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    When Did Weber Switch To Porcelain Enamelled Grates?

    A brand new in box Q100 popped up near me. I'm thinking the price is worth if it has the non-enamelled cast iron grates. Does anyone know when weber switched to porcelain enamelled grates?
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    Stainless Side Tables Someone made stainless side tables for the Baby Q. They aren't cheap and I don't need them, but they do look pretty sturdy.
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    Thermal Images of My Q1200

    I recently got my hands on a thermal imaging camera and thought it would be interesting to use it to check out the heat distribution of my grills. Here's a couple quick photos I took of my Q1200. It's winter right now and I also had burger patties to grill, so the photos were taken quickly...
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    Lid finish on the newer Q1200 and Q2200 models

    Do all the new Q's made after 2014, with the rounder dome lid, have a rough matte finish on the lid? The older models used to have a smoother semi-gloss finish. The rough finish looks like it stains easily and is harder to clean.
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    New Weber Q1200 - Burner is Not 304SS?

    I bought a brand new Q1200. Up here in Canada, the Q1200 has a rediculous $299 price tag. That's why I was pretty shocked to find out the burner was a magnetic stainless steel (probably 430SS). For the premium price tag, I expected it to be 304SS. I've tested many Spirit and Genesis burners...
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    First Rotisserie Cook On a miniWSM

    I recently made a rotisserie ring for my Smokey Joe Gold/miniWSM and did my first high temp chicken roast on charcoal. Method: -3/4 chimney of Kingsford briquettes fully lit -No diffuser -No drip pan. Drippings were allowed to drip directly onto the charcoal. none of it caught fire because...
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    DIY Automatic Temp Control on a MiniWSM - PID VS On/Off Fan Control

    Hi Everyone, I built my first smoker a couple weeks ago and am contemplating installing a DIY temperature control system on my little smoker. My goal is to build something effective for a minimal cost. So far I have a Smokey Joe Gold that was handed down from family. It was converted to a...