selection, cooking methods...
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    Lettuce wraps? PF Chang style....

    Does anyone have a recipe for the meat filling recipe that is similar to the lettuce wraps at PF Changs? Thanks in advance! Gary
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    Where's the beef?

    I was running errands, and on my return trip home I decided to pick up a brisket for the weekend. I have a few places around town that I normally do my beef purchases, but on this day I was not near them. I stopped by Publix, Costco & Wallyworld, and IF they had a brisket they were the most...
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    Flat breads

    I was in Charlotte NC a few days ago, and sat down for a beer at Wolfgang’s Bistro. They served the best flat bread. I have no problem paying $3.75+ for a domestic beer (even though Miller Lite - South African owned - and Bud - Belgian owned - are no longer domestic ) when you get a yummy...
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    Dr. BBQ

    Ray, Are you going to be leaving little ol'Lakeland for the bright lights of the Big Apple? Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n.... too many choices! Gary
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    Favorite references..... *****

    For all things not BBQ, what are your favorite cooking references? I am looking to build up a small library and the choices are overwhelming. Any suggestions..... Thanks! Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n.... too many choices! Gary
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    Authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex recipe

    Does anybody have any enchilada, fajita or other recommended recipes they would be willing to share? Thanks for the input. Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n.... too many choices! Gary
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    Cooks illustrated lump vs. briquette

    I just got thisemail... interesting. It may have been useful had they stated the products they were using. Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n... too many choices! Gary
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    Caution, exploding lump!!!!

    Just a little note of caution for all the lump fans out there...... I have known lump to snap, crackle and spark, but while starting a fire the other day I had a piece of lump explode. I was standing about four feet away, and I had just started the flames when a fragment of exploding/burning...
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    Spice reference......

    Any feedback on this or any other reference about spices? More specifically, I am looking for information about combining spices. Thanks! Q’n, Golf’n & Grill’n…. too many choices! Gary
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    Flavor development

    Hey Jamie, When the discussion of flavor developement comes up, “balance” is the word often used. I know when I like something, and that something is probably balanced, but that is very ambiguous to me. This may relfect my ingnorance, but what is being balanced? Are there basic guidelines for...
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    Jamie, I have read that you teach classes. If so, is there a schedule of these events posted somewhere? Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n.... too many choices! Gary p.s. Enjoying the feedback.
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    Last dinner....

    Hello Jamie, Thanks for coming to the TVWB! I got into grilling & barbeque as a way to get my family to want to be home for dinner. I started this endeavor about three years ago now and have found “Real Grilling,” “Charcoal Grilling, the art of live fire,” to be quite doable and helpful to...
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    Which do you prefer???

    Do you use use wood chunks, wood chips sprinkled throughout the charcoal chamber, or chips in a foil pack? Q'n, Golf'n & Grill'n....too many choices! Gary