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  1. Frankie C

    NYC steak houses

    I found this an interesting read so I thought I would share. I may interest those who live in or near NYC or those planning to visit.
  2. Frankie C

    Pork and fish on the same WSM?

    I have read articles by Harry Soo and others that said that once you cook fish in your WSM its life as a pork cooker is basically over. You will never get the fish smell out of the cooker. I very much want to smoke some fish but I’m not quite ready to give up the cooker for pork. Does anyone...
  3. Frankie C

    turkey question

    I am not even sure where to post this question since it involves multiple cooking questions. I have a performer with a cajun bandit rotisserie, with this rig I have cooked many turkeys. I have this setup down cold they always come out great, the family loves it and asks for it often. So...
  4. Frankie C

    Picked up an older GAG today

    Today I added a new member to the family, I have been looking for one of these for a while. Found it on CL for 30 dollars, a little more than I wanted to spend but I was a sucker for the wood handles and the seller had all the original paper work. After a few hours of cleanup this is what it...
  5. Frankie C

    Greetings from Long Island

    I have been reading this forum for years and decided to join. I have a 2008 black performer with the gas igniter, mini WSM with the help of instructions on this board and a 2011 black E-330. A few months ago I added the extra cabinets. When I figure out how I'll post a pic of the e-330 with...